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Dog Quilt

When we think of quilts, we usually think of abstract and colorful textures. Each traditional quilt looks like a maze of illusions that the artist created by their talented hands and creative mind. But sometimes, all you need in a quilt is simply a picture of your pet. Typically a Dog quilt. Am I right?

With that in mind, we have put together a collection of quilt designs featuring dog prints just for you. And surely, we have what you need regardless of your dog’s breed. 

If you are a true puppy lover, you’ll find at least one satisfying product right here! Let’s find it out!

Different Designs in Our Dog Quilt Collection

dog quilt

#1 Chihuahua

A Chihuahua is the smallest and, therefore, the cutest breed of dog. We offer Chihuahua quilts in a variety of sizes and styles. The common characteristic of all our Chihuahua quilts is the beautiful, vivid coloration. Our Chihuahua dog quilts are backed with fun quotes about this dog breed.

Chihuahua fun fact: A Chihuahua stays small but makes a great house guard. These tiny pups are intelligent and energetic, making them great guard dogs. They are not fans of outsiders. So when somebody approaches your home or tries to invade your space, your chihuahua will not be quiet about it.

#2 Yorkie

You can also find dog print quilts that have Yorkshire Terriers on them in our store. Because many pet lovers have come to love these little dogs with their furry coats and cute little faces, we decided to add them to our list of ideas. 

Yorkie fun fact: Yorkshire Terriers are warm and cuddly pets! No matter where they are — snuggled up in their soft bed or snuggled up on your lap — they love to be cozy. By getting enough dog beds and lovely places for them to relax, you can pamper your Yorkie.

#3 Dachshund

Dachshunds are one of our favorite dog breeds. These little guys are well known for their loyal and brave personalities, making them a perfect breed for family pets. Many dachshund lovers like to display their love for these friendly dogs in their homes by using our dachshund quilts as a way to showcase their affection. 

Dachshund fun fact: Dachshunds love to burrow! They’re said to have been bred for hunting badgers, who tend to dig underground. So a dachshund will be thrilled by a cozy blanket you’ve made especially for him. Just don’t make it too frilly; these dogs are very particular about their looks and need no reminders of how they got their name! In addition, dog print quilts can also double as dog beds! (Dachshund dogs love that.)

#4 Husky

The husky is a beautiful sled dog native to Arctic regions and known for its white fur, distinctive markings, and blue eyes. If you are a fan of these gorgeous dogs or just love cute puppies in general, then we’ve compiled a selection of our favorite dog quilts perfect for curling up on cold winter nights.

Husky fun fact: The name of huskies comes from a region in Siberia where they were bred. It is called Chukchi Peninsula and that’s where they call themselves Huskies. If you know the Siberian language, you will notice that it is similar to the word barking dog and that’s why huskies bark so much! 

#5 Boxer

Boxer lovers will appreciate these dog print quilts that feature their favorite breed. Soft to touch and warm enough for winter nights, they’re available in different colors and sizes. Use them as an extra layer of warmth while lounging on a cool day or have them on your bed while sleeping!

Boxer fun fact: Boxer dogs are very energetic and require great exercise. They tend to be exceptionally social, so they need to be around people or other animals that they can play with. Also, boxers are often great with children but will play rough at times. So, it is important that you set up rules and boundaries for your Boxer pup right from the start

dog print quilt

#6 Basset Hound

Basset hounds are sturdy and compact, with short legs and a long body. Their fur is short, fine, and glossy. If this breed is one of your favorites, or you actually own one, we do have several options for you!

Basser Hound fun fact: Basset Hounds are an ancient breed of hunting dog that originated in France. According to historians, they may be descended from a similar type of dog that dates back as far as 7000 BC. It is thought that these dogs were bred down in size by monks for use as rodent catchers and rabbit hunters. The word Basset is derived from bas, meaning low, and sot, meaning hound; put together it means a low-riding hound.

#7 German Shepherd

German Shepherds are a beautiful breed of dog, and they’re known for their intelligence and loyalty. When it comes to picking a custom German Shepherd quilt, you have plenty of options here. One of the most notable options you can get is the K9 Dog quilt.

German Shepherd fun fact: The German Shepherd was originally bred to herd sheep, but these days they are most commonly used as guard dogs. As a member of one of America’s most popular dog breeds, the German Shepherd is truly a beloved family pet and a brave Police dog breed.

#8 Pit Bull

When it comes to Pit Bull quilts, we’ve got a lot of love for Pit Bulls and their owners. We believe that our customers are our best brand ambassadors, and we strive to give them products they genuinely love. Over time, word has spread about how fabulous our Pit Bull Quilts are, and now many people choose us because of their heritage as Pit Bull owners!

#9 Boston Terrier

Our Boston Terrier quilts are made up of polyester and cotton blend. These dog quilts are machine washable, durable, and soft to touch. The beautiful pattern and stylish color will also make you feel relaxed at night while sleeping on it. Whenever we look at those, we always wonder— which dog lover doesn’t want to own a Boston Terrier quilt?

#10 Pug

If you’re a Pug lover who wants to add some color and personality to your pup’s bed, a colorful quilt with many images of your Pug buddy is an easy way to do so. Check out these pug-inspired quilts on Geembi will help you make any space more puppy friendly!

It is not limited to ten dog breeds above that inspire us to make all dog quilt designs. When you browse our store, you may run into other breeds such as Corgi, Schnauzer, Labrador, Border Collie, Rottweiler, Rough Collie, Goldendoodle, etc. Make sure to choose a quilt that displays the exact dog breed of your choice!

Giving Your Dogs Blankets: Why Not?

Giving dogs blankets is an excellent way to help keep them warm in cold weather. Some breeds want to lay under a blanket to look for a sense of security. If you have more than one dog, it’s essential to make sure that each dog has its blanket for those specific reasons. 

Blankets can be purchased at any pet store, but if you have time, making your own dog blankets can be a fun activity with your kids or even yourself. 

If you don’t have time to do so, consider buying our quilts in the twin size (60 x 70 inches). This size can be perfect for a big-sized dog but may get quite large for a puppy. But no worries— you can fold the quilt in half to fit your furry friend and to double warmth as well.

Buy our dog quilts today and make them a gift for your beloved four-leg buddy. We would love to hear about how they react to our designs. Thank you for reading!