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Lovely Cat Blanket Ideas To Create A Pet Friendly Home
Every cat lover has a soft spot in their heart for kittens, and what better way to show that love than with an adorable cat blanket? These blankets are ideal as gifts or as decorations in your home, though you may find it challenging to choose from the wide variety of options available in our store. 

This article will provide information on how to pick the best kitty blanket for your needs, based on special occasions, your art tastes, and your lifestyle. Let’s get started!

Introducing to Our Cat Blanket Collection
Looking for a way to keep your cat warm and stylish this winter? Look no further than our collection of cat blankets! Our blankets are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of colors and designs. Plus, they’re machine-washable, so you can keep them looking their best.

Our cat blankets make the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life. So whether you’re shopping for a birthday, holiday, or just because, our cat blankets are sure to please. Shop today and find the perfect blanket for your feline friend!
100% Poly-Cotton Cat Print Blanket
Our cat blankets are made with 100% polyester and cotton, making them durable and ideal for lounging on. With a soft touch and textured fabric, these blankets feel great against your skin—meaning they are perfect for cuddling up with!

Also, because there is a high chance that these blankets attract a bit of shedding and kneading from your feline friends, we made them tear-resistant and anti-pilling coated. 
Sherpa Fleece Option For a Cozy Cat Blanket
Sherpa fleece is among our material choices for blanket-making. This material is ideal for cat blankets, especially as it is warm, soft, and super snuggly. 

It would undoubtedly be a great choice because your cat will likely take to it right away—which means you’ll be one step closer to getting some peace. Or, if you are looking for a cat blanket for your use, this fabric material is the best for those chilly nights. 
Designed With Artistic Details
When we think of artistic design, we usually think of something that is beautiful and has a powerful meaning for the user. We accomplish this by combining cats with holiday themes, lifestyle, sentimental or humorous quotes, or the standard Old Glory. Also, whether you prefer a mysterious, cute, sweet, or funny cat blanket, we have excellent choices for you. 

The quilt’s image details are not simply printed. We use long-lasting heat transfer technology to ensure that all blankets have vibrant colors and a soft touch.
Various Cat Blankets (Themes) for Every Season
As we have mentioned above, our blankets mix cat images and holiday themes. So no matter what season of the year it is, you are sure to find your favorite cat blanket. More specifically, making it a gift to give to your loved ones is a great idea (if they also love cats). They show that you care about your partner’s hobbies and everyday life.

We incorporate some of the festive colors into our kitten blankets: St. Patrick’s Day, Patriotic Holidays, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Don’t underrate the value of a blanket during the holiday season; we’re just afraid it’ll make you want to stay at home rather than venture out to enjoy the crowd…

Things To Consider Before Buying Cat Blankets

When selecting a blanket, the material should be the most crucial consideration. The material will differ depending on the needs of each individual. 

Choose Poly-cotton if you want a blanket that automatically regulates the temperature in any weather. In the winter, a blend of polyester and cotton fibers can keep warm while also allowing for good air circulation in the summer. 

Consider Sherpa Fleece if you want to add a vintage and soft touch to your room. This fabric is relatively easy to care for and weight-light, perfect for a decorative sofa throw. 
If your blanket is intended to cover more than one person, size will be important. A blanket’s standard size is usually divided into three types: Twin, Queen, and King.

If you’re the only one who has that blanket, either Twin or Queen will suffice. A twin-size blanket will cover a child under 13’s entire body. However, it would not be large enough to cover an adult’s whole body. In this case, go with Queen. Still, some people only need a blanket to hide from their knees upwards; thus, the Twin blanket is the obvious choice.

If you have a large bed for more than one person, consider getting a King blanket to cover them all—especially if your bed is a California King, UK Super King, or AU King.
The next thing you need to think about is how your kitty blanket should look. There is a high chance that people look out for something less cheesy but simple instead for almost today’s room. Some may find being simple is not about themselves so they may find more stunning designs with organizable textures or images. 

With that in mind, Geembi offers multiple options ranging from the most simple cat warming blanket to those bursting with colors. 
You can’t deny warmth when it comes to getting yourself a blanket. But be careful if that will be the blanket you want your cat to lay under as well. In this case, don’t choose blankets that are too thick. Since cats’ coats already act as heating for their bodies, they prefer something thin and light enough just to knead and hide.

What Else Can You Do To a Cat Throw Blanket?
There is more than “covering bodies” regarding a blanket with cats on it. Here are three ways you can use a cat throw blanket. Get inspired!

Hang Your Kitty Blanket On The Wall
Many people purchase blankets solely to adorn their homes. You can find the best ways to decorate your rooms with those kitten throws. One option is to use tapestry hangers or quilt hanger frames to hang them on the wall. As a result, it serves as a picture or painting that reflects the homeowners’ distinct artistic taste.

Hang your cat blanket on the wall to create a stylish and unique piece of wall art. This simple DIY project is quick and easy to do, and it will add a fun and whimsical touch to any room in your home.

To hang your cat blanket on the wall, you will need:

-1 Cat blanket

-1 Nail

-1 Picture hanger

-1 Hammer

First, find a spot on your wall where you would like to hang your cat blanket. Then, use a hammer to drive a nail into the wall. Next, attach a picture hanger to the nail. Finally, hang your cat blanket on the picture hanger.

That’s it! Now you have a beautiful and one-of-a-kind piece of wall art.
Make a Cat Bed Out of a Blanket
If you have a cat, you know that they can be fickle creatures sometimes, especially when it comes to sleeping arrangements. Some cats love to sleep on their human’s bed and snuggle up with them during the night, while others enjoy sleeping on their bed in their own particular spot. 

If your cat falls into the latter category but isn’t interested in sharing their napping time with you, then it might be time to give them a little privacy and create a cat bed out of a blanket!

How to do it:

Step 1: Get Your Materials

A blanket that has unique prints
A set of pins
Needle and thread
Cotton (or any kind of stuffing)

Step 2: Cut the Cat Blanket Into Squares

Decide on how big you want your cat bed, and cut your blanket accordingly. Most blankets are 42 x 60, but it’s always better to overestimate than underestimate in cutting your blanket. And if you have a cat who likes to stretch out when he sleeps, cutting a 44 x 66 rectangle will give him plenty of room. Just make sure there aren’t any frayed edges—you don’t want to hurt your feline friend!

Step 3: Stitch the cuts together

Use needle and thread to stitch the cuts together. It’s faster if you’ve had a sewing machine in this step. Either way, remember not to stitch all sides, since you’ll need a hole for stuffing. 

Step 4: Stuff the Cat Blanket

Keep in mind that your cat is likely used to lying on something soft, so you’ll want to put some cotton padding inside your fabric. You can use an old shirt or any other fabric scraps you have lying around; even an old sock will do. 

Stuffing it with that material will make it easier for your kitty to nestle into when he comes home from “work” and deserves a good night’s sleep. 

Alternatively, if you’re worried about creating fur balls, skip the stuffing and simply place your folded blanket over something supportive—the back of a chair or couch works well. Either way, your pet will love his new digs!

Step 5: Sew the zipper on

One way to make your cat bed stand out from store-bought options is by adding elements like pillowcases, blankets, and zippers. A cool way to do that without sewing in elements you might want later is by simply sewing on a blanket zipper. That’s right—just zip it on for easy closure. Cat blankets come with zippers at each end, so all you have to do is sew both sides together using your sewing machine, and voila!
An Official Area For Your Cats to Play
A blanket as an official area for your cats to play with will help keep their area clean while they get their scratches and sharpen their claws. It’s important that you buy an area rug for your cat so they have something soft under their paws. But if you don’t have an area rug, then you should at least purchase a soft blanket so your cat can sit on it when scratching or lounging around. 

The most important thing is to make sure it is not abrasive for them. Moreover, must be comfortable for them so they are more likely to use it than anything else in your home. This will also protect furniture from any marks from cat claws.

A cat throw blanket is a great way to keep your cat warm and cozy. But did you know that there are a few other uses for a cat throw blanket?

Here are a few ideas:

– Use it as a bed for your cat. Just put the blanket in their favorite spot and they can sleep soundly.

– Use it to keep your cat entertained. Wrap the blanket around a toy or a scratching post and let them have at it.

– Use it as a training tool. If you have a new kitten, use the blanket to help them learn where their litter box is. Place the blanket in the box and encourage them to use it.

So, there you have it. A few ideas on what else you can do with a cat throw blanket. Get creative and see what else you can come
Final Words
It is not difficult to find a warm cat blanket to cover your body, decorate the empty couch in the living room, or give as a gift to a cat-loving friend!!! However, if you decide to let these adorable little animals share your blanket, make sure you follow the criteria outlined above.

Geembi blankets are an excellent choice for any situation. We make every effort to understand each blanket’s unique requirements in order to provide the best possible experience for all users. If you have any questions or comments about the products we offer, please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you very much!