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Quilt Blanket for Sale and the Art of Quilts in Home Decor

Every American home has at least one quilt blanket. It’s a traditional art of stitched fabric in western home decor.

Besides, a quilt renders its adept in practical use as keeping you warm and safe. That’s why quilted blankets are made for everyone!

We’re going to walk you through every piece of information and tips that help you use quilts properly.

Willing to learn more about them? Continue reading! 

What is a quilt blanket?

A quilt blanket is a type of bedding that uses one or more layers of fabric stitched together to create a warm, comfortable cover. 

Most of the quilts are traditionally made from cotton, but can also be made from other fabrics. They can have cotton batting in the middle that contributes to the warmth and comfort they provide.

Typically, quilt blankets come in various colors and patterns with matching bedspreads and sheets that are sold separately. 

For example, Geembi provides a quilt set including a quilted blanket and a pair of pillowcases.

Reminder: a quilt is NOT a comforter. Quilts are not as thick and fluffy as comforters, but they require more elaborate constructions than comforters do.

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What Makes The Best Quilt?

Quilting fabric of quality

The quilting fabric is the single most important factor in creating a quilt that lasts and looks attractive.

The fabric quality will determine how well it holds its shape and color, as well as how much wear you can expect from the item over time.

For example, people mostly choose cotton for quilts because it’s soft, breathable, durable, and affordable. Most importantly, cotton fabric is rather safe to fold without it breaking if constantly folded in the same spot.

Well-built batting

It’s important to note that it’s not just the quilt fabric and stitching that matter. The batting is a vital component of any quilt, whether it’s handmade or machine-made.

Batting is often referred to as “the layer between the top and backing”. But you can think of it as a more general term for insulation, support, comfort, and softness.

The best batting for your needs will depend on what use you’re going to put your quilt through.

For example, if you’re planning on using your quilt strictly indoors during mild winter days, thinner batting may suffice. On the contrary, if you live in an area where temperatures drop below zero regularly, thicker layers are strongly in need.

Impressive patterns/prints

There is no #1 quilt pattern or design since no one has the same taste. However, the pattern must be somehow impressive enough to pull the whole room together and add the desired accent to it.

Before you decide what type of pattern you want, make sure it would look amazing mixed with the furniture and overall theme of your room.


How Do You Use Quilt Blankets?

Quilts for Bed

You use quilts for the bed to make it nicer, and richer, and to provide you with quality sleep at night.

Though the reason is beyond “a good sleep at night”, beds are places that need quilt blankets most. People spend most of their time sleeping and relaxing on beds. That’s just the fact!

And while they keep you warm during chilly months, they also give you a sense of security. This makes them ideal for both adults and kids alike!

In terms of aesthetic effect, quilts coming in different designs and colors can match various styles of a room.

Quilted Throw Blanket

Another reason why quilts are great is that they can be used anywhere in your home including on the couch.

Quilts are made for cuddling. Most of them are lightweight, soft, and cozy. So they are also a natural addition to any home decor.

If a couch, sofa, or chair is one of the areas you spend quality time with your loved ones, then throw your quilt blanket on it!

You wouldn’t know if you would need a quilt any time you sit on the sofa!

Beautiful Handmade Quilt Decor

The benefits of using a handmade quilt as home decor are endless. It’s an affordable way to add texture and comfort to any room and it can be customized to your tastes.

Thanks to those handmade quilts, you can make an exhibition of artistic patterns at home. It’s getting even more inspirational if they originate from your own creativity.

Additionally, there are many ways to decorate your living interior with quilts.

The most commonly applicable way is to hang them on walls, or doors, or use them as table cloths. Or, as we’ve just discussed, you can drape a quilt blanket over your bed or couch.

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Geembi’s Quilted Blankets as Heartfelt Gifts to Loved Ones

Do you know that quilts are a traditional American craft that dates back to the colonial era, and family generations pass on quilts to the next ones?

That’s how the trend of gifting loved ones with quilts started and has become famous among American families.

It would mean the world if you give a loved one the quilt handcrafted by yourself. However, in some cases, you just don’t have time to do the whole thing. Yes, handmade quilts required a lot of work!

Geembi’s quilt blankets were created for that reason. (though we appreciate handmade quilts so much because that shapes the tradition)

As a great bonus to our durable, soft, adaptable quilts, we’ve attempted to incorporate more fantastic graphics into them. We believe quilts with loving messages and art have to be thoughtful!

The most favored designs, according to our customer reviews, are personalized quilts.

Geembi defines personalization as unique text and images that you wish to put on certain items in our store.

It’s been loved because people treasure gifts that make them feel truly special. And for something to be kept and last a lifetime, it means so much if a quilt features its recipient’s name!

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