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If you are looking for a rug that is easy to maintain, vibrant in colors, and durable for years to come, consider polyester rugs from Geembi. Our designs are guaranteed to be 100% unique and diverse in options for you to choose from.

But first, let’s take a look at what their pros and cons are and how to use them properly at home.

What Are Polyester Rugs?


Polyester is a material made from synthetic ethylene fibers. It is essentially a petroleum-derived resin, which is considered a sort of plastic. Some other forms of polyester are plant-based, but they just take a small proportion of all.

Polyester is soft, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing with various dying options on fabric.

It is a popular fabric in the apparel industry. That means the polyester fabric can be used to make various items, including clothing, bedding, and rugs.
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Pros and Cons of Polyester Rugs


    • Inexpensive: Manufacturing polyester fabric usually costs much less than natural fabric. So a polyester rug must be more on the budget for you.
    • Comes with many options of colors and textures: One of the benefits that polyester offer is that you can choose any color and texture on the fabric. That is because the polyester fabric is excellent to get dyeing. It is also fade-resistant, making the hues and shades last longer on the rug.
    • Super soft: Rugs made of polyester give users a sense of comfort due to their apparent softness under the feet.
    • Durable: It is not exaggerated to say that polyester defines durability. Without being torn by accident, many rugs can last at least five to eight years of use. In addition, this feature leads to the fact that polyester rugs can be used outdoors or in high-traffic areas.
    • Mildew-resistant: The mildew resistance of polyester makes the rugs ideal for use in high-moisture areas like the powder room, bathroom, and kitchen. However, parch the rugs under the sun to kill must.


    • Not resistant to oil-based stains: Water-based stains are not an issue for polyester rugs, but oil-based stains are. The oil derived from our skins can affect our rugs badly. These stains are often hard to get rid of; therefore, they need professional cleaning. We’ll discuss how to clean a rug with oil-based stains in the next section!
    • Easy to catch dust and pet fur: Since polyester rug generates a pretty high level of static electricity, it captures dust and pet fur. Although cleaning them is quick and easy with a brush or vacuum, some people may get disturbed by this con.
    • Needs cleaning frequently: Unlike other fabric materials, polyester allows no debris or dirt to stay hidden on the rug. So, when it’s dirty, it’s dirty. Rugs made from other materials can block your sight from recognizing a dirty rug.

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Using Polyester Rugs Properly At Home

Where to put a polyester rug?

Rugs made from polyester are suitable for every corner of your house. So it should not worry that you don’t know where to put them. Think of a specific room first, then choose an area where your rug would play its role perfectly.

However, consider the size of your new-bought rug as well. For each rug size, there is a different placement option.

For example, an oversized rug about 10’ x 14’ would be perfect to be placed in the living room or guest room. Specifically, put it in the conversation seating areas. If you do not want a large rug under such a whole area, a medium rug that is 5’ x 8’ will work best only under a table.

How to clean a polyester rug

Cleaning a polyester rug or a polyester shaggy rug is different from cleaning rugs of other materials. Depending on how much dirty the rug gets, you have different levels of cleaning.

    • Level 1 – for a lesser-used polyester rug: First, shake the rug to make all dirt and debris fall off. Use a hot damp cloth to wipe off the rug’s surface back and forth. Next, dry it flat under the sunlight to ensure no musty is left inside the rug later on.
    • Level 2 – for a frequently-used polyester rug: Frequently-used rugs are those put in high-traffic areas. In this case, it absolutely needs a deep cleaning to get rid of all sorts of stains. Once again, shake the rug to make the specks of dirt and debris fall off first. You can also vacuum the rug spontaneously if the first step seems not to work for your rug. Next, machine-wash it at a low spin speed to ensure it won’t get torn. Dry it flat under the sun to kill potential musty.
    • Level 3 – for a rug with oil-based restains on it: This case requires professional cleaning. If you decide to do it at home, you’ll need some chemicals to make those stains disappear forever. Consider Acetic Acid, Acetone, or Alcohol, which you can find in pharmacies. Otherwise, use vinegar, which is safe and cheap but not as effective as the ones just mentioned. After restraining solving, machine-wash the rug at a deficient spin speed. Hang or dry the rug flat under the sun as the last step.

How to store rugs

To store a polyester rug, make sure it has been cleaned perfectly before. Then, roll the rug with the front face inside the roll while the back is outside the roll. Why? That way, the rug can lay flat quickly and efficiently when used again. And because the font face is outside the roll, ensure to put it in a damp-resistant space to protect it.

Storing rugs requires different methods for different types of rugs, though.

In case you are interested in this topic, we have written a post on how to store rugs of different shapes and materials in just 4 steps. Check it out!

What Kinds of Polyester Rug Does Geembi Offer?

At Geembi, all polyester rugs are the same in material, durability, and color vibrancy. The only thing to sets every piece apart from each other is how it looks (or the themes)

Whether you are looking for several Camping rugs, Christmas rugs, Animal rugs, or Irish rugs, we’ve got you all covered. Our designs are made from very incentive ideas to the finished pieces of artistic fabric.

We’ve also covered designs associated with every season and special holiday of the year. Regardless of what makes your life more intriguing just with a rug, what we’ve tried to do is incorporate it into the product to fulfill your desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you dye a polyester rug?

Yes, you can. But you’ll need the type of dye called “disperse dye” which is made especially for polyester fabric. Other dyes won’t work in any case for polyester. The dying process may be dangerous to do alone at home, so be alert! That is because it needs the boiling heat at an extremely high level.

Can you wash polyester rugs?

Yes, you can. Polyester rugs can be washed by hand or by a washing machine. When machine-wash the rug, make sure to put it at a low spin speed to maintain the rug’s shape and colors.

Can a polyester rug be used outdoors?

A polyester rug can be used outdoors, on the patio and porch. Since it is built durable and fade-resistant, these rugs are tough enough to maintain their shape and colors when surrounded by external elements.

Do polyester rugs shed?

All rugs will shed over time no matter what material they are made of. However, it takes a long time for polyester rugs to shed. A well-made polyester rug starts shedding after 1 to 2 years depending on the traffic it receives during its lifespan.

The Bottom Line

To most households in the United States and other countries, rugs play an important role. Regardless of how beneficial they are, these rugs have pros and cons to take note of when choosing one that fits you best.

If you are looking for a rug that stands the test of time, is easy to maintain and is affordable, choose a polyester rug.

Geembi is the brand that offers hundreds of polyester rugs for you to choose from. The unique designs and high quality of our rugs set us apart from others. Bring home your favorite Geembi’s rug today to get a great deal!

Thanks for ordering from us!