Skull Blanket

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Skull Blanket

Have you tried thinking of a creative gift idea for your loved one or family? If so, then you probably have heard of the latest trend: skull blanket.

Not only would it look good on one’s couch, but it also provides warmth and comfort. Let’s see what skull blankets are and how they can match our home decor!

Skull Blanket – A Piece of Art to Match Any Home Decor

The art of skull in various cultures

The art of skull in various cultures is a popular motif for many people, even in our modern times.

Skull art is a traditional art form that dates back to before the Conquest. It represents the bond between mortals and Coatlicue, the goddess of earth and death.

Contemporary people worshiped skulls and spines because they thought they were always associated with life. As a result, they regard the skull as not only a symbol of death but also a means of ensuring the survival of all living things.

Skull visualization is now used in many fields of art, including decoration, carving, jewelry, drama, and so on. Nowadays, people call this sort of art Caladeva. The term represents a human skull.

Skull art, in whatever form it takes, has always been a prized component of cross-cultural art.

Blankets to bring the Calavera vibe into your home

Skull blankets are ideal for bringing this Calavera vibe into your home. You can also use them as table covers or throws on your sofa or bedding if you’re looking to add some color and personality.

Whether you’re looking to keep warm during the winter months or simply want something stylishly unique, these blankets will have your room decor looking more contemporary than ever before!

Types of Skull Blankets for Sale

These blankets make great gifts for any occasion and can be used all year round, not just during Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos celebrations. 

They also come in different sizes: twin, twin extra-long, full/queen size, and king size. So there’s definitely one that will fit your needs!

skull blanket

Skull Quilt Blankets

First, we have to talk about the skull quilt blankets. These items have always taken that spotlight from other equivalent types in our store for reasons. 

If you opt for something that’s actually warm and soft and reliable to use for any time of the year, quilt blankets are your go-to.

Our quilts are made of three fabric layers of polycotton, offering a mix of bite-sized thickness. That means you can cover it over the body all year round.

Most importantly, the quilts never hold tight to your body while creating a desired level of comfort.

skull throw blanket

Skull Throws

Skull throws are definitely creative decor pieces for sofa/couch/chair. Like our quilts, these throws are made of 100% polycotton. However, it looks different in both the design and the construction. 

We don’t have them double-stitched. Though, we subtly add an extra fluffy layer of cotton on the edges to create a little bit of aesthetics. 

skull bed set

Skull Blanket Sets for Bed

Most of our customers love bed sets, and so may you! 

Our skull blanket sets for bed come with a pair of pillowcases and a quilt blanket for sure. 

All items must ride on the same skull theme and looks vibrant as heck as they can. So if you’re looking for a TRUE pop of color for your bedroom, pick one of these skull themes below and let it do your job!

Pick The Skull Themes of Your Jam!

‘Skull Couple’ Blankets

If you’re looking for something romantic and sweet, these blankets are for you.

They feature beautiful images of two people with colorful hearts at their sides. The designs may not get in the eye of elegance. But it’s perfect for decorating your home in mutinous style.

‘Sugar Skull’ Blankets

If you’re looking for something that’s more festive than the previous option but so gothic-looking, consider these blankets!

They feature vibrant designs with an array of colors on them. 

And if that wasn’t enough already, there are also little details such as flowers representing life underneath each skull or in between them.

‘Skull and Flowers’ Blankets

Here they are!

Maybe this sounds like something boring and seemingly a little bizarre. But trust us: It’s anything but dull when put together with other types of patterns around it!

For example, you could have a black background behind each design (like some kind of dark abyss) while having bright red roses scattered all over its surface.

It would look amazing if done properly without distracting attention from itself.  

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