Mermaid Blankets

Mermaid Blankets

Mermaid blankets make the perfect addition to any bedroom decor. They are a fashion statement, a fun conversation piece, and make your bed look fabulous! 

Notably, the mermaids are not just for girls – boys love them too! Our mermaid quilt blankets and sofa throws are also for grown-ups fascinated by this legendary creature. 

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Geembi’s Mermaid Blankets are for Everyone

mermaid blankets for girls


Little Mermaid Blankets For Girls

Has your daughter ever wished she could be a mermaid? Our mermaid blankets are the perfect fit! 

With pink, purple, and seafoam green colors, the blanket will make your daughter feel as though she has been transported to the depths of the ocean. 

All blankets feature beautiful seaweed that adorns her room and an adorable mermaid just waiting to enchant her dreams.

The best part about these quilt blankets is that they inspire your girl and make her feel like a treasure. Why? We incorporate text and images that reflect the desirable version every little girl loves to become.

It’s her dream to be a gorgeous mermaid with a sweet voice and a beautiful heart. This mermaid is even ready to travel the underwater world and fulfill her dreams.

A soft piece of mermaid quilt blanket will boost a girl’s imagination and cheer her up every day!

mermaid blankets for boys


Boys Love Mermaid Too!

Bringing magic to your child’s room has nothing to do with gender. Mermaids are for all to enjoy, boys and girls alike.

Some of our colorful mermaid designs work for boys, thanks to a combination of navy blues and yellows. These bright colors are sure to make his room pop and inspire. 

Especially if your little prince loves other sea creatures like seahorses, and fishes, besides a little fairy from mermaids, he’ll love our blankets.

adult mermaid blankets


Mermaid Thow Blankets Adults Love

Some mermaid blankets are for adults too. Mermaid blankets can be a way to express your inner child and have fun while you’re at it!

They can serve as a little pick-me-up when you’re having a rough day or if you just need to rest. Some adults have even found solace in lace mermaid blankets.

The part about our blankets that make them so relevant to most grown-ups is their arts. It goes with the color palettes and visual designs that are not childish or cheesy.

They make great decorative throw blankets for home or car but can make a fun gift for an adult.

So if your family is a place of all mermaid lovers, welcome to Geembi! 

Maintaining Your Mermaid Quilt & Blanket Throws

With mild detergent, wash your mermaid blankets on the gentle cycle in cold water. 

You should permanently remove them before your dryer stops to avoid damaging the plush fabric, then hang them dry on a clothes rack line. 

Once it is mostly dry, place it inside another large load of laundry and run an extra spin cycle. That is to make sure all excess moisture is removed. 

Or, simply turn it inside out and let it air dry for 24 hours if you need the drying time to be faster.

The best way to keep your Mermaid quilt or throw blanket looking their best is by washing them when they are dirty. 

A good rule of thumb is to wash a quilt or blanket once a month and run it through the dryer. Ensure your fabrics have enough space and there is not too much friction. Or else they will pill or create lumps as they rub against each other while washing.

How a Mermaid Blanket Brings a “Feel” to Your Room

Mermaid blankets are ideal for bedtime and lazy mornings. They are made of polycotton, thick, warm, and can provide a lot of comforts.

With plenty of color options to choose from, you can find one that perfectly matches your room’s color scheme.

Pink Purple Mermaid Blanket For A Feminine Vibe

If you are building a home of femininity, pick pink and purple mermaid blankets. For centuries, pink and purple have been the two most prevalent hues representing women. They give us a sense of love, kindness, and tenderness. 

If you want to buy a mermaid blanket for your daughter or granddaughter, then go for these two color options. They are available in this collection in different sizes and visual art.

Green Mermaid Blanket For Optimistic and Refreshed Look

Mermaid blankets provide warmth and comfort, but they also add a touch of refreshment if it’s green. It’s not always blue or pink when it comes to mermaids. 

Once you love green and want to incorporate it into your mermaid items, know that that is the color of seaweed. It should say something about nature and what your favorite mermaids call home.

Green also makes you feel optimistic. Remember that green items will feed you the needed energy whenever you feel tired or stuck in a messy thought.

Blue Mermaid Blanket For Calmness and Serenity

Blue is one of the most popular colors in the world, and it is no wonder why most people love it so much. This color gives peace and calm to those who look at it, which makes it ideal for a baby blanket.

Moreover, blue will help you relax when you are stressed out or tired due to long hours at work. You’ll sleep well in a blue room too!

The blue mermaid quilt and throws are suitable for both adults and children. So anyone can use this blanket without any hesitation!

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Geembi’s mermaid blankets come in different colors and designs, making them a good gift for all occasions. Whether it’s for your baby, teen child, a friend, or even yourself, mermaid blankets will work perfectly. You can also use these blankets to decorate your home with style.

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