THE ANSWER IS NO!! steal the artwork from many site and sell it illigal. Example you can go to search for “mom” and sort by bestlling, you can see the top 3 is quilt with watermark of Geembi, which is belong to our site!!! You can check with another word like “daughter” and sort by best selling to see the quilt belong to Geembi with Our Watermark

Worse than that, they sell for the customer product still have watermark on it and the Geembi’s Customer Service Team has to receive so many complain about BAD QUALITY PRODUCTS that we don’t even sell it!!

Our legal team now is working with google to shutdown so they can not harm for the customer by selling bad quality products.

So if you love our quilts blanket design, please buy from us to support us & to respect original design from our Design team and also eliminate the illegal site like Thanks alot!