Can You Use A Carpet Cleaner On Area Rugs?

Carpet cleaners are the perfect option for cleaning your carpets and keeping them looking new. However, can you use a carpet cleaner on area rugs?

In this article, we will compare the fibers of the two pads. You will determine if your rug cleaning task is possible with the carpet cleaners. Let’s join us!  

Can You Use A Carpet Cleaner On Area Rugs?

Yes. However, you have to check the fiber of your rug before applying the solution. This kind of detergent is not an ideal choice for natural fibers. 

Carpet cleaners aim to work for stains on synthetic fibers, which are the primary materials for carpets. Hence, those cleaners will suffice if your area rugs are mainly made of synthetic fabrics. 

We have compiled the differences in fibers and the manufacturing process of the two items. Please check them carefully and you will discover how to clean each.

Fibers for rugs

Manufacturers mainly use natural fibers, such as cotton, jute, silk, or wool to make area rugs. One thing that makes these products stunning is that they are handmade items, knotted or woven by skilled craftsmen. 

Some products, like oriental and Persian, require 100% handcrafted making. Hence, they don’t have a high degree of adhesive support to keep the fibers in place firmly. 

Moreover, wool or cotton can easily absorb grease, dirt, and soil. 

If you want to clean them, choose the method to eliminate the fiber crevices. Hence, steam or vacuum cleaning is not the best choice. 

Carpet cleaners can’t deal with fluid, paint, and pet stains on the rugs. 

They also fail to treat thick layers of dirt on these fibers. However, if your rugs are synthetic fibers, carpet cleaning products can handle the stains well. 

natural fibers are delicate
Natural fibers are delicate.

Fibers for carpets 

Manufacturers mainly use synthetic fibers when making carpets. They employ gigantic machines to make enormous carpets in a matter of minutes. her explanation  

These fibers work with plastic materials and latex glue, creating a stable and firm composition in the strands. 

Due to their durability, you can clean them with vacuum and steam cleaners.   

This method is most convenient and straightforward as it requires minimal knowledge. 

How To Clean An Area Rug With A Carpet Cleaner?

If possible, buy a specialized cleaner for your rug. Otherwise, the one for carpets can work as long as the fibers for your rug are natural. 

Step 1: Vacuum the dirt

Vacuum your rug with a vacuum that has a carpet buster bar to remove and drain away dirt. Work with the upper surface and then flip the rug over to vacuum the underside. 

Then, bring the mat outside if feasible and give it a thorough shake. Don’t forget to vacuum the floor beneath the pad. 

Step 2: Apply the cleaner

Since each product has a specific effect, check the cleaner’s label to see if you have to dilute it or can use it directly. 

Wet the pad thoroughly before applying the solution. Please make sure not to soak the pad for too long, or it will become excessively saturated. 

Use a sponge or a soft-bristled brush to apply the detergent. If you notice severely discolored areas, the brush can work better. 

Rinse the fibers and scrub the mop in fresh water to eliminate any detergent residue. Keep changing the rinse water until you find no more suds or dirt. 

If your pad has fringe, you need to wash it by hand with cleaner and warm water. A microfiber cloth or a sponge can help you with this task.

Step 3: Dry the rug

Improve ventilation and accelerate drying by opening windows, turning on fans, or using a circulating fan. Turn the pad over once the surface becomes dry and wait for the back to dry. 

Depending on the rug size and thickness, the whole drying process may take up to 48 hours. Before putting it back on the floor, try to be patient and make sure it is entirely dry.

Clean the rug thoroughly and let it dry naturally

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You can apply a carpet cleaner to treat your area rug if its material is natural. Otherwise, do not apply this solution because it will ruin the texture of your pad.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you’re interested enough in polyester rugs, shop Geembi! Your support would mean a lot.

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Thank you for reading!

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