The Best Ways To Style With Pink Throw Blanket

A pink throw blanket establishes a girly impression, but you can change its appearance by adding or reducing its depth. So how can you do it? 

Today, we will discuss some decoration tips for your blanket. Let’s read on and learn how to impress your guests! 

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pink throw blanket

How To Choose A Pink Throw Blanket?  

First thing first, you need a beautiful throw blanket. It comes in different shades of pink, materials, patterns, and even sizes. Here are your options from Geembi


Pink is a cheerful color. From the soft touches of pastel pink to the striking impression of coral red, almost any shade of this hue can lift your mood.

You can find throw blankets in different shades of pink. Then, choose the one that matches your setup most.

Please note that each shade has a specific effect that may change the entire look of your room. For example:

  • Hot pink: This vibrant shade of pink only turns up to call attention. It is a deep, energetic color that is bursting with energy.
  • Rosewater: This shade stands for love, passion, closeness, and kindness. Some people also refer to it as female power and compassion.
  • Rose: It powerfully evokes the emotions of love, passion, willingness, tenderness, and passion in women.
  • Fuchsia: The hue represents shallowness and increased energy. It may make you think of someone or something girly rather than feminine. 

This video will show you more ideas to use different shades in your home decoration:

There are various shades of pink


The most common materials for throw blankets are:


Cotton is popular in clothing and bedding production. When using a cotton blanket, you have these benefits:

  • The fabric has good ventilation, making it an ideal choice for hot climates. 
  • You don’t have to worry about maintenance because a washing machine can take care of it. 
  • Its popularity allows you to grab a cotton blanket in every style and size. 


Like cotton, wool is a natural fiber. However, it’s better for cold climates. Here are what wool blankets offer you:

  • Wool can keep you warm when the cold comes. 
  • Although some people can be allergic or find the fabric itching, manufacturers have solved this problem by using merino wool. This material can eliminate your irritation. 
  • The fiber has some spaces between the threads. Hence, it’s very breathable. 


Fleece, a synthetic material, has been well-known in throw blanket making because:

  • It’s warm, durable, and affordable. 
  • You can maintain the fiber at ease with a washing machine. 
  • Fleece blankets are soft and have a plush-like texture. 


The pink color is already beautiful. Yet, if you prefer patterned blankets, you can try these ideas:

  • Floral
  • Checks
  • Stripes
  • Geometry
  • Animals
  • Tiles
  • Sceneries 
  • Famous characters 


Throw blankets come in four sizes: 

  • 36×50 inches
  • 40×60 inches
  • 45×55 inches
  • 45×60 inches

Which Sofa Color Can A Pink Throw Blanket Go With?

A pink throw blanket can’t look its best when paired with the wrong sofa. So how to avoid this mistake? 

For home decoration, you can go with everything you like. However, if you are afraid of a color mess, stay safe with the following suggestions. 

Light gray

Light gray looks excellent with pink because they are both muted colors. They work well together to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere.

Because light gray is a color that doesn’t stand out much on its own, architects and homeowners usually use it. You should develop your ideas on it too. 

A pink throw blanket on a gray sofa will add warmth to a white setting. Visitors will focus on the sofa set as they enter and want to settle down and unwind.

Light gray is easy to mix

Dark gray

When paired with pink, dark gray can add lushness and dimension as it is a powerful and dramatic color. 

Dark gray can balance the energizing, joyful feeling that pink offers to a space. Interestingly, this color can go well with any shade of pink. 


Pink can be a hard color to use in interior decoration. It looks just right for a nursery when paired with pastel colors. When combined Canadian pharmacy with overly dark colors, it almost completely fades.

Fortunately, because it is in the middle of these two hues, beige complements pink beautifully and yields a nice balance. 

Since both colors have warm undertones, they match together to give a vibrant but peaceful look. Moreover, beige won’t overpower the delicate color because it isn’t any deeper than pink.


Pink and white, a straightforward, modest combo, can produce clean, fresh spaces that are yet cozy and welcoming.

Since most whites complement all pinks, pink and white make a combination that you indeed can’t go wrong with.

If you’re hesitant, go with pure white because it matches various colors, from pale pink to vivid fuchsia. Related Site


Pink comes in different shades, so why don’t you mix them? The ultimate image will be striking yet harmonious.

This monochromatic style is also trendy as you can easily achieve an impressive effect without using too many colors. 

Use pink shades in your setup

Ideas For Styling A Pink Throw Blanket

Aside from working with the sofa, you can try other ideas to style your pink throw blanket. For example:

Use wooden furniture

Brown is also an earthy color like pink. If you use wooden furniture, their light brown hue will complement your pink blanket beautifully.

Building a wooden floor is costly. Instead, you can use a carpet in a wood-like color. Otherwise, buy a wooden coffee table. 

Avoid bold colors

Although pink can go with red or navy, using too many of them in your living room will ruin your blanket’s feminine and girly effect. 

It would be best to use complementary or monochromatic colors. This method maintains the impression of every color in your setup while balancing things out. 


Have you found any ideas to style your pink throw blanket? Double-check our guide, and you won’t make any mistakes. 

If you know any tips, do not hesitate to share them with us.

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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