The St Patricks Day home decor: Lucky you with ideas & Geembi’s Irish-Themed Stuff

On Saint Patrick’s Day, even if you’re not originally from the Emerald Isle, you can still bask in the whimsical Irish charm. The holiday is known for its festive parades, emerald green and gold attire, and perhaps indulging in a pint or two.

Although traditionally spent outside, the holiday can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Prepare a delicious meal (check), mix up some perfect libations (check), and don’t forget to create an inviting atmosphere with some charming St Patricks day home decor choices.

Sprucing up your home may seem like a daunting task, but with a little effort, it can transport you to an enchanting Irish world of romance and joy.

St. Patrick’s Day Home Decor Trends

If you are at a loss for where to begin when decorating your home, go from the decor you love, and then choose the decorations. This is how you make a guide for the brief journey of decorating and greening your home.

Rustic Charm

St Patricks day home decor

You’ll most likely come across this type of decoration when searching for Although traditionally spent outside, the holiday can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Prepare a delicious meal (check), mix up some perfect libations (check), and don’t forget to create an inviting atmosphere with some charming St Patricks Day home decor decorating ideas: the rustic style.

What stands out in this instance? Using natural components and materials as part of its inherent nature.

Use natural materials like wood, stone, and earth tones to make a space feel warm and inviting. To incorporate the Irish flag St Patrick’s Day theme, add some greenery.

Modern metal

If you want to add luxury and sophistication to your home while also bringing class, choose this style of decoration. Incorporate metallic accents like gold or bronze to jumpstart your decor. Black, white, and green should be the only colors used in the St Patricks day home decor.

Modern metal decor Irish theme

Boho Chic

Do you like the wild? Does your inspiration come from letting go without any strings attached? Bohemian style is a great decision for St Patricks day home decor.

Mixing classic and contemporary furnishings will give it a bohemian vibe. To emphasize the St. Patrick’s Day theme, add green accents and fabrics with complicated patterns and textures.

Boho Chic

Minimalist elegance

This is a safe but powerful choice.

A minimalist approach to your Saint Patrick’s Day decoration will keep it stylish and easy. Keep the color scheme neutral, with touches of green and a few things that stand out, like the big shamrock wreath.

Minimalist elegance

The fantastical world

Want to attend a lively party or something more enjoyable? The young ones will undoubtedly remain engaged by this.

With cheery accents like fairy lights, lucky horseshoes, and whimsical figurines, you can turn your home into a spooky Saint Patrick’s Day wonderland. For a playful look of St Patricks day home decor choices, pair pastel hues like light blue with pink.

The fantastical world

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Home Decor Projects

Classy St Patricks Day decorations

Decorations can be placed on eating and drinking tables. Traditional table linens and plain fabrics can be the main attraction. Pair metal flatware with green-patterned porcelain cups. For St. Patrick’s Day, you need a few plants in pots and green napkins that are neatly folded.

St. Patrick’s Day wood wall decor home decor 

The timeless appeal and universal style of wood can benefit all types of decor. Decorate your home for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday with picture frames and door panels.

If the food is served on wooden trays at the table, guests will be more excited and ready to eat.

Outdoor decorations

Outdoor St. Patrick’s Day decorations can be simple or elaborate, but here are some fresh takes:

Decorate a small area of grass with a miniature house, a rainbow arch, and some miniature pots of gold to make a leprechaun garden. Bring the scene to life by placing miniature figurines of leprechauns and their pals around the area.

Dress up a tree for St. Patrick’s Day by stringing it with green garlands, shamrocks, and gold coins. Wrap the tree’s trunk in green lights, and place a pot of gold at its base.

Build your own St. Patrick’s Day display with the help of a ladder. Trim each stair step with a sprig of ivy or a shamrock garland, and then sprinkle on some gold coins and leprechaun hats for good luck.

Use different colored chalk or spray paint to make a rainbow-themed walkway. A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or some shamrock stepping stones are also welcome additions to the landscape.

Create a jolly archway over your front door with green and gold balloons. Wrap things up with a homemade St. Patrick’s Day banner or sign.

When decorating for St. Patrick’s Day, use your imagination and creativity! An outdoor area can be transformed into a magical place fit for a celebration of Irish luck with a little work and some festive touches.

Decorating Ideas for Different Rooms

Living Room

Irish families would spend the afternoon commemorating the life of this Irish saint after attending morning mass. Remember that Saint Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint and is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland from Britain. It is well known that St. Patrick was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave, but he eventually escaped. However, he later returned to Ireland, bringing Christianity with him. He is credited with inventing a fantastic holiday that is still celebrated centuries after his death.

Decorative pillows can completely transform a dull piece of furniture into a warm and inviting space. They subtly indicate to visitors that they are welcome to unwind on your sofa, daybed, or even office chair. They also add a touch of style and sophistication to any piece of furniture they are placed on. Furthermore, many throw pillows provide adjustable neck, head, and back support.

Begin our holiday preparations by fluffing up the couch with festive throw pillows. With just a few throw pillows, you can easily add some Irish glitz to your living room. That is why it is such a common feature in St. Patrick’s Day decorations.


Pillows and throw blankets are another inexpensive way to refresh the look of your furniture. They’re a great way to liven up a drab couch or add a festive touch to a plain white bedspread for the holidays. With the help of these accents, even a simple wooden chair can be transformed into a welcoming place to sit. Furthermore, they make the space cozier and more textural. A throw is an excellent addition to any room in the home.

That is why having access to four-leaf clovers as a holiday decoration option is critical. The throw is one of several creative options that could do the trick, or the shamrock, as the case may be. It’s made of 100% polyester fleece and can be used to warm up the couch, yourself, or the bed. Clovers with four leaves on a black background are colored green and gold. The throw is machine washable and comes with an off-white reverse.

Because this cozy throw is embroidered with four-leaf clovers, everyone’s favorite lucky symbol, we can all be sure that March 17th will be warm and fuzzy this year. This adorable four-leaf clover throw has Celtic knots for extra good luck. A large four-leaf clover, symbolizing good fortune, is featured front and center.

Irish-themed wall decor

Irish-themed wall decor

Paint your walls a shamrock-friendly green for St. Patrick’s Day. Hang a collection of lucky charms such as clovers, horseshoes, or a rainbow to add glitz to your walls.

Irish-themed wall hangings are the ideal way to welcome guests to your home on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a simple way to start the party. On St. Patrick’s Day, incorporate some themed wall décor into your home to proudly display your Irish heritage.

This St. Patrick’s Day, put up some very playful St. Patrick’s Day art on your walls to make you feel warm and happy. You can find great St. Patrick’s Day wall art anywhere, whether you like funny four-leaf clovers, mischievous leprechauns, or divinely beautiful Celtic crosses.

Centerpiece with Flowers

Are you looking for St. Patrick’s Day decorations that can be used all spring? Bells of Ireland, which come in this season’s signature yellow color, look lovely in a glass vase. Display it in your entryway or dining room to add a touch of Irish style.

Because of their bright yellow-green flowers with a mild fragrance, bells of Ireland are one of the most eye-catching plants in the yard. It can be used to complement standard greens and bright colors like yellow and white flowers, almost like a foliage plant.

Green blossoms, despite being the season’s signature color, rarely make it past the bouquet stage. These bouquets in various shades of green demonstrate why the color deserves special attention.

Facility entrances 

It’s a good idea to decorate the building’s doors before St. Patrick’s Day to get the residents and staff excited for the holiday. Cut out shamrocks from green construction paper and tape them to your residents’ doors to add a touch of Irish enchantment. The administrators’ doors at your facility should be covered with gold or green tissue paper. Administrators can join in the fun by competing to create the most creative St. Patrick’s Day door decoration. (Allow locals to serve as jurors.)


Even if your residents are confined to their rooms, it is important to celebrate the holidays with them. Put green balloons on their bedposts and use markers to draw shamrocks on their windows. Tape any St. Patrick’s Day cards or letters that they have received to their walls.

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More inspiration for Saint Patrick’s Day


As you can see, the month of March is ideal for incorporating green into your décor in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s a great party not only because of the alcohol but also because it gives you an excuse to deck the halls. Make this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations the best yet by adding stylish St Patricks day home decor.

Wish you the luck of the Irish for your success.

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