Halloween Blanket

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Halloween Blanket

This Halloween, if you want to fight the October chill while still maintaining the festive spirit, we have an idea for you: a Halloween blanket.

That’s right, Halloween is always accompanied by a chilly breeze from the early winter weather. Otherwise, the cold will “blanket” your home because, well, it’s the spooky season.

Walking down the street dressed as a ghost or a cute Disney character may be one of your favorite activities during this time. However, if you decide to stay at home and enjoy something as simple as watching a typical scary movie or reading a book about the history of the Salem Witch, you will require something to make it appear more real.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of Halloween blankets — something you’ll definitely want to have on hand when enjoying the spooky atmosphere at home or a party.

Now, scroll down to read our guide below — finding out why you should purchase these eerie body-coverings and what options Geembi offers you on the table.

halloween blanket

5 Reasons Halloween Blanket is Worthwhile

#1 Simple but inspiring home decor

A Halloween blanket is an excellent piece of home decor that should never be overlooked. This item, which looks like a vibrant square piece of fabric with artistic details, will spruce up your home’s interior design.

There are numerous ways to decorate with your cute or scary blanket. It can be draped over the top of your couch or used to cover the top of your bed. You can also hang it on the wall or the room’s door. In any case, these blankets can easily add a decorative touch to your home.

Not to mention, when a guest comes to your house, they may be impressed by how creative you can be with just a blanket. And as you might already know — Halloween is an opportunity for everyone to showcase their artistic abilities and tastes. So, just seize this opportunity. It won’t break the bank and will make a stunning addition to your spooky home decor!

#2 Creates cozy curled-up moments with your loved ones

We can’t deny that a blanket’s core value is creating those loving moments, no matter how many things we can do to it. It must first cover the entire body, keep it warm, and provide an actual soft touch. These are the three most important factors to consider when selecting a blanket for cozy huddling.

Once you’ve had such a lovely Halloween blanket, you’ll never consider it a waste. Yes, what could be better than sharing warm feelings with the one you love on Halloween in the chilly weather? When it comes to warmth, you might think that any year-round blanket will suffice.

However, if you want to enjoy the Halloween season fully, don’t overlook the spooky details on it. And we’re confident that’s why you’ve arrived at this page.

#3 Easy to use and maintain

Using blankets is straightforward — folding and unfolding them is just a piece-of-cake job to do. It’s more important that you know how to maintain them by keeping them clean properly, even though it is not complex as well. 

Regarding Geembi’s blankets, machine-wash them in cold water only on the gentle or delicate cycle. Then tumble dry them on low heat or air dry, and remove them as soon as the drying cycle is complete.

#4 Something everyone can enjoy!

Such Halloween throw blankets are not limited to just one type of person. Everyone can enjoy it as they want something to remind them of the holiday and what represents Halloween. As for that purpose, you can give your loved one a spooky blanket as a Halloween gift. Even though gift-giving on Halloween is not very common, many do it as a “Happy Halloween” to someone they love yet living far away. 

In addition, buy more than one item so that all members of your family can enjoy them enough. Enjoying such a holiday with family by your side is a priceless gift. 

#5 Unique Halloween role-playing opportunity

Another interesting fact about using a Halloween-themed blanket is that you can do spooky role-playing with it at home. It’ll be more fun if you have your kids or friends involved. Whether you want to be a witch, a pumpkin addict, or a black cat fanatic, we’ve got you covered.

What Spooky Blanket Options You May Find On Geembi

halloween pumpkin blanket

Pumpkin Blanket

The pumpkin is a well-known image in every Halloween festival, no matter where it is held in the world. That is because Halloween originated in a region where pumpkin season occurs in the second half of October. 

Furthermore, pumpkins are associated with the folk tale of Jack, who cheats on the devil to the point of not being permitted to reincarnate. Instead, his soul perished on Earth, and the only thing he could keep was a lit pumpkin to illuminate every path he took. 

Inspired by that story, we created this pumpkin blanket collection to depict a traditional Halloween season. And we hope that if you are one of those Jack O Lantern fanatics, you’ll find our blankets fascinating!

halloween witch blanket

Witch Blanket

Witch? Sure. Halloween wouldn’t be the same without witches, in our opinion. People must be familiar with the image of black silhouettes riding brooms across the bright moon in the night sky.

Although the witch’s appearance may appear less frightening than that of most other spooky characters, the folktales of the candy house in the deep woods and the Salem witch trial have made them creepy silently.

It’s the Witchcraft’s horror mixed with the mystery of magic and black intrigue that inspired Geembi’s blanket colors. We believe that if you are a fan of this Halloween icon, you will enjoy our products as well!

halloween cat blanket

Black Cat Blanket

There are black cats where there are witches. Because of this, we include this animal in Geembi products.

There are various interpretations of the symbolism of Black Cats during Halloween. Black cats can be both a bad omen and a mascot for warding off evil spirits.

According to American folklore, if you see a black cat standing in front of your door on Halloween night, it is likely that they are summoning witches to cast spells on you. That is known as a witch omen!

On the other hand, people in the East keep black cats to detect evil energy. The black cat meows or jumps into the air three times to alert the owner. Homeowners will then look for ways to purify their surroundings.

In any case, the Black Cat is the Halloween animal. Our Halloween cat blanket is a great way to start if you want to make the Black Cat a mainstay in your home decor in October.

Halloween Dog Blanket

As said before, Halloween is about being creative in your own ways. As to make something really outstanding, we decided to get the dogs engaged in this spooky game as well. So, if you have a dog at home, take note of this. You’ll find various spooky dog blankets in our shop for Halloween. 

The Bottom Line

Halloween is the most incredible time of the year to get some eerie vibes while playing any character you want. It’s fun to go outside and do something crazy, really. However, be safe, since the pandemic is still there and even growing to something more dangerous. So, stay home while enjoying some good old-school Halloween movie jams and candies! 

During that home-staying journey, let a Halloween blanket do its job to help create the best moments with your loved ones. Ensure to shop it from Geembi so you can have a high-quality purchase at an affordable price. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

We hope you’ll enjoy our products as much as you would enjoy Halloween. Thank you so much!