20 Comfortable & Lovely Animal Nursery Rugs For A Baby’s Room

Decorating a child’s room, from picking the furniture to choosing the wall paint, is incredibly fun.

But, when googling around the new, cozy, and chic nursery space, you probably forget about what is under your feet.

Mommies tend to overlook rugs regarding interior decor, yet they’re a staple in a newborn’s room.

Your little one needs a soft, comfortable spot to play and sit down. Apart from that, a rug will blend everything well while delivering a cozy ambiance.

We’ve selected the best animal nursery rugs with trendy, funny patterns and quality materials, making it as easy as pie to find a perfect addition to your kid’s room.

20 Best Animal Nursery Rugs To Decor Your Newborn’s Room

Our favorite collection of animal rugs includes numerous textures, patterns, and colors that can tie in well with any interior space.

1 | Geembi Polyester American Dog Rug

Polyester American Dog Animal Nursery Rug
Buy it from $55.99 on Geembi

The first rug we want to share with you is this American Dog Rug, made from Polyester.

With the high-quality epoxy material that serves the underside of the rug, your child can play freely without worrying about the carpet moving.

Plus, because you may have to regularly clean the rug to be safe for your child’s skin, this mat is a thoughtful choice. It’s made of stain-resistant material, making cleaning really easier than ever. Just use a damp cloth with mild soapy water to wipe it off.

This rug with an impressive yet unfussy design will be a great gift for the kids.

2 | FALARK Fluffy Cow Print Rug

Fluffy Cow Print Rug
$41.99 – $46.99 on Amazon

The second product we’d love to recommend is this faux cowhide carpet.

FALARK has recently upgraded it based on customer requirements, making it more durable and comfortable with a non-slip design and fine ruffles.

Notably, when you pair it with any decorative item, the cowhide pattern can gain a huge visual impact and turn into a highlight.

It will accentuate your expensive sofas and furniture, creating an artistic atmosphere in your home.

3 | Tealp Zoo Nursery Rug

Zoo Nursery Rug
from $52.99 on Amazon

What we love about this area mat is the premium material (polyester fiber) and kid-size 39.4 x 59 inches (100 x 150 cm), suitable for a decent-sized kid’s room.

Notably, the microfiber surface is extremely skin-friendly, soft, and durable. Your little one can play all day long on it without feeling irritated on the sensitive skin.

This zoo-themed carpet can nurture children’s basic recognition skills and stimulate their interest in exploring nature when watching lions, giraffes, or sheep.

4 | Poowe Non-Slip Round Area Rug

Non-Slip Round Area Rug
from $29.99 on Amazon

Another quality product made of microfiber, premium polyester, and cotton comes from Poowe. The warm, soft, skin-friendly surface is safe for all babies and children.

This round play mat has a 31.5-inch diameter, large enough for children to play games. Notably, the non-slip bottom will keep it stable when your kid crawls or walks on it.

You’ll be content with the delicate edge lock, fine workmanship, and good shape with no running thread.

5 | Geembi God Bless Americat Rug

God Bless Americat Rug
Buy it from $55.99 on Geembi

God Bless Americat is a brand new design in Geembi’s Animal Rugs collection.

All rugs from Geembi are made of 100% Polyester, a material that is durable and feels premium at an affordable price.
The most striking thing that it brings is the vivid colors on the product. With the red, white, and blue colors like the American flag, this rug conveys inspirational and joyful energy to young children.

There are three size options with all Geembi rugs to choose from:

  • 3×5 ft.
  • 4×6 ft.
  • 5×8 ft.

6 | No-Slip Baby Blue Whale Rug

 Baby Blue Whale Rug
from $49.99 on Amazon

If you’re looking for a soft yet thick model that will let your infant have fun without getting hurt, this blue whale carpet hits the spot.

It is made of 100% premium faux wool, so the mat is thicker than most regular ones and skin-friendly for babies.

The high-grade material is also wear-resistant, non-fading, and skid-proof, applying to wooden or slippery floor surfaces.

That means your children won’t fall because of the mat’s sliding while playing. They’ll be interested in the super adorable whale pattern and delighted blue color.

7 | Naanle Cat Area Rug

Cat Area Rug
 from $64.98 on Amazon

Naanle’s vibrant cat carpet is our top recommendation when discussing colors and patterns. Even adults will be nuts about its unique, eye-catching appearance.

It stands in the dimensions of 58 x 80 inches, suitable for nursery rooms, hallways, living rooms, or any space in your home.

You don’t have to worry about the slippery wooden floor since the non-woven, sponge, polyester fabric is non-slip and wear-resistant.

This durable, comfortable, and colorful item will make your space warmer and brighter.

8 | Geembi Sea Turtle Rug

Sea Turtle Rug
Buy it from $55.99 on Geembi

This rug would be ideal for children who enjoy sea creatures. You can teach them to recognize these animals while they play on the carpet.

Furthermore, the blue carpet creates a sense of closeness and safety in the child’s space. When you put this rug in the room, you will notice a significant difference that will make you happier and the kids more excited.

9 | KC CUBS Learning & Game Area Rug

KC CUBS learning area rug
from $24.66 on Amazon

KC CUBS’s product embraces all the excellent features of a nursery carpet:

  • Machine-made polypropylene material (stain, wear, fade-resistant, and non-slip).
  • Low pile.
  • The latex rubber backing.

The stand-out point of this model is that it passes CPSC FF1-70 – the standard for the surface flammability of rugs and carpets.

It’s not only a decorative item but can also be a fun game and educational tool that lets your little ones learn about nature and the great country.

During daycare classrooms, you can cultivate their memorization skills and interests in geography, science, and history.

10 | Naanle Ocean Non-Slip Area Rug

10 | Naanle Ocean Non-Slip Area Rug
from $64.98 on Amazon

Naanle is doing great in introducing quality baby carpets, particularly those with animal patterns. Another worth-buying product from this brand is the ocean-themed non-slip area mat.

The common size of this lineup is 58 x 80 inches, which can fit into almost any living space.

The non-woven, sponge, polyester fabric is incredibly soft to touch and stays stable when running on it.

11 | Geembi Dachshund Rug

Dachshund Rug
Buy it from $55.99 on Geembi

Do your children adore Dachshunds? Or do you have a dachshund who spends all day with them? If you answered yes, you should get this one!

It’s made of plush velour and has a premium heat dye sublimation print for long-lasting color vibrancy. Again, because it’s Geembi, you know the product will last for years and be simple to maintain.

12 | ALALAL Cartoon Forest Area Rug

Cartoon Forest Area Rug
from $75.67 on Amazon

There’s a unique point about this cartoon forest carpet that appeals to many customers. The double-layer material includes a fluffy layer and a sponge one.

Even when it ages, you’ll see no fading, shedding, or wearing. The point plastic backing is durable, while the surface is soft and pet- and kid-friendly.

The clean-up is also effortless with a handheld vacuum cleaner. The only thing to note is to avoid bleaching for deep cleaning. You can use a soft, damp cloth instead. https://egfwd.com/

13 | Capslpad Lion Rug

Lion Rug
from $16.99 on Amazon

Aside from the visual aspect, safety is also the top concern when preparing a baby’s room.

That’s why we highly recommend this option to provide your kids with comfortable playtime and proper protection.

The circular play mat uses pro-quality nylon materials and is non-slip. Plus, the machine-woven surface features a dense, loop texture and is pleasing to touch.

Also, the vibrant yellow tone with a cute lion face will brighten the entire space and make your little one excited.

14 | Geembi Texas Bear Rug

Texas Bear Rug
Buy it from $55.99 on Geembi

Ok. This is the kind of bear that won’t frighten your kids at home. If they are curious about the Texas bear, bring this rug home as a nursery decor piece and a gift to your little kids.

The rug’s middle layer is made of 12-millimeter-thickness foam for a soft feel under your feet. So, kids can even actually lay on it all day for a summer nap!

15 | IMIKEYA Alphabet Educational Mat

Alphabet Educational Mat
from $63.11 on Amazon

Multifunctional stuff is always our go-to option, and this educational mat is no exception.

You can use it as a decor item, a cozy, warm spot for children to play games and sit down, and a learning tool to teach them about numbers, colors, shapes, vegetables, and animals.

The vivid patterns and bright colors will spark the kid’s curiosity about the world and inspire early education.

IMIKEYA’s model is 78.7 inches long and 59 inches wide, large enough for children to crawl, move, and play.

16 | Abreeze Kids Play Rug

Kids Play Rug
from $49.99 on Amazon

Lion is currently a trendy pattern for nursery play mats. That’s why this list includes two products with a cartoon lion theme.

Like one from Capslpad, this model has a non-slip point plastic bottom, helping it stay sturdy and stable when movements occur.

Also, the soft faux wool material is super easy to wash. Either manual or machine washing is fine.

Notably, this round carpet is 1.6 cm thick and has a 4-feet diameter (120cm), meaning that your kids can have fun all day without feeling the cold floor.

17 | Loartee Animals Play Mat

Animals Play Mat
from $89.99 on Amazon

We believe you’ll stop here for a bit longer because of this perfect product’s distinct features.

Unlike ordinary models, Loartee’s play mats use anti-skid plastic drop cloth for the bottom, high-density memory foam filling, and 100% coral velvet fabric.

It is comfortable and breathable, posing no fade and no skin irritation. The non-slip bottom prevents skidding and shifting during daily use.

The beauty is that products in this lineup all feature bold colors, vivid detail and come in multiple sizes. Users can choose one suitable for their home space.

These rugs are spacious enough for girls and boys to play games and share toys no matter what size you go for.

18 | Geembi Husky 3D Hole Rug

Husky 3D Hole Rug
Buy it from $55.99 on Geembi

If you ask what we love the most about this baby carpet, the answer is the 3D vibe and 12-mm base.

With polyester fabric, its thickness is 12mm, indicating the non-slip grip characteristic. The approximate size is up to 5 x 8 feet – a generous play spot for children.

The sturdy power-loomed polyester fabrics are effortless to maintain and use and quick-drying.

We bet this glamorous statement piece can be a fantastic addition to any room decor, lending the space a super unique, fun, modern atmosphere.

19 | WellLee Ocean Floor Rug

Ocean Floor Rug
from $14.99 on Amazon

Why not spark your baby’s interest and passion about exploring all the marvelous oceans out there since the first day?

An ocean-themed floor carpet is a cute choice that just can’t go wrong on any occasion.

The product uses exquisite high-density memory foam filling and senior polyester, non-woven, sponge fabric that is wear-resistant, soft, and absorbent.

20 | Lzttyee Cotton Giraffe Rug

Cotton Giraffe Rug
 from $30.96 on Amazon

If you’re into minimalism yet still wish for a cute, fun entertainment space for your infant, this gray giraffe mat is the way to go.

It comes in a diameter of 35.43 inches (90cm), providing the kids with enough room for displaying their toys, no matter how many toys they have.

The model uses pro-quality cotton as the primary material, which is soft and skin-friendly. 

With a beautiful, homely, and adorable design, your nursery floor will look both fun and stylish.

Final Words

Rugs are a vital piece of interior decor, despite often being overlooked. A top-notch area mat can add texture and interest to a living space.

You know a rug is the right choice for your nursery room when it beautifully blends all other decor elements and supplements the space as a cozy spot to play or sit.

We hope our recommendations on animal nursery rugs have given you great inspiration and helped you find the one you can’t resist. Thank you for reading!

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