Blanket Holder: How To Make It?

Nothing makes you feel more at ease and comfortable at home than cuddling under a warm and fuzzy favorite blanket.

Blankets may serve as valuable decorative items. You may keep them using a blanket holder so they don’t clash with the other home decor. 

Let’s read this post to get into some ideas from Geembi!

blanket holder

What Can Be The Best Blanket Holder? 

Check out the following suggestions for blanket holders if you’re searching for an elegant method to keep your comfortable coverings organized.

A Door Hanger

Imagine searching the home for your favorite blanket but being in vain. A functional door hanger can help you save time and effort.

Getting your favorite cozy blanket will be a breeze with this storage solution.

A Blanket Ladder

There are other uses for blankets than providing warmth. Additionally, you may utilize them as practical decor to give texture and warmth to any home.

With the help of a chic blanket ladder, boldly display your preferred comfy blankets.

Your quilts will look fantastic, and you’ll find it simple to grab one from the blanket ladder anytime you feel cold.

Blanket ladders are widely available at home furnishing stores, but you may easily construct them yourself with some inexpensive materials.

Pull-Out Shelves

Are there pull-out shelves in your sitting room? If yes, you may utilize this vertical space to keep your coverings and everyday items.

Set aside a spot for the storage containers you may use to arrange these comfortable materials.

A Storage Table

You are not obliged to stow away all the coverings out of sight. Instead, let the closet rest and store some of your favorite items on a chic storage table.

In addition to being fashionable and affordable, this solution ensures that you always have comfortable wraps within easy reach.

Storage table

A Bed With Storage

Typically, thick comforters and blankets occupy much space.

Also, giving up that valuable closet space exclusively for blankets and quilts isn’t always possible. In this case, a bed with storage will be helpful. 

People living in smaller flats and lofts will also love this fantastic space-saving idea!

Put additional baskets, comforters, books, shoes, or carpets in the horizontal area beneath your bed.

Mobile Wire Storage Containers

There is no disputing the superiority of mobile storage choices, especially if your living area is limited in size.

Many individuals store extra quilts in a wire storage container on wheels, so they are always available.

Blanket Baskets

A lovely blanket basket will add coziness to your living space. Decorate yours with coverings of various textures, DIY crochet blankets, and different colors.

For the utmost comfortable ambiance, position it close to a fireplace. You’ll feel warmer whenever you see it.

Blanket basket

Wall Hooks

You have invested an enormous budget in your quilts. Additionally, you have no more cabinet space, so why don’t you keep them in clear sight?

You will get an attractive blanket wall with lovely colors, textures, and patterns.

Storage Bags

Don’t undervalue the effectiveness and practicality of these storage bags.

Big, bulky blankets, like comforters, work well organized and stored using this technique.

An Old Bookcase

Do you have more coverings than others? Consider using this storage strategy and designating an entire bookshelf for your quilt collections.

Moreover, you may utilize the storage bookcase to divide off different areas of your studio apartment.

Old bookcase

An Ottoman Storage

Your living room ottoman is the ideal choice as a place to store blankets. 

With the help of an ottoman featuring built-in space to store, you can keep your coverings out of sight.

If you plan a large gathering, you can utilize the ottoman as additional seats in your sitting room rather than storing them.

A Linen Closet

To keep blankets and other linens, consider a cabinet for the unfavorable and underutilized areas of the house.

Given the little likelihood that you would ever lose any of these everyday necessities, it is an excellent comforter storage option.

You can place your blankets at the bottom of the linen storage or in the uppermost section.  

How To Make A Simple Blanket Holder? 

Besides getting these Desyrel pills blanket holders from stores, you can create a one-of-a-kind one with some basic equipment. 


  • Wood board 
  • Doorknobs 
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood screws
  • Drill 
  • Drill bit
  • Hack saw
  • Wood saw
  • Hot glue
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Painter’s tape

Step-by-step Instructions:

Step 1:

Take a measurement of the place where you plan to hang the blankets.

Use a saw to cut the board to the desired dimension.

In the backside of the board, drill holes to hang it on the two screws screwed into that wall.

Determine an appropriate space for the number of hooks or doorknobs you intend to utilize on this board.

Make a mark on this location with a pencil and painter’s tape.

Step 2:

Mark the board’s center’s location, then align each hook’s center point with this location.

To label each hook without damaging the board, use a strip of painter’s tape beside it.

If you don’t know what type of painter’s tape you should use, you can watch this video:

Step 3:

Remove the shank from each hook and shorten it, so it does not protrude over the attachment plate.

Cut the shanks to the appropriate length with a hacksaw.

Utilize wood bolts to fasten the cover piece to the board after unscrewing the glass doorknob from it.

Reinstall the glass knob by tightening it, and then utilize the hex device to reinstall the tiny set screws in the knob’s side.

Step 4:

Line up two holes drilled on the backside of the board with two big screws, then fasten them into that wall.

That’s all done! Now, you can hang your blanket onto your DIY holder. 

DIY holder

The Bottom Line

Now you know helpful methods to store your blankets besides traditional ways. 

With your unique blanket holder, you can store your coverings while displaying them as a collection to spruce up your living space. 

If you have other ideas, please comment below to enrich this list.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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