Find The Best Octopus Rug Out of These 5 Options!

Whether you are a coastal resident or living deep in the city, you’ll need an octopus rug to make that desired nautical accent. Octopus is that kind of marine creature that is intelligent and full of art in its movement and skin patterns. So it is sure to look fab on rugs!

Placing one of these 5 attention-grabbing octopus rugs in your living room if you want it to be more vivid and eye-popping. Interestingly enough, the rugs make you feel like an octopus is actually living in your house. 

Check them out!

What’s The Octopus Rug You Love Among These 10 Options?

#1 Geembi ‘Blue Octopus With The Savage Eyes’ Rug

There are many different options available for octopus area rugs on the market — and most of them are way too cute. If you look for a more expressive option that speaks much about your wild personality, pick this one!

Octopus, in fact, is not a “gentleman” of the marine world like many people might assume. The species is more likely to be ferocious and even wicked sometimes. 

More reasons to love it:

  • The blue color gives the sense of a coastal oasis
  • Made of polyester, which is soft, smooth, long-lasting, and easy to care for
  • The depiction of the Octopus is wild and so unique among various options out there

#2 Geembi ‘The Legend of an Octopus’ Rug

This rug will make you feel like there is an actual Octopus in your living room. When such a thing becomes so real — it may get a bit scary — we know what you’re thinking. But believe us when we say that this rug would pique anyone’s interest if they are true octopus fanatics. 

It will also be an ideal accessory to include in your home decor if you have kids who are addicted to the Discovery channel. 

The red-brown color of this one is perfect in a room with not so much light, where there is a luxury leather couch as well. Although this rug depicts an octopus, obviously, it does not give that marine vibe so much. Be aware of that — as you don’t want something that may ruin the whole mood of your home interior.

More reasons to love it:

  • The main color is vintage-based and perfect for those desiring an octopus rug while not so into a nautical accent
  • The rug’s surface is constructed of microfibers, making it soft and quick-dry
  • Patterns are artistic to the smallest details

#3 Geembi ‘Octopus and His Favorite Anchor’ Rug

Give this rug as a beautiful gift to the seafaring trawler or naval person of your life. There is no doubt that the anchor gives us that idea of creating something of a true marine vibe.

When it comes to Geembi’s animal rugs, it would not just go for the animal.

This rug illustrates an image of an octopus while drawing your intention with the blue anchor. An anchor is a symbol of being self-focused and grounded in what matters most in your life. That is to say — the rug is a whole inspiration as a gift to lift up someone’s spirit.  

More reasons to love it:

  • Available in three different sizes to choose from 3’x5’, 4’x6’, 5’x8’
  • The image gives a sense of cartoon, which kids surely love
  • Colors are vibrant and well-combined (Orange and Blue)

#4 Geembi Yellow Octopus Rug 

Looking for a simpler option? Consider this one!

The rug is not a complex artwork as compared to the others above. But if you look for a simple design, you know where to land with this yellow octopus rug from Geembi. 

More reasons to love it:

  • The colors make it stunning in a room with any level of light
  • For a non-slip grip, the underside is made of high-quality epoxy

#5 Geembi ‘Blue and White Octopus’ Rug

This rug must be ideal for those rooms with the vibe of blue-and-white china. Or, if you simply love these two colors and want to incorporate them into your interior, this rug is a signal from the universe!

And don’t be any more confused by the design. You’ll “a-ha!” right after recognizing that it’s not two octopuses but just one!

More reasons to love it:

  • Beautiful aesthetics with the symmetry school
  • The deep blue represents the ocean
  • Tentacles build impressive patterns for the rug

How To Maintain A Rug For Long-life Using

Rugs are one of the few items in the home that have the greatest external impact. A rug is subjected to a great deal of friction from daily traffic, making it easy to age and wear out. Therefore, bear these three main pieces of advice in mind to use your rug as long as possible. 

#1 Place a rug where it’s meant to be

Because not all rugs are treated equally, deciding where to place yours is crucial.

Place rugs that only make sense in terms of function in areas with the most foot traffic. Place carpets in areas that are rarely visited by members if they are meant to improve aesthetics.

You’ll know how to maintain which is appropriate for each rug once you’ve established a clear bias toward different rugs. It also allows you to save time and effort when it comes to caring for all of them at once. 

#2 Vaccum the rug regularly

Vacuuming your rug on a regular basis will keep it looking clean and new. If you do not have a vacuum machine, simply shake the rug.

Every day, your rug collects a large number of microscopic dust particles that are not visible to the naked eye. These dust particles are very small, but they can completely fade the rug’s detail when rubbed. Furthermore, the air’s humidity contributes to the development of potential molds. So vacuuming rugs or carpets regularly will keep them “healthy.”

#3 Deep clean the rug every two months

To keep rugs clean and looking new, they should be deep cleaned every two months.

You can do this yourself with a washing machine or hire a professional to do it for you.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the best octopus rug is quite sticky, with too many options out there. If those rugs with cute depictions of the octopus do not sit with you, consider the five options above!

If you find this post helpful, share it with your friends. Geembi would also love to hear your opinions on the rug; so leave us a reply in the mailing section below!

Thank you for reading!

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