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Viking Bedding Set Collection to Transform Your Bedroom

The Viking bedding set is among the most popular theme-related ways that can dramatically transform your bedroom or guest room. Under Geembi’s work, the bed sets add a touch of color and fanciful nuance to any surrounding, regardless of the color palette.

Each piece of Viking bedding is designed to match perfectly in style and color and be functional from every point of view. 

Let’s see how we’ve got you covered!

Choosing The Viking Bedding Set You’ll Love

When it comes to Vikings, you might think of several symbols, characters, and stories in the long Scandinavian history. Those elements inspire every Viking fanatic to add Nordic feels into their daily lives.

As a Viking fan, there could be many ways for you to do so. If you’re looking for a bedding set, rest assured that you will find beautiful options from Geembi. 

We’re breaking down the most well-known Viking elements we incorporate into our products. When shopping for a Viking bed set, whether for your own or a loved one, consider them.

viking bedding set

Viking Bed Sets Featuring Ancient Runes

The Vikings used runes to communicate with their gods. Runes were carved into pieces of wood or stone. They are called rune stones or staves, which would then be buried or hidden in the ground to be found by someone later on. 

These runes could bring prosperity, fertility, or protection from harm. The Vikings believed that if a person had enough knowledge about runes, they could use them as a form of magic. And the magic should influence events and people’s lives in positive ways, such as healing sicknesses or bringing fertility to crops.

Since ancient runes speak volumes about Nordic mysteries, we want them to appear on our bedroom sets. If you have a passion for magic, let it flow in your own space while laying your back down on a Viking rune bed set!

bedding set featuring vikings symbols

Viking Bed Sets Featuring Scandinavian Symbols

We incorporate Viking symbols into our bed sets because they are what make the culture unique. They originate from the very distinctive myths and traditions of the Scandinavians. 

The symbols that are included in our bed sets are the Vegvisir, Mjölnir, Valknut, Helm of Awe, Horns of Odin, Fenrir, Raven, Sword, Helmet, Shield, Axe, and many more. These symbols can be found on every single piece of our Viking collection.

The most recognizable one is Raven. It symbolizes the god Odin and is often associated with wisdom and knowledge. 

The sword symbolizes strength, courage, and bravery. 

The helmet and shield represent protection from danger and death.

One of the important symbols in Viking culture was their dragon ship. The Vikings used dragon ships to sail across the oceans and invade other countries. This iconic symbol was used extensively in Viking art and jewelry, but it wasn’t until recently that we could incorporate it into our bedding sets, quilts, and throw blankets.

viking bed sets featuring nordic gods

Viking Bed Sets Featuring Nordic Gods

The Nordic gods are a common theme in Viking bed sets. We incorporate the Nordic gods into our Viking bed sets for a few reasons.

The first is that the Nordic gods were believed to be protectors of the Vikings during their voyages at sea. They were thought to watch over them, keeping them safe and protecting them from harm.

The second reason is that we believe it’s important to have something beautiful in your bedroom. Images of gods help add beauty to a space, making it more pleasant to sleep in and help you relax before bedtime.

Finally, we believe that having images of gods around your house can help inspire you. If you’re feeling stuck or not living up to your full potential, looking at pictures of powerful beings can remind you that there are people out there doing amazing things and achieving greatness through hard work and perseverance.

viking gifts

Viking Bed Sets as Expressive Gifts to Family Members

We have a wide range of products that can be used as gifts. Our Viking bedding set is a great way to transform your bedroom, but it also makes a wonderful gift for someone special in your life.

The best presents are those that are meaningful and thoughtful. We incorporate both loving and motivational words onto our items that are sure to touch the hearts of recipients.

If you have a partner or family member who needs some encouragement in life, then our Viking bedding set will be perfect! The inspirational words will make them feel better about themselves and encourage them to keep going in life.

A Description of Geembi’s Bedding Sets

Geembi’s bedding sets are made of 100% polycotton, which is lightweight and perfect for year-round use. This material is hardly wrinkled yet fade-resistant and easy to care for. The visual art is printed onto each piece using premium colorfast dyes only.

Every Viking bedding set comes in three different sizes, Twin, Queen, and King.

    • Vikings Twin bed set is 60″ x 70″
    • Vikings Queen bed set is 80” x 90”
    • Vikings King bed set is 91” x 102”

A Geembi’s bedding set comes with a pair of quilt pillowcases and one quilt blanket. All items share the same theme to make the most of their role as interior decoration in a set.

Buy Geembi Today!

The Viking bedding set collection is one of the most popular products from Geembi, so we decided to open a new promotion to encourage our customers who share the same passion for Scandinavian cultures.

Our bed sets come with beautiful designs inspired by nature and Nordic mythology. You can get one for yourself or several to inspire others.

Grab a good deal. Shop your favorite. And enjoy our caring customer service! Your support means the world to us.