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Camping Rugs

Most of the memorable moments your trip brings happen on your camping rugs. They not only protect your tent floor from moisture, dirt, and other unwanted elements, but they also keep you warm while camping in colder climates.

To help you choose the best outdoor rugs for camping, we have created this handy guide to everything there is to know about these products. Check it out!

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Benefits of Camping Rugs

If you are new to camping and wondering why campers need these rugs, learn what they can do as listed below:

  • They can protect you from dirt and moisture while camping.
  • Camping is more fun when using these rugs since they keep your tent clean, provide comfortability and prevent splashes from water as well as mud. 
  • They even keep off harmful insects from coming into your tent, keeping your tent environment safe. 
  • These rugs are easily portable or packable due to their sizes, thus making them easy storage devices for traveling or storage when not in use.
  • They make comfortable spots for quick gatherings outside your tent or RV.
  • Rugs keep you warmer in cold weather to prevent low-temperature air from the ground.

Rugs For RV Camping – Buying Guide

If you are looking for outdoor rugs for camping or outdoor camping rugs, there are a few things you should look out for before making your purchase.

UV Protection

Outdoor rugs will often be used in places with a lot of sunlight, so they easily fade if there is no sun protection provided. UV resistance is how manufacturers address this issue by coating their outdoor rugs with a special plastic layer.

If the rugs you want to buy do not offer this type of protection, no worries! You can totally do it yourself with some UV protector spray on the market. It does not even cost you much.

Abrasion resistance

Camping rugs often see rough use from nature and/or other campers. So, you must choose an outdoor rug built with a material strong enough to stand up against wear and tear.

Polyester is the most durable and safe fabric that you can rely on for rugs. This material contains quite the same agents as plastic, making polyester rugs unlikely to rip or tear easily.

Water Repellency

Even if you do not plan on camping in heavy rain, you must choose outdoor rugs camping with a water-repellent finish. It is especially if you have any plans to leave your rug exposed. Water-repellent treatments will help keep dirt and grime from sinking into the material of your outdoor carpet.

Anti-mildew Treatment

Outdoor rugs are often stored away between uses. Thus, it is worth checking whether they come with unique anti-mildew technology designed to protect against mold growth over time. Mold is not only gross but also harmful (allergy sufferers should look out for outdoor rugs treated against mold).

Ease of Maintenance

Some outdoor rugs for camping require spot cleaning after use. Also, others will need full cleanings every few weeks. It all depends on what kind of outdoor rug you buy.

Hence, before making your final decision, make sure you know exactly how much effort you will have to keep them clean and stain-free.

Ease of Storage

RV rugs for camping usually fold up relatively small, but different outdoor rugs fold up differently. Their sizes directly impact how difficult it will be to store them at home, on the RV, or elsewhere when not in use.

Keep sizing in mind as you shop around for those rugs! Weigh storage convenience against other considerations before picking out a specific outdoor rug.


Weight is always a factor when buying anything related to RV camping. The lighter your load, the more space you have left to bring home souvenirs.

Benefits of Camping RugsTips For Maintaining Camping Area Rugs

Keep Them Clean

There is nothing quite like a good camping trip, but your outdoor rugs for camping are bound to become dirty during your stay. Yes—they can get messy quickly, and it is better not to let your grime build up for too long. So avoid leaving them too long between cleanings. Use cleaners designed for outdoor use—you can find a selection at Home Depot.

Have Extra Rugs Available

The great thing about these rugs is that they are easy and affordable to replace if something happens while you are out camping. But the purpose of having many carpets at once is not about that.

Replacing rugs over time will help them last longer. Also, it keeps them looking fresh every time you haul them out for use.

Our Recommendations

Here at Geembi, we recommend you get a camping rug that is comfortable, durable, and portable. We are confident that all of our mats will meet these qualities. The reasons are:

  • Geembi camping rugs are made 100% of Polyester, the most durable material for outdoor use
  • Our rug designs come with vibrant colors and artistic details
  • All of our rugs are made fade-resistant and mildew-resistant
  • They are very lightweight, easy to clean, and storage

Shop Geembi For A Camping Rug Today!

When you are camping, a nice big piece of carpet can make all of the difference in your comfort. It is vital to have some incredible outdoor camping rugs to roll out onto your campsite.

You can have a little bit of home right there when you are sitting outside or relaxing around a campfire. Also, it should be thick, fluffy, and durable, with excellent insulating properties that keep you warm at night and prevent any moisture from coming through into your tent or RV.

Our rugs are made for that goal! With many hot deals available today and when a Holiday season occurs, we are sure you will find something worthwhile and enjoyable at Geembi.

Thank you!