Dinosaur Blanket

Dinosaur Blanket

If you are looking for the most adorable dinosaur blanket for your kids, you are at the right place!

Why Dinosaur Blanket?

Your child is developing a sudden interest in dinosaurs and trying to memorize all they can talk about them? They are spending hours looking at books and talking about this no-longer lived species? 
Help kids boost their imagination and creativity with our dinosaur blankets today!
Our blankets are more than just soft pieces of fabric to cover the body at night. They are fascinating puzzle pieces of different dinosaur images and can be personalized with your kids’ names. And that is what surely piques their interest!

dinosaur blanket

Kids Will Get Excited About Our Dinosaur Blankets

Personalized Dinosaur Blankets That Have Kid’s Name

The most favorite blanket from Geembi is undoubtedly the one that can be personalized.

That means you can put your kids’ names on it, in the middle of a “dino crowd” on the blanket. Every baby boy and girl will love it!

They will feel more excited since they can find a mindful connection to the legendary creatures! It’s always easy for kids to learn once they feel deeply involved in something they enjoy.

Additionally, thanks to our artists, the blankets play like an educational playground for young children. Owning such a bed blanket, kids are sure to feel like they are in a cartoon Jurassic world.

Our blankets can also serve as a beautiful throw on the couch, not just something needed for the bed. As for this function, you can buy more than one dino blanket for your little buddy—one for their bed and one for their sofa (if any). 

It goes without saying that children always wanted a snuggie with cute images of dinosaurs. Yet, fleece snuggies are challenging to keep clean. So their parents, as our customers, have chosen Geembi’s polycotton blankets.
It’s easy to find a blanket made of polycotton on the market today. But, it’s not easy to find a brand that offers free personalization over your dinosaur blanket. Geembi is here to help!

Jurassic World Blanket

As a newborn baby, your child was covered by a dinosaur swaddle. Growing a little bit, they love a cutie pie dinosaur blanket on their bed. But developing a bit more, maybe to around eight or ten, they love to put the entire Jurassic park onto the blanket. 

With that in mind, we offer the Jurassic World Blanket designs, so you have suitable options for your kids who are not that little anymore. In other words, they have reached the age of desiring everything to be more vivid and to look even more realistic. So, our dinosaur blankets will meet this need.

Unlike other custom blankets with cute dinosaurs, they look like 3D dinosaur print blankets. They do not come with bright colors or any fun words. However, they are fantastic because they seem more real to kids. 

Specifically, these designs picture the prehistoric dinosaur at the edge of their extinction. Many different breeds of dinosaurs are on our products, including Triceratops, T-rex, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Pteranodon. Which one does your kid love?

Jurassic World blanket

Why Are Geembi’s Dino Blankets Different?

We are authentically the official brand and brain of our own designs!

    • Dinosaur blanket design: Every design surely comes from our own creative minds. Their arts focus more on telling a story than putting cliche images onto the products. With these unique designs, you would want to give your loved ones thoughtful gifts that they couldn’t find anywhere else. 
    • Dinosaur blanket quality: We always want to create something from scratch, focusing on how durable our products will be. We think affordability is not just about price; it is more about the excellent lifespan of a purchased item. When our customers pay for a product from our store, they are guaranteed to have something lasting for years. 

It does not mean that we should gloss over any other essential elements such as colors, material safety, and dimension. These are the other three factors that surely build our blankets and bedding sets. (You can learn more of these on every product page)

Quilt Bedding Sets for Dino Fanatics

Our designs are not limited to Blankets and Throws. We also cover this interesting topic on our quilt bedding sets, which will give more bedding options for any dinosaur lover

The quilt bedding set includes one large quilt for the bed (in different optional sizes) and two pillow sheets. As for these specifications, we would like to assume that dinosaurs are not just about children’s interests. It can be a grown-up’s passion, which is sometimes even more potent than kids’. 

Thus, if you are an adult and love this prehistoric animal, try our quilt bedding sets as a plus. It is still made from poly-cotton to give you the most comfortable experience possible. Most importantly, it’s durable. You can use them for years, with vibrant colors that won’t fade after many washes.

The Bottom Line

When you decide to buy a dino blanket for a kid or a grown-up, make sure that you’ll choose a suitable design. Our selection is typically for kids of any age. However, there are some designs for young adults as well.

We hope this guide or selection has helped you quickly find the best dinosaur blanket in our store. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected].

Thank you!