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Quilt Sets

The whole point of owning quilt sets is the fact that they will suit and reflect your current lifestyle. That’s why at Geembi, we take particular care to cater for the needs of our customers by providing them with the most up-to-date, trending, and affordable designs. 

Using our vast experience in this industry, we are able to provide you with the best quality bedding material and items. Amongst this vast array of products, you are sure to find a perfect & suitable match for your own unique style and personality.

hippie quilt sets

Quilt Sets For Color Players

If you have a good eye for color harmony, then a quilt set with bright colors will complement your room nicely. For example, the Hippie quilt and throw will give you a pop of color while adding texture to your bedroom. 

You can even use it as an accent piece on your bed or sofa. A sunflower quilt set comes with a vivid blanket paired together with white pillows and sheets. 

The result is an eye-catching display of color that will make your room stand out among others in your home, where you might use it as decorating inspiration.

If you’ve already established a color scheme for your bedroom (or if you have access to it), then take advantage of it when shopping for bedding.

For example, if your walls are painted in shades of blue, consider buying a bold blue or purple quilt set that will complement them nicely.

quilt sets for bed

Bed Quilt Set For Patriotic Inspiration

The Fourth of July is coming up, and if you’re looking for ways to show your love for America, patriotic bedding quilt sets are one of the best ways to do it. 

Whether you’re a history buff or just really love red, white, and blue, there are many different types of bedding quilts that will add patriotic flair to your bedroom.

The most interesting part of our products is that they don’t need a holiday vibe to show the patriotic spirit in you. For example, if you’re an American pet lover, we guarantee to get you a quilt set that features both red-white-blue shade and the image of your favorite pet. 

At Geembi, you can easily spot many quilts and throws with the shade of Old Glory because we love America just like you do.

bed quilt sets for wild and wacky

Quilt Bedding Sets For Wild And Wacky

If you’re looking for quilt bedding sets that will bring the wild side out of you, then these are the ones to go for. 

These quilts come with bold colors, fun text, and vibrant patterns that will make

 your bedroom look more attractive. They can also be used by kids who are into funky themes.

The best part about witty quilts is that they are full of fun, excitement, and a real morale booster. If you’re the kind of person who often invites friends to a home party or a sleepover, these quilt sets will play a hilarious welcoming.  

classic and traditonal bed quilt sets

King Quilt Sets For Classic and Traditionalist

If you are looking for a king quilt set that speaks to your home’s traditional style, then you might want to consider the options above.

These quilts come in classic colors such as black, blue, brown, and cream. They also have a traditional look to them because they are made out of polycotton.

The key benefit of these kinds of quilts is that they are easy to care for and also very durable. You can use a damp cloth to wipe specks of dirt off or wash them in your washing machine without any problems at all! If you want something that will last a long time, then this is a great option for you!

Additionally, for those fans of farmhouse-style decorating ideas, this farmhouse king quilt set is sure to fit right into their home decorating ideas! 

The colors on this quilt set include white and brown with a splash of green here and there. The pattern on this quilt set 

is very country-inspired with a native American horse image! This would make a great addition to any room in your home!

animal print quilt set

Quilt Bedspreads For Animal Prints Fanatics

Animal print fans rejoice! Animal prints are trendy right now and can be found in many different styles of quilts. You can find animal print quilt sets in cheetah, leopard, tiger, and other animal prints if those are your favorite animals.

The animal prints will give a modern flair to your room while creating a nature vibe. If you live on a farm and just love cows, we’ve got a fantastic option!

christmas quilt bedspreads

Quilt Bed Sets For Holiday Celebrations

Quilts are perfect for decorating your room during the holidays. You can pick the design that matches your favorite holiday or season, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. 

If you have kids who enjoy celebrating Halloween, then you should consider buying a Halloween quilt set that includes everything from bedsheets to pillowcases. These sets are available in various sizes, so you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs perfectly. 

See our Witch quilt collection

If you desire a festive theme in your bedroom, we have various Christmas quilt sets. A popular choice is a combination of red and green. These two hues look great with any other holiday decorations in your home. 

You can also find quilts that have snowflakes on them or even ones that have Santa Claus on them. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding something that will fit your tastes perfectly!

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Here at Geembi, we understand the importance of personal style. So our goal has always been to provide high-quality, trendy patterns and diverse color options that allow you to create your ideal bedroom.

If you are looking for bedding quilt sets to boost your bedroom and make it full of comfort, don’t miss this Geembi’s unique bedding quilt sets with great prices!