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Camping Blanket

What makes the best camping blanket, and why should campers opt for blankets to get comfortable? Check this out!

If you’ve ever camped, there’s a good chance you’ve been caught in a surprise rain shower. It doesn’t take much to ruin your camping vacation, so you need the best camping blanket to keep you warm and dry. 

Choosing the right blanket can be difficult, as there are many options to sift through. To make it easier for you, here are some advice on choosing the best blankets for a camping trip.

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What To Look For in a Camping Blanket

#1 Thermal efficiency

The best camping blanket has to be multi-functional. It should be used at any time and not just in the summertime. That means how well it keeps you warmest in cold weather and protects you from the sun in hot weather. 

If a blanket couldn’t keep you warm enough during the night, you’ll get cold and uncomfortable. If it couldn’t give you that sense of security in the summer breeze, then it’s not a good choice.

Therefore, you should take thermal efficiency into account!

What types of camping blankets give you the excellent warmth that’s needed? Opt for synthetic-based fabric like fleece, poly-cotton, or spandex.

Synthetic blankets are usually layered to keep the cold out while not giving you a sense of overwhelming at all. It’s a notable feature of using the blanket during summer. 

#2 The right size

It matters that your blanket can cover your whole body!

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that it’s at least long enough to reach from the tip of your toes to the top of your head when lying down flat on your back with arms stretched out straight above your head. 

Also, make sure it’s wide enough to cover both shoulders comfortably.

That will ensure you won’t feel cold or get too hot while sleeping outdoors under the stars!

As a Geembi’s quilt blanket, the options of size vary among Twin (60″ x 70″), Queen (80″ x 90″), and King (91″ x 102″). 

If you want one large enough to cover your entire body and provide extra room for another person, the King size camping blanket is your go-to.

#3 Lightweight and compresses well

If you’re going on a long hike with your camping gear, you want things to be lightweight and easy to carry. A good camping blanket should compress down into a small package to not take up too much room in your pack. 

The lighter the blanket, the better!

#3 Versatility

A good quality camping blanket should withstand weather conditions such as rain or snow. This can be common during the spring or winter, especially in northern states like Alaska.

Different types of fabric are waterproof and weather-resistant on the market now. 

However, when it comes to outdoor blankets, polyester fleece, wool, thermoplastic polyurethane, and poly-cotton are the best

#4 Moisture resistance

Moisture resistance is a trait that all camping blankets should have. This is because when you go camping, you will likely encounter a lot of damp air. 

Whether it’s rain or dew, the moisture can wreak havoc on your blanket and make it damp and uncomfy.

A great camping blanket is one that can easily resist moisture. But not all good blankets could do this. It’s all about the material.

For example, if you want a cotton-filled blanket, it will be much more resistant to moisture than if you had chosen a synthetic material. The same goes for down or synthetic options as well.

The best thing about having a perfect camping blanket that resists moisture is that it will always feel dry. 

Even if there is some rain during your trip, it won’t matter because your blanket will still feel dry and warm underneath your sleeping bag or tent!

#5 Durability

The best camping blankets are built to last. 

Durability is an essential factor when choosing a sleeping pad. That will determine how long it can last before needing replacement or repair. 

This is especially true for those who go camping more than once yearly. They don’t want to spend too much money on their gear each time they go into nature again. 

If the product doesn’t last long enough, then the chances are that they would have wasted their money repurchasing something new the next time they go out there!

If you want a durable option, you should consider buying one made from cotton or wool. Cotton is the most popular material used in camp blankets because it is soft, lightweight, and breathable. 

A high-quality combination of polyester and cotton fibers with a waterproof coating on the outside of the blanket also protects your body from getting wet.

#6 Easy to clean

Make sure your chosen blanket is easy to clean because it gets dirty quickly when used outdoors. You don’t want something that takes you too much effort when washed or cleaned after use.

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Poly-Cotton Blankets Help to Reduce Hassle for Campers

The best type of blanket for camping depends on your personal preference and needs. However, if you want something that will last longer and provide exceptional comfort, choosing poly-cotton blends is recommended.

In fact, the most common type of fabric used in making blankets is cotton. Understandably, it offers excellent insulation properties and durability at an affordable price

Cotton blankets also feel soft against your skin and provide a comfortable sleep experience outdoors! However, cotton tends to absorb moisture quickly.

That’s why cotton should be blended with polyester (a fuel-based synthetic material) to become a better version. Poly-cotton, which is a blend of cotton and polyester, makes camp blankets durable, soft, warm, and moisture resistant.


I still say year-round used camping blankets are a good idea for any camping fanatics. 

To narrow down your choice, here are some key points to take away:

    • Excellent thermal efficiency for when you travel to the south but suddenly to the north the next day
    • The right size is the right choice
    • Lightweight  and compressed well for easy transportation between places
    • Adaptive to any weather conditions
    • Moisture and mildew resistant for the sake of your health
    • Durable
    • Easy to clean 

This post has provided a guide on choosing the best camping blanket. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and found it helpful for your next camping trips!

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