Unicorn Bedding Set

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Unicorn Bedding Set

Making dreams come true may sound like an impossible task, but with the right tools, it can be easy. Take a unicorn bed set, for example! It’s the perfect gift idea if you are shopping for a special little girl or boy who has everything, and it will look great in any bedroom, too! 

But what makes unicorn bedding sets so different? Let’s take a closer look at our magical bedding collection to see why it makes the perfect gift and why every child deserves it!

unicorn bedding set

Introducing to our Unicorn Bedding Set Collection

Unicorn Themes

We have got unicorn bed sheets in all colors of a rainbow, along with comforters and pillowcases featuring unicorn motives. 

For those who adore pink, we have lavender and hot pink designs. A purple unicorn bed set is an excellent choice for girls that love lilac and violet. 

For boys, we have a blue and yellow collection to bring in some zest into their bedrooms. We also have nature-inspired images to give your child that cuddled-up feeling during nap time. 

And if you do not know what color is best for your child, we have a variety of colors to choose from. There is no reason why you should settle on just one!

Material (Polycotton)

Geembi has been crafting quality kids’ bedding sets that capture everything we love about children’s culture and fun for over two years. Our bed sheets are made of 100% polycotton to ensure comfortable sleep for your kid. 

Each set is machine washable at a hot temperature of 60 degrees or lower to preserve its good condition. The prints on our comforters and pillowcases are not just printed onto them. We use durable heat transfer technology to give them a stunning look with a soft touch. 

Most importantly, each piece in our unicorn bed set collection goes through multiple tests for quality assurance, so you know you can always come back for more!


Our bed sets are available in all standard sizes, including Twin, Queen, and King, to help you get your shopping done in just a few clicks. If you are unsure what size will work best for your child’s room, check out our detailed size chart on each product page to pick up something just right. 

You can also use it to compare different designs before making a final decision. Also, be assured that every single set comes with complete care instructions. Simply look at our Return Policy if you have any concerns regarding products of decent quality or fitting into your child’s bedroom.

Is The Unicorn Quilt Set Safe For Children?

Our unicorn bed set collection is hypoallergenic and machine washable. If you have concerns regarding product safety, simply look at our detailed care instructions. 

unicorn bedding

Five Reasons Why Every Child Deserves Unicorn Bedding

Grownups are all about animal and cartoon bed sets; why not kids? Our unicorn bed set collection is designed to add a dose of magic to your child’s bedroom. 

If you have a small child at home or simply love unicorns, we have what you need. Our colorful and comfortable unicorn quilt sets will help your little prince and princess fall asleep easier, as well as make their room stand out from others. 

And in case you have some doubts about choosing our products, we are here to answer them for you. Take a look at our opinions below to find out why we should choose our unicorn bedding over anything else!

#1 Fun, Joyful Colors

Kids deserve fun, cheerful colors in their bedrooms. With the images of a magical creature as the unicorn, you can help make your child’s dream come true! 

This bed set comes with the essential things you need to bring a little bit of magic into your child’s room: quilt comforter and pillowcases. Both are made from polyester and cotton. Besides, the material is soft and comfortable for kids; it does not even easily wrinkle or pill. 

Therefore, your child will enjoy having these sheets as they rest after a long day of school. If it is time to refresh your kid’s bedroom, then consider replacing their bedding with something colorful and cheerful. The Unicorn bed set is just what you are looking for!

#2 Attitude Adjustment

According to most sources, unicorns are not real, but they exist in children’s imagination. If your child believes that unicorns are real, you will have to adjust your attitude towards parenting. 

This is where your job as a parent comes in. If you want to make sure that your child does not miss out on some of life’s best pleasures and wonders, then you should encourage it. So, let your kids experience fantasy and role play while they grow up so that they won’t have any regrets later in life.

#3 Diverse Choices

Unicorn bedding is not for everyone, but different cool designs are also to consider. At Geembi, there is a wide variety of themes available. So whether you want a set that reminds you of your favorite holiday, lifestyle, art taste, or one that has a more traditional look, there is something for everyone. 

If sweet colors and cute images are more your things, there are also options in that style. Or, if you don’t like either type, you can buy something mysterious that incorporates the night sky instead. 

Whatever works best for you and your child will be available when it comes to unicorn bedding sets! That way, kids have their own unique space that fits their wants in terms of how a fantasy character should look like

#4 Sweet Dreams

Dreams during sleep are frequently the result of people’s obsessions during the day. This works even more effectively on children with pure hearts. So, if they’re obsessed with unicorns, our products will bring this magical creature to life in their dreams.

An innocent belief combined with a beautiful dream experience creates the antidote to a child’s happiness. All of these things, without a doubt, contribute to their pure and sweet childhood.

#5 Responsibility For Things They Enjoy

A magical touch will make your little one feel like a star. You can also show them how to take good care of their bedding set as it features the fantasy creature they adore. This will help your child start developing good habits and keep their room organized for years to come. 

In addition, teaching kids how to do things early on is an excellent way of making sure they grow up into capable adults who know what needs to be done and when. The world has enough people that don’t know how to clean up after themselves – we need more responsible, smart people with sense in our society!

Lean these fun facts about Unicorns after getting your child a unicorn bedding set

Fun Facts about Unicorns – Fulfill Your Kid’s Interest Alongside a Unicorn Bed!

After getting your child a gorgeous unicorn bedding set, do not forget to tell them some fascinating facts about these majestic horned horses. Yes — let your kid’s mind get fulfilled with the magic and wonderlands! They’ll get excited once they hear these facts: 

Unicorns Belong to Earth

It may sound a little surprising to say that unicorns are earthbound for their magical power and beauty compared to us earthlings. But, it is true. This fantasy creature is said to be found deep within forests and even live in a herd of five to seven. 

Solar Power is Their Only Food Source

It is just too mundane for Unicorns to eat grass like other ordinary horses. These horse-like creatures absorb solar energy to feed themselves. Interestingly enough, they use their mesmerizing horns to collect sunlight, not their mouths. 

Unicorns Have Healing Power

They said unicorns can heal your pain either physically or mentally. All you need to do is put your hands on a unicorn’s body and close your eyes. Then you should feel a great source of eternal joy running through your whole body; that is the thing curing your pain. 

Unicorns Come in Multiple Colors

It was once believed that unicorns can only be white because this color represents lights. It’s not true, however. Just like horses, you can find various colors among unicorns. Also, according to legend, some unicorns have a color that humans have never seen before.

Unicorns Can Not Fly

Unicorns do not have wings like many television programs describe in their cartoons. So, they can not fly. However, their ability to run and jump is extraordinary enough that one person can mistake it for them levitating. 

Final Words

Instead of buying yet another stuffed animal to put in their crib or play area, try finding them a Unicorn Bedding Set with themes that will attract their attention. 

These bed sets typically have bright colors and exotic patterns that kids love! Also, we offer you multiple designs, so your child can be as happy as they want! What are you waiting for? Browse this page now to start shopping for unicorn-themed bed sets for your kids. They’ll thank you for it later!