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Animal Rugs
Animal Rugs

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Animal Rugs For Sale & Animal Rug Guide | Geembi

A rug can really bring life to a room, especially if it’s of an animal design that is also of high quality. If you are thinking about adding some animal rugs to your home, our store would be one of the best places to shop. On Geembi, we have some of the most authentic and high-quality rugs of various animal designs. Browse our rugs and buy yours today!  Also, down below, we provide you with a guide on choosing rugs so your money spent could be worth a rug purchase. Scroll down to learn more!

Why Choosing Animal Rugs From Geembi?

Animal rugs are a great choice to add texture and personality to your home, with their mix of patterns and colors. Geembi is proud to offer animal area rugs for sale in our store. We have a wide variety of rugs ranging from cats, dogs, elephants, cows, horses, and turtles. All you need to do is browse through our website to find one that will be perfect for your home or office.  The various textures and colors are sure not only to make your home look fantastic but also to give it a unique appeal that other types of area rugs cannot match. Moreover, our rugs featuring animals are ideal for nursery kids at school or home. They are all made from polyester, one of the best materials that last long and give you a sense of comfort. Also,
polyester rugs make it easier for you to clean and store them when they are not in use. 

What We Offer

pet rugs

Pet Rugs

Geembi has a wide range of pet rugs to choose from, featuring a variety of patterns, styles, colors, and sizes.  Cats and Dogs are our favorite pets. They are amazing animals that we believe you love too! Additionally, we include various seasonal designs featuring these adorable pets in our rug selection. The graphics in our rugs are vibrant without being cheesy, making sure to serve as a gift and decor piece for anyone. Explore our cat blanket collection! elephant rugs

Elephant Rugs

Geembi sells a wide variety of animal rugs and home accents, including elephant rugs. These colorful rugs are built to last and add an element of chic to any room in your home. They are known for their unique style that features brightly colored elephants against a gorgeous background.  Many shoppers buy them as gifts or decorative pieces that complement their current home design aesthetic. There are many different sizes and styles available, so you can be sure to find one that will meet your needs! horse rugs

Horse Rugs

When most people think of rugs, they don’t often think of horses. At Geembi, we like to change that view. Our horse rugs are made from high-quality materials and have a long life span due to their durability and strength. The horse rugs feature vibrant colors and stunning artwork. Whether you’re looking for a horse rug or any other type of animal rug for your home decorating needs, you can trust Geembi to provide premium area rugs with an affordable price tag. turtle rugs

Turtle Rugs

The sea turtle is one of our favorite and most popular animal designs on Geembi’s rugs. These are incredibly durable and can be used in any room around your home or office. If you have kids (or even pets), these rugs will last you a lifetime and are extremely affordable. Our turtle rugs are also perfect as gifts that you can give your native American loved ones. They will love this sea animal since it is one of their cultural symbols. bear rugs

Bear Rugs

One of our top sellers, a bear rug can be used as an accent in your living room or even as a bed for your pet. With many different colors and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches your home decor. 

Cow Rugs

Cows are a classic choice for animal rugs, with everything from bovine silhouettes to abstracts making for stunning pieces. Cow rugs come in a variety of different styles, ranging from smaller accent rugs to larger room-size carpets.  Geembi offers cow area rugs in seasonal and modern designs. If you want your cow rug to really stand out from other animal-inspired floor coverings, then you may want to consider getting one custom-made. It is true that custom orders can be expensive but it is an option worth considering if you want something unique and special in your place. And remember: there’s no such thing as too much cow!

Avoid Using Animal Skin Rugs!

Today, the most popular area rugs feature different animals skin, like tiger, leopard, zebra, and crocodile. This type of rug is highly appreciated for its luxury and durability. However, there are a lot of problems with using animal skin rugs. The first problem is ethical. Some people believe that killing and skinning animals for fashion is wrong and against their religious values. Others believe it is best to avoid products made from wild animals because their populations could be hurt by poaching or habitat loss. So whether you agree with these beliefs or not, they do mean that some individuals will not buy animal skins as rugs. Even if you do not hold these beliefs yourself, they exist! Secondly, using natural-fiber area rugs can help minimize objections on both practical and ethical grounds. To add more, many experts agree that synthetic fibers have several advantages over natural fibers in home decorating applications: They clean easily; look good long after laundering; resist all kinds of damage (e.g., scorching); and stand up well to heavy traffic even when used outdoors.

Bottom Line

Animal rugs come in a wide variety of styles and themes. And sometimes it seems like there are more options than you have space to put them. A good way to narrow down your choices is by thinking about how your room is currently decorated.  If you have a theme or color scheme that would look nice with animal area rugs, then think about rug designs that work with that theme or palette. Next, consider how large your animal area rug needs to be—the size of your rug should match up with the size of your room as well as its purpose. Finally, browse around to shop for a Geembi rug!
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Irish Rugs
Irish Rugs

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Irish rugs have a long and rich tradition in Ireland, dating back more than 100 years. Because of the Celtic art incorporated into these rugs, they quickly gained popularity in many parts of the world. As a result, it cannot prevent us from coming up with the idea of creating some rugs inspired by Irish culture. Now, let's look at the history of Irish rugs and how they were made to see why they so influence our rugs.

The Origin of Irish Rugs (originally called Donegal Rugs)

In the late 1890s, successful businessman Alexander Morton sought new rug-making opportunities in Ireland. Then he found himself near a small coastal town named Killybegs in Donegal. Killybegs provided Morton with many advantages. That gave him easy access to the harbor and its facilities while only an hour away from Dublin by boat. In addition, while other towns considered this geographical isolation a disadvantage, Donegal natives cherished it. They are so fiercely protective over their homeland that they have preserved many traditional practices. They include making wool items such as jackets and carpets. That accidentally gives them an edge against similar rug makers who didn't have these local resources available to them. Besides, Donegal County would offer Morton a constant supply of experienced laborers willing to work for him. With the county undergoing tough times, he was happy to see that many people seeking employment had previous experience in carpet making and appliqué. That would help them transition to weaving rugs quicker.

irish rug in a room

How Ireland Rugs Was Made

Rug Materials

Morton only used wool to make his rugs. These wool fibers were primarily derived from sheep raised on local farms. Morton chose local material because it is dependable, inexpensive, and simple to manage. It is also a significant source of income for farmers and woolen workers in Donegal.

Rug-making Techniques

Irish rugs are woven from the main techniques such as hand-knotting, hand-looming, flatweave, hand-tufting, and hand-hooking. These rug-making techniques have been used on the majority of traditional Persian rugs. Besides, programming is a new technique that has emerged in recent years. It is similar to the previous techniques, but programmed rugs are made by a machine.

Celtic Rug Designs

An Irish area rug is usually diverse in design. Their colors reflect the vast beauty of nature and often mimic what you would see outdoors at a different time of year. You'll also find these patterns primarily rely on the Celtic knot. But there are many others, including crosses, shamrocks, and maybe leprechauns.

How Celtic Rugs Have Become Popular In The World

The first big order for Irish rugs came from a local church in 1901. It led to another order from the government office in Cork just shortly after. That also opened the opportunity for the rug to be displayed at an exhibition. It was where Donegal Irish Rugs were introduced for mass consumption. Soon, more prominent individuals such as King Edward, Queen Victoria, and other royals bought the lesser-known products. And that’s what helped put it on the map. In addition, it wasn't long before top interior designers across Europe spotted them. Those artists loved incorporating these exquisite designs into their own homes or business ventures because of their timeless art nouveau motifs and intricate craftsmanship. Today, the Killybegs production site is still operational but more like a historical tourist attraction. It was made for visitors to explore what rug-making was like over 100 years ago.

Irish Rugs

Geembi Irish Rugs Inspired By Celtic Culture

A Piece of Info About Our Rug Material

While we are not experts in wool, which is the foundation of most traditional Celtic area rugs, we are confident in our
Polyester rugs. Polyester is made from polyester fibers, as the name implies. They are synthetic fibers with a high ethylene content derived from petroleum. Polyester is, in essence, a type of plastic. As a result, Polyester products have good durability, are anti-wrinkle, anti-mildew, easily laundered, and inexpensive when compared to other materials. In short, every Geembi product is designed to be long-lasting and simple to use, so that customers can enjoy their purchases for as long as possible. We also use advanced color printing technology, which brings every detail and color to life on the rugs.

What Truly Inspires Us is the Irish Culture

The history of Irish rugs and Ireland's fascinating cultural symbols have truly inspired us to make our rugs. Browsing through our rug selection, you should see many different designs. Although they have a similar color, Green, each depicts other Irish symbols. That could be a Celtic knot, Crosses, Shamrock, or Leprechauns. Those are the famous symbols for St. Patrick’s Day as well. So, whether you are looking for an Irish rug to celebrate March 17 or for year-round use, we’ve got you covered.

Why You Should Choose Our Rugs

Below are the reasons why our rugs are different and why you choose them:
  • Durable, smooth, anti-mildew and anti-wrinkle
  • Vivid colors
  • Super easy to care for and store
  • Unique designs (you cannot find them anywhere else)  featuring the most famous Irish symbols and traditional figures
  • Can be placed in most rooms in a house.
  • Can be given as beautiful gifts for Irish families and friends
  • Budget-saving
  • Excellent customer service (we’ll reply to your email in just a blink)

The Bottom Line

For over a century, Irish rugs have been the focal point of every Irish home. Its distinctive designs and diverse weaving and dyeing techniques have brought it fame worldwide, particularly in Europe and America. Today, Celtic design rugs come in a wide range of styles to meet various needs. Regardless of whether they are artisans or industrial manufacturers, they have successfully preserved the core value of their Celtic rugs. It is 100% the same at Geembi, but with more effort of making our rugs last for years. We hope the information above is helpful, and you’ll find it easy to choose a perfect carpet! If you have any concerns about our rugs, please give us a shout at [email protected]. Thank you for reading!
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Native American Blankets
Native American Blankets

15 Products

Native American blankets, also called Native American Indian blankets, are some of the most recognizable blankets in the world. Their striking colors and bold designs instantly identify them.  Just looking at one of those blankets can invoke an almost spiritual experience and give you a sense of awe at the sheer majesty of the design and colors. But there is more to these blankets than meets the eye. Their storied history goes back to before Columbus was born, and their art is mesmerizing. Let’s dive deeper into how they were used, their different types, and why you should choose our blankets! native american blankets

How Native American Blankets Were Used

When you hear Native American blanket, chances are, your mind immediately conjures up images of brightly colored woolen throws. If so, you were right! These blankets were made to meet the different tastes of different regions across the West and Midwest in history. However, they primarily come in the same thing — that they hunted for bright designs. The brighter the blanket, the more popular it will be. And while they were popularized in part by being emblazoned with patriotic symbols like eagles or stripes, that wasn't always how they were used. In fact, for a time, Native Americans used blankets for something surprising: currency.  That's right — some tribes had so many uses for their textiles that they considered them to be as valuable as gold. Blankets served an important function both in daily life (as attire) and ceremonial use (as gifts). Also, their value was only enhanced by scarcity — until colonists started trading with natives for valuable furs, anyway... The result is that Native Americans continue to make textiles of incredible beauty today!

Different Types of Authentic Native American Blanket


Native Americans have always prized wool from their sheep for its warmth, softness, and durability. More than just fashion accessories, Native American blankets also served as practical necessities that helped people live comfortably in some of the harshest environments on earth.  Even today, they still use wool to create beautifully functional products. While it is true that other materials such as cotton can be just as effective at keeping a person warm, wool offers a combination of comfort, durability, affordability, versatility. All of these qualities make it especially well-suited for long-term use.


Fleece is typically a very warm blanket that can be ideal for those who live in cold climates. They are lightweight yet very durable. Also, fleece blankets come in various patterns and colors, making them great additions to any bedding set.  Fleece is a much better option for kids than cotton or wool blankets as it does not have to be washed as often (since it’s machine washable). In addition, this material helps keep kids dryer than other materials since it does not absorb moisture easily.


If you want to ensure that your Native American blanket works as hard as possible, choose Sherpa. The blend of cotton and synthetic fibers creates an incredibly soft texture, which will help your blanket get softer over time. Further, these fibers can wick moisture away from your body quickly to keep you dry at all times, even if it is warm. Also, a fabric made from these materials is machine washable, so they are perfect for families who may have pets or kids. Moreover, sherpa blends are low-pilling, meaning that they won’t snag on pet hair or pick up other tiny debris during use. This makes them far easier to clean than all-natural blankets.

Faux Fur

Over time, Native Americans began incorporating faux furs into their Native American blankets. These faux furs were much easier to care for and more durable than actual animal skins, particularly if they were used for formal occasions or ceremonies.  While these faux fur blankets were not as attractive or authentic-looking as those made from animal hides, many people still find a special place in their hearts for them. And, that is probably because of how easy they are to clean. If you are interested in buying these types of items, it is wise to look for products that offer practical benefits such as stain resistance or easy-care fabric. In other words, think about what will make your life easier before purchasing.


These days, many Cherokee Native American Symbols are using cotton. The primary reason Native Americans use this material is that it drapes beautifully on their looms and does not tangle or snag on anything while they work with it.  It also happens to be warmer than wool and just as soft, making it a lovely material for crafting amazing blankets. You don’t have to worry about dye bleeding into your skin when using cotton. Also, if you get water on your blanket, it dries quickly without retaining odors or damage from mildew or mildew-causing bacteria growth. poly cotton native american indian blankets

Why You Should Choose Polycotton Native American Indian Blankets

If you’re looking for a light blanket that won’t suffocate you in heat or give you a chill when temperatures drop, then polycotton blankets are probably your best bet.  This fabric is naturally breathable, meaning it will regulate your body temperature. It also offers insulation from cold weather but stays cool when it gets warm out And even better, polycotton will dry quickly in case it gets wet. And because it’s an artificial fiber made of polyester and cotton (or other natural fibers), polycotton native American Indian blankets feel softer than they would if they were made of pure cotton.

Tips For Maintaining Blankets

Having a beautiful blanket is excellent, but if it’s not properly maintained, it can lose its luster after just a few uses. Here are some things to keep in mind when maintaining your native American Indian blankets: 
  • Sweeping up dead leaves, twigs, dirt, and other small particles from under your blanket before storing can help keep it clean.
  • Using a feather duster or brush to remove larger particles is also useful. 
  • Keeping your blanket covered when stored prevents debris from collecting on it while outside.
  • It’s important to inspect any stains or tears in your blanket as soon as possible.
  • While some minor stains can be dealt with right away, others may require professional attention. Ignoring them could lead to more serious problems later on.
  • Washing blankets by hand or machine is either fine, but you have to read the instruction tag before deciding which one is safer.
  • Polycotton is the best solution for those not usually having enough time for cleaning a large/medium blanket.

Final Words

Native American blankets are beyond a piece of cloth covering your body; they are art derived from a long-history West culture. If you decide to buy them today, make sure to pick the ones that suit your best.  Our polycotton blankets feature all of the benefits needed as a true native American blanket, plus they look great. They are a premium choice for any home and make an ideal gift for your loved ones.  Enjoy your new blanket! We hope it brings you years of enjoyment.
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