10+ Unique Industrial Farmhouse Decor Ideas For Living Space

The industrial farmhouse decor style is thriving and popular in many countries, including Europe or Asia. That’s because it gives a comfortable and cozy farm atmosphere. 

It is the perfect combination of rustic and luxury elements, creating a unique marker in your living space. Nevertheless, this style is still quite unfamiliar to some people. 

If you also want to dig deeper into this home decor, read the article below. It will give you an overview of this style. You will also get the best decor ideas if you intend to pursue this design.

What Is An Industrial Farmhouse? 

Before jumping into some unique and creative ideas for industrial farmhouse decor, it’s better to take a grasp of its concept. So, an overview of this style is right below for you to refer to. 


As its name suggests, industrial farmhouse decor is a unique combination of a welcoming and comfortable rural atmosphere and industrial style’s sharp, rough imprint. 

Traditional industrial design is inspired by the idea of living in a warehouse or a factory, and it conjures up images of a modern loft flat in a major metropolis.

This decor style counterbalances soft and hard, ancient and contemporary, and warm and cold textures, furnishings, and designs.

It creates livable, pleasant places on-trend while maintaining a timeless character steeped in historical traditions.

That said, if you don’t know how to add more delicate features to soften the design, it would appear unwelcoming and harsh. 

The contrast between the metropolis and the countryside should focus on industrial farmhouse design to create a unique and enjoyable living space. 

Most importantly, you should utilize salvaged wood, leather, or metals when merging industrial decor with rustic farmhouse style. The general appearance of these items will not be compromised.

Rural and urban combination for industrial farmhouse decor
Rural and urban combination


It is a modern home decor style based on nostalgia for moments including the rural and industrial in bygone days.

The modern industrial farmhouse style is a general take on the farmhouse routines mostly seen in the United States and Europe.

Home & Garden Television (HGTV) stars like Joanna Gaines, who has created a lifestyle empire on appeasing the masses, helped popularize this style in the United States.

The Industrial Age aesthetics are reflected in the industrial farmhouse style. It has grown in popularity recently as the industry has vanished from metropolia. 

Instead, urban chic became associated with factory and warehouse conversions of residences and workplaces.

Pure industrial might appear cold and antiseptic, while modern farmhouse design can be a twee and cutesy touch. 

The hybrid of the two styles creates a nice equilibrium, which explains why they match well with each other and remain popular.

Modern rustic style
Modern rustic style

Key Elements 

If you want your space to exude the farmhouse-industrial style, you need to add to your room at least one of the elements below.

  • Rough Materials

The industrial design recalls the stark pragmatism of living environments, from high ceilings, concrete floorings, and black metal finishes. 

When these features are combined with the farmhouse’s cozy, warm feel, you get a room that is one-of-a-kind in its juxtaposition. 

You may achieve this look in your space with exposed brick walls, concrete flooring with a plush sheepskin rug, or layer texture into a leather sofa with throw cushions. 

  • Metal accents

Metal elements, especially iron or black steel, are essential for the industrial style. If you’re moving into a converted loft in the city, be aware that there may be exposed plumbing and pipes, as well as other unfinished details.

You can combine the industrial decor with the country style in your dining room with metal chairs or a metal bookshelf. It would be best to let your vanity open for the farmhouse bathroom to expose sink plumbings. 

  • Lighting

Like any other design aspect, lighting fixtures are a great way to put the finishing touches on a space, connect everything, and add a discussion piece.

The importance of lighting in industrial farmhouse design can’t be overstated. Industrial lighting is a terrific method to add to the appearance and feel of your home’s industrial farmhouse theme.

It is ideal because it features vintage-style light bulbs, rough metal finishes, and exposed wiring. If you want to bring farmhouse charm and rustic elegance to an industrial room, consider vintage-type lighting like crystal chandeliers.

Incorporating these raw materials into your design can assist in creating a rustic yet useful farmhouse appearance with a vintage vibe and an industrial touch.

  • Vintage signs

Keep in mind that you’re aiming for a vintage factory atmosphere, not just a factory vibe. 

So, industrial farmhouse rooms should be predominantly clothed in materials that appear to have been present for a long time or that have been handmade.

For instance, you can consider making curtains from drop cloths of painters, warehouses from stools of workers, barn wood bathroom vanities, piping to hang shelves, light fixtures, and metal carts as kitchen islands.

key elements for industrial farmhouse decor
Key elements for this decor

10+ Industrial Farmhouse Decor Ideas To Get Inspired

You can decorate any room in your home with this decor from the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. 

This post will suggest some creative ideas to decorate your room full of a cozy, traditional, and elegant atmosphere with this distinctive style. Let’s scroll down!

#1. Exposed Wooden Beams With Metal Brackets

The characteristic of this style is the perfect combination of the classic of the countryside and the modernity of urban industrial factories.

Therefore, choosing wooden beams with metal brackets is an extremely reasonable decision. It not only brings a cozy atmosphere but also brings modernity from industrial zones.

You can also use other items to give a living space a country sense at the same time. Examples include the off-white ceiling and walls, the area carpet, or beige chairs.

These things might help to alleviate the rough impression created by the interior’s use of unfinished materials like wooden beams. The presence of these things in the living room might make it cozier and more comfortable. 

Exposed wooden beams with metal brackets
Exposed wooden beams with metal brackets

#2. Metal Fireplace

Is there any item suitable with both styles, farmhouse but industrial? Look no further than a metal fireplace. This interior can bring an industrial atmosphere with the metal details while making the room cozy with wood storage. 

You can also consider a metal fireplace with a wall-size dimension for your open-style living space. It will surely draw the attention of your guests at first sight. Besides, it can act as a divider or an accent wall. 

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Metal rustic fireplace
Metal rustic fireplace

#3. Rustic Dining Table

It is a great example of industrial farmhouse decor. The eye-catching dining table brings together the finest of both worlds. 

The tabletop’s live hardwood edge contrasts well with the black metal legs. They’re a good match for each other.

Additionally, this table instantly adds raw country aspects to the dining space. The irregularities in the live edge tables add intrigue and character to the space.

Rustic farmhouse dining table
Rustic farmhouse dining table

#4. Metal Wall Sconces

Your bathroom looks great with these black antique sconces. In addition, the light fixtures’ form and metal structure give them a farmhouse feel. They do, however, have an unpolished, utilitarian appearance.

The vanity lights also add to the attractiveness of the bathroom. You can easily replicate the aesthetic by repurposing antique wrought iron light fittings.

Metal wall sconces
Metal wall sconces

#5. Rustic Wooden Ladder

The rustic vibe and country appeal of this wooden shelf add to the room. It may be easily incorporated into any space in the house while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

In addition, you can utilize this wood ladder shelf to hold towels, glass jars, books, or flowers. The aesthetic possibilities are endless when using open wooden frames.

rustic wooden ladder
Rustic wooden ladder

#6. Industrial Chicken Wire

Your existing hanging light fixture appears to be uninteresting. Don’t worry. Simply freshen it up with this simple and inexpensive DIY. With just a few ingredients, you can turn yours into a magnificent work of art.

This chicken wire charm light adds a one-of-a-kind element to your decor. 

It also incorporates both metal and wood into the structure. These two materials soon give off an antique farmhouse vibe.

chicken wire
Chicken wire

#7. Wood And Metal Laundry Sign

Try this suggestion when it comes to designing a laundry room. The wooden sign serves as a functional and aesthetic addition to the room, making it a clear winner.

In addition, the distressed black wood surface contrasts beautifully with the white text. On the other hand, the metal pipe arm is in charge of clothing hangers.

This wooden and metal sign would also be a great project for your doorway. It allows guests to hang their jackets or coats as they enter your room.

Wood and metal laundry sign
Wood and metal laundry sign

#8. Wooden Headboard 

Give this wooden headboard idea a try if you are looking for some industrial farmhouse bedroom decor. A metallic lamp fixture is used to illuminate this headboard. 

It drastically changes the atmosphere in your bedroom. This decorative item also serves as a focal point to highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

Drafting your headboard is a terrific option for everything from sophisticated tufted headboards to rustic damaged headboards. It also allows you to save money.

wooden headboard
Wooden headboard

#9. Wall Clock 

It is preferable to customize your living environment when it comes to decorating. You’re a family-oriented type, as the industrial pendants emblem indicates. https://visitlcvalley.com/ On the other hand, the wall clock is a focal point in the room.

Raw components are common in contemporary ranch houses. These wall decorations, without a doubt, are a fantastic addition to it. In addition, they are useful.

wall clock
Wall clock

#10. Plumbing Pipes 

It is one of the unique industrial rustic decor concepts without a doubt. You may make firewood holders out of your used plumbing pipes. For log holders, you may use scrap timber or recycled wood. In any case, it’s a fantastic complement to any decor.

You can also modify the base of the fireplace holder to include wheels. You may then relocate it to the front entrance for simple loading.

Plumbing pipes
Plumbing pipes

#11. Wooden Sign With The Metal Basket

Is there a blank wall in your house? If that’s the case, this is a fantastic industrial rustic decor concept to try. Let’s combine elements of industrial farmhouse style for this blank. 

You may make boards of various sizes and shapes from discarded wood pieces. The wooden components might be distressed and then refinished. The timber can also be left untreated. 

This contemporary country-style concept serves to draw attention to your room. Children’s books are stored in the baskets of ancient bicycles.

Wooden sign with the metal basket
Wooden sign with the metal basket

# 12. Wall Light From Pipes

It is one of the most beautiful industrial rustic design concepts. The handcrafted pipe light is rich in detail. It instantly gives the bedroom an urban vibe.

Furthermore, this is a brilliant method to repurpose old items you already own for new purposes. The decorating style also adheres to rural principles.

This light fixture also includes a charming tiny lampshade and a variety of pipe diameters. It also gives the wall a lot of texture and character.

Wall light from pipes
Wall light from pipes

#13. Antique Photo Frames

It’s better to repurpose antique photo frames when it comes to industrial rustic decor ideas. Hand-paint them black. They give the space a sense of individuality and style.

You may choose from a variety of frame designs. Some hefty ruined picture frames that exude a rugged male aura are recommended. They are perfect for the contemporary trend.

Old photo frames for industrial farmhouse decor
Old photo frames

#14. Jars

Over the years, mason jar DIY projects have become increasingly popular. They are a quick and easy way to spruce up your living room. You may use them to hold candles or store items in them.

Another amazing alternative to utilizing these mason jars is using them for lighting. You might paint them and put them on exhibit at different times of the year. 

With only a few steps, this project is straightforward to do. It may, however, turn an antique sconce into a nice rural light fixture.

industrial jars
Industrial Jars

In A Nutshell 

Above are the most creative industrial farmhouse decor ideas if you plan to decorate your living space with this rustic-chic style. In general, you can add this decor to any space you like to bring a comfortable and cozy feel.

And don’t forget to check out Geembi collection of farmhouse quilts if you love to see some softness in your farmhouse living space decor!

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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