How To Get A Rug To Lay Flat Quickly In 5 Easy Methods

Today, rugs are not just things people buy randomly because they want them. They are more likely a must in every home for their functionality and aesthetic accent. If you’ve just bought a new piece and have been figuring out how to get a rug to lay flat, this tutorial is for you!

Below, I’ll show you several ways to get things done quickly and effectively for rugs of all types.

Now, let’s get into it!

How To Get A Rug To Lay Flat

Below are five methods I’ve been using forever. But first, you need to diagnose the rug’s situation to find out the correct method.

  • Bent rugs (method #1, #2, #3)
  • Rugs with curling corners (method #2, #4)
  • Wrinkled rugs / rugs with ripples (method #3, #5)
how to get a rug to lay flat

#1 – Flip the rug and put pressure on it

Most rugs are rolled in when packed for easy shipping and delivery. After you roll yours out, it is curved predominantly on both edges

Now, flatten it by turning it over and putting any pressure on the entire rug or just both edges. 

The kind of pressure rugs could take is the weight of people and home furniture. If the carpet is of the same or smaller size as my bed’, I put it underneath the mattress. It usually takes no more than an hour to make my rug look like it’s been used for months. 

But what to do if yours is a really large area rug? Just flip it and allow kids or other family members to sit on it. It’s pretty ridiculous – but it worked for my rugs, and it’ll work for yours. 

If you’re living alone, sleep on your rug (on the opposite side) for one night, and you’ll have a flat carpet the next day!

rolling the rug the opposite way

#2 – Roll the rug the opposite way

This is the simplest way to flatten your bent rug or rug with curling corners. But it requires excellent consistency since you have to roll and then unroll it repeatedly for a good result. 

If you’re thinking of rolling it oppositely and leaving it like that for a period of time — it’s still an option — but it only works if you know exactly when to unroll it. The rug would look no different without perfect timing and finesse.

#3 – Moisten then let it dry flat

Simply spray water on the rug to make it slightly damp. Alternatively, you can completely submerge it in water and hang it to dry in the sun, but not completely. Spread it on the floor while it’s still a little damp until it dries entirely on both sides. click here for more info

This method is applicable to just about every kind of unevenness on rugs. However, check with the rug manufacturer first because some rugs (i.e., natural fiber rugs) can be damaged by liquid. Be circumspect with expensive rugs too! 

#4 – Use corner grippers

Corner grippers are a low-cost and time-saving option. Because the grippers are firmly attached to the floor, it gets things done quickly. Frankly saying, this product was born absolutely for rugs with curling corners, and the best method so far to uncurl ruggable corners.

How to use corner grippers: 

  • First, remove the white stickers from your rug pads’ backing and place them on the bottom of your area rug
  • Next, remove the transparent film from the backing and put it on your floor
  • Finally, press with the strength to make sure that they adhere firmly to the floor

Before sticking, make sure your rugs and floors are clean! Learn how to clean a rug.

Note: Corner grippers are not recommended for jute rugs, rubber-backed rugs, and any rug put on the carpet floor.

steam cleaning a rug

#5 – Use heat to get rid of creases on the rug

Aside from dampness, heating is one of the elements that can be used to soften rugs. It is expected that as the rug softens, it will flatten more easily and quickly.

In the morning, place the rug in direct sunlight. The best time to go is between 7 and 9 a.m. when the sun is at its most gentle. Note that any rug can be damaged if it is exposed to direct scorching sunlight.

Afraid that the sun is too harsh for your rug? Instead, use a steam cleaner, and make sure it has an upholstery attachment. Except for rugs made of wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers, the steamer should be suitable for a wide range of rugs.

I see that many users iron their rugs with a piece of paper as the middle layer between the rug and the iron. This is something people have been doing popularly – however, it shows no results. If you are going to do it that way – I recommend other ways, as shown above. 

Key Takeaways

There are far more options of how to get a rug to lay flat – yet the listed ways are how you get things done the most quickly and easily.

Regardless of what method you’re going to craft over an uneven rug, know your rug’s situation first. Is it bent, creased, or curled at the corners? Then decide which way you’re using to resolve the current problem. 

Additionally, it’s good that you’re a prudent practitioner to check with a professional before doing anything to your rug. Carefulness is the best!

At Geembi, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality, unique rugs. Our products are made from polyester, which is naturally flat in a few hours without any of your efforts! 

We hope this guide has been helpful to you. Please leave us a reply if you have a different way of making a rug flat quickly.

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