20 Farmhouse Mantel Decor Ideas For Your Upcoming Winter!

Decorating a farmhouse-style mantel is never boring, especially if you’re the kind of person who loves refreshing living rooms each year. Even if you’ve done this a million times before, there are always new mantel decorating ideas to try. 

If you’re hard up for ideas at the moment, take some time and browse our tips for farmhouse mantel decor below! 

With these in mind, your next idea is sure to be the best one yet. 

Let’s read on to discover!

What Is The Origin Of Putting Mantels Above Fireplaces?

The tradition of having a mantelpiece above fireplaces dates back to medieval times. A mantel, also called a mantelpiece or chimneypiece, serves as a wooden or stone frame above fireplaces for many purposes. 

Originally, it was built to cover the chimney breast, preventing smoke from spreading through the room and shifting it back.

It gradually became a decorative shelf where people displayed their precious objects, such as Chinese porcelain, Venetian mirrors, or Florence’s artwork. 

A mantel was a status symbol
A mantel was a status symbol.

When visitors came to the house, they defined the family wealth based on how the owner decorated his mantel. In other words, the fireplaces symbolized the wealth and status of the rich aristocratic.

Until the Victorian times, not only upper class but ordinary people also started using their mantels for displaying bric-a-brac. The purpose was still the same, to transform the fireplace into the focal point of the room and display their status.

Mantels can be made from many materials, including stone or wood; they’re typically found near hearths so that their warmth may keep the rooms warm during particularly cold weather periods (or just when you want some extra heat).

People have been using mantels to decorate their fireplaces for years. It is a common practice because it’s an affordable way of keeping the room warm and also adding some style without taking up much space!

Top 20 Farmhouse Mantel Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Room

A fireplace is a must in every home, but it’s not always easy to decide what you want on your mantel, especially if you’re committed to the farmhouse style.

Here are 20 farmhouse-inspired designs that will make anyone proud about their cozy hearthside living room:

#1. TV

Curling up in those farmhouse quilts while watching TV is a family event in the winter months, so there’s no reason to ignore the idea of decorating your mantel with TV. As a TV always covers a large area, the mantel decoration should be impressive but not too complex! 

Hang your TV above the mantel, then position two vases of flowers of flocked mini trees on both sides. A small tip is to use the flowers that fit the mantel color. For example, green works best with a white background! 

For a perfect look, you can try placing a clock above the TV or some vintage lamps in front of the mantel.

Watching TV is a family event in the winter months
Watching TV is a family event in the winter months.

#2. Mirror

If your space is not too large, setting a mirror above your mantel will convey an impression of spaciousness. Depending on your style, you can hang a minimal round mirror that matches contemporary design or a rectangular mirror with an ornate frame for a luxurious and elegant look.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to add some decorative items to fill the emptiness around the mirror, such as vases, candles, or books.

a round mirror above the mantel
Setting a mirror above your mantel will convey an impression of spaciousness.

#3. Family photos

If you desire a focal point for gathering with family and friends, it’s best to decorate your mantel with memorable photos of your beloved ones. Pick out a family portrait and some of your favorites, then frame and hang them above the fireplace.

You can also put them against the wall, but make sure not too many things are on display and look like a jumble. Then, placing a vase of flowers and candles will add more elegance and warmth to the room! 

family photos
Family photos on the mantel.

#4. Wreath

Let’s bring a classic cozy farmhouse touch to your living room with a decorative wreath! There are various wreath options for you to shop online, but if you’re a DIY enthusiast, making a unique one is also a great idea.

You can choose natural materials like olive branches, flexible twigs, eucalyptus figs, lavenders, or man-made crafts like tulle and tune. Create whatever you want, as it will somehow reflect your style.

Center your desirable wreath above your mantel and supplement it with plants, antique lanterns, and other decor accents. We bet you’ll be surprised with the rustic farmhouse look they bring.

wreath above a farmhouse mantel
Hanging a wreath above the mantel.

#5. Candles

Decorating your fireplace with candles will give your space a warm feeling even if you don’t light them. Choose as many kinds as you can, and don’t miss the Victorian candle holders that can store two candles. 

Position candles on the mantel and some on the ground, too. But that’s not enough! Having some metallic vases on both sides or pictures placed between the candles will bring your room a finished look.

white candles all over the farmhouse mantel
White candles all over the farmhouse mantel.

#6. Clock

An oversized wall clock makes a stylish yet practical centerpiece for your farmhouse fireplace decor. There are many different materials and styles, so just pick up the one that fits your preference while also matching the entire room.

Go for a rustic clock with Roman numbers if you want to enhance the classic look. But if you desire an elegant contemporary space, let’s choose a modern-style clock.

Place recycled wine bottles on either side of the clock, then insert some olive branches into them. You can consider other decorative items like books, candles.

a rustic clock with roman numbers hung above the mantel

Go for a rustic clock with Roman numbers.

#7. Window Pane

Giving your fireplace mantel some farmhouse vibe with a worn wooden window pane is also a great idea. Let’s try something new to make it fit your room’s style – like using ribbon or painting it.

Another way to decorate your windowpane is to hang some family photos in each framed piece of the window.

You can also place a wreath right at the center of the pane to create some rustic accents. Whatever you go for, pair it with see-through vases, small tins, or metal items for a perfect look.

wooden window pane on a mantel
A worn wooden window pane is also a great idea.

#8. Plants and Flowers

If you’re a plant lover, why not highlight your fireplace with seasonal houseplant decor? A mix of sculpture plants in white or light-colored containers surely will add some natural beauty to the space. You can think of snake plants, succulents, or striped haworthia, which require less or medium-light! 

A small tip is to use same-hue containers in various heights and shapes, which will bring a minimalist yet elegant look! 

plants and flowers on the mantel
Highlight your fireplace with seasonal houseplant decor.

#9. Metal Wall Decor

Metal accents are bold, durable, and never out of date. This decor style comes in various sizes, colors, and polishes, which highlights the area above your fireplace. For instance, a typical large metal star in different materials and the amount of polish can shine out differently and bring you different feelings.

No matter which style you go for, aged and rusted or brassy and bright, mental wall decor will somehow showcase your personality.

metal sunburst wall decor above mantel
Metal sunburst wall decor above the mantel.

#10. Ceramics

Whether you use ceramic items as a focal point of the mantel or just a decorative item to enhance the overall look, this material will not disappoint you.

Ceramic objects are versatile to blend with various decorating styles. Filling your fireplace mantel with ceramic plates, jars, and urns can make your space cozy and warm. ohbeautydirect.com  

If you want to make a difference in your space, choose some plates with unique patterns and hang them on the wall. Make sure your items are subtle but impressive, and most importantly, fit your home decor.

ceramic plates hung on wall above the white mantel
Ceramic plates hung on the wall above the white mantel.

#11. Shiplap Wall

It’s no secret that a shiplap wall is one of the easiest ways to turn your home into a farmhouse. The gorgeous mantel with white shiplap, together with the round mirror in the middle, feature a perfect combination of vintage and modern style.

To enhance the rustic touch of the mantel, you can add some more accents on the shelf, such as a flower vase or a picture.

shiplap as mantel
Shiplap as a mantel.

#12. Vase

You can decorate your mantel with some vases with flower patterns painted on them. Add a few sprigs of green leaves for a more natural look, but make sure you don’t make it look messy. You can hang two lighting fixtures on either side to give it a more charming and attractive touch.

vase on a mantel

#13. Art Pictures

The area above your mantel is a great place to display your artistic taste.

No matter if you choose a large picture of modern art or stagger smaller framed ones, incorporating art into your living space can show off your personality and preference in your fireplace decor. 

Whatever you choose, the color of the pieces should match perfectly with the color palette of the room. Black and white are the main colors that people choose for farmhouse style.

art picture
Art pictures.

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#14. Lighting

The warm glow from the fireplace is indisputable, but it’s not only from wood or gas fire. Other than that, you can decorate the mantel with lighting to brighten up the space while giving it a modern look.

Lighting is essential.

#15. Garland

Hanging garlands adds colors not only to your fireplace but the entire living room. The best part is, it’s not only for farmhouse Christmas mantel decor.

There are so many garland options for you to choose from, ranging from seasonal garlands, holiday garlands to year-round garlands.

Using nails to mount the garland on the mantel is quite popular, but it’s easier and less intrusive if you try removable hooks, which offer a wide range of colors and sizes to match your mantel.

Depending on your decor style, hang decorative items on the empty space to give it a warm feeling – like socks, candles, pillows, or a wreath.

garland on the mantel
Garland adds colors and a housewarming atmosphere.

#16. Log Holder

A modern frame log holder will bring your fireplace a chic and shapely touch. The durable metallic stand features sharp lines and a thin texture that will perfectly fit your farmhouse-style mantel.

log holder
Log holder.

#17. Barn Beam

A barn beam mantel surely will give your space more character and warmth! To style your fireplace perfectly, you should choose the focus point first. It can be a modern farmhouse-style mirror, greenery, books, vases, bottles, etc. 

Though they seem similar, each of them has varying levels of modern touches. So, make sure the ones you choose will fit your decor style. 

barn beam
Barn Beam.

#18. Brick

The farmhouse style looks nice with light-colored brick. And it’s under your control!

You can change the way your old bricks look by painting them with a rustic, soft, creamy shade. That way, you will get the shape and texture of the brick in a hue that matches perfectly with the classic white of your farmhouse decor.

Contrasting colors is a sure-fire way to create an interesting and eye-catching finished look. A darker wooden mantel will highlight the light colors of your bricks while still fitting well with the overall theme. 

brick for mantel
Brick for the mantel.

#19. Antler Decor

Farmhouse design originated from the lifestyle, so adding some touches of wildlife to your fireplace mantel is also a good way to perfect its look. Considering that, you can choose antler decor to bring your space some outdoor-inspired accents.

Antler decor can go alone, or you can decorate the area above your mantel with other objects, like antique lanterns, books, or vases!

antler decor
Antler decor.

#20. Tobacco Basket And Lantern

If you don’t have enough surface area to place an entire TV or large picture on the top of the mantel, then this rustic mantel decor idea could be just what’s needed: tobacco baskets. They work well even when you have limited space.

There’s no better way to make your home feel cozy and welcoming than with the help of some beautiful fireside lanterns, which is more likely to indicate an industrial farmhouse vibe.

This idea is perfect for those who want their spaces to look seasonal without having anything too out-there, but still modern enough and doesn’t seem dated in 10 years – just like everything else about farmhouse style decor.

Tobacco Basket and lantern
Tobacco Basket and lantern.

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You have had some amazing farmhouse mantel decor ideas from Geembi, and it’s time to get started on yours. You don’t have to spend a ton of money or go too far out of your way. Focus on what makes your fireplace special and surround it with accents that really shine. 

We hope these 20 mantel decor ideas give you plenty of inspiration. 

Thank you for reading!

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