These 5 Rug Patterns Lead the Overall Look of Your Home

It’s time to bring a new look to your house. Using rugs is among the most common methods because the rug patterns can significantly change the impression of the space. 

How will you design your house with rugs? If you need ideas, this article is for you. Let’s follow our post!

Popular Rug Patterns

There are tons of ideas for rugs. This post will highlight the most common ones that can fit many home design concepts, according to rug makers


Floral is the first name on this list due to its popularity in exterior and interior designs. These designs are versatile and establish different vibes, from classic to refreshing. 

The flora motif keeps evolving over time. New designs come in more vivid, bigger flowers and sometimes even expand beyond the concept of flowers. The continuous evolution keeps them always new. 

Floral designs can use bright or subtle hues from nature to convey a feeling of natural beauty. Some homeowners use them to lend an urban house a rural sense or make the interior match the peace of the exterior.

People who like to breathe fresh air love this concept. They appreciate a calm atmosphere, yet they are also adventurous. 

If you love nature and want to share its peace with others, put a floral rug inside your house.  

a floral rug pattern
Nature never gets old


This pattern is an asymmetrical geometric design with sharp lines. The diamond shape has been popular throughout time and across many cultures.

The diamond represents purity, upturn, and wisdom from another realm. It resembles a butterfly, which symbolizes evolution and rebirth.  

If you’re searching for harmony or want to promote positive transformation and rebirth, consider bringing a diamond pattern carpet into your house.

The diamond is also a great idea if you love geometric concepts to keep your house looking neat.  

rug diamond pattern
The diamonds give a sense of positive development


These rugs are quite expensive for two reasons: the materials already have high prices, and they are handmade products. 

These days, many manufacturers choose to provide machine-made rugs to cut down on the production cost. 

Current printing technology has enabled the creation of identical patterns on less costly materials.

Rich hues like crimson, golden, and dark blue are popular in these carpets. The patterns on them can be flowers, symbols, animals, or many more.

oriental pattern on a rug
There are a lot of ideas for oriental concepts


Abstract patterns use shapes and colors to create one-of-a-kind images that don’t portray reality. These designs might be meticulously planned or made without any forethought.

Free-flowing curves and lines are popular in abstract carpets. Even when using neutral colors, their distinctive imagery evokes strong emotions, making them a striking central focus of a room.

Creative people find these designs interesting. If you have guests like them, your discussion with them about the art will never end. 

abstract rug
Abstract pattern


We have talked about how diamonds work for your home setup, but the concept of geometry doesn’t stop there. You have a lot of choices, each bringing a different effect. 

Rectangles and squares are pretty similar. These sturdy shapes establish a sense of reliability, balance, and tradition. 

You may also like ovals and circles. These shapes are familiar in interior decoration, especially for people who love nature. 

On the other hand, choose designs with triangles if you want to define an atmosphere of determination and perseverance. 

geometric rug
Geometric rug


Checkered patterns and geometric patterns look quite the same at the first glance. However, the checkered pattern is rendered in 2D and appears to look simpler.

This pattern has been used by contemporary interior designers to create a unique focal point for the room. Color combinations on textures, on the other hand, should be carefully considered because they have the potential to dazzle the viewer.

How Can Rugs Transform An Interior Space? 

Even if the rug does not pop out from the rest of your room, it can affect the impression of the entire space. It works because the pattern aids in the establishment of the decoration style. 

To put it another way, decorating with rugs is a good way to define the different parts of your house. This approach is very helpful when designing an open area from the start or changing the furniture selections.

You can look at the image below to think about this idea. The room looks charming and peaceful without the carpet due to the earthy colors. 

Yet, when you put the patterned rug in the middle, it changes the whole space. 

How To Choose A Rug Pattern? 

You will make two decisions for this job: solid vs. patterned and the type of pattern. There are three things to consider:


If you have patterned furniture, go for a solid hue to prevent your room from looking messy with conflicting visual effects. 

Another idea is to use the same pattern concept for both furniture and rugs. This method helps establish a theme in decoration. 

The rule of thumb is to balance the colors and patterns you use. Also, determine the focal point to set other items based on the identified concept.


Some homeowners use wallpaper to protect the walls. The paper also allows frequent adjustment as you can change it to another theme. 

Please note that the wall coverings dominate the space. If you choose rugs with conflicting designs, your room will look too busy. 

As a result, it would be best to limit your selection down to one theme pattern only to achieve a harmonious vibe in your house.


If you have a bare floor, feel free to choose your rugs. This concept is quite common because the solid-colored floor goes perfectly with patterned rugs. 

If the floor has patterns, you have more options. While mixing multiple motifs into a space is acceptable, we don’t advise placing them right on top of one another. Choose a solid-color carpet instead, and use a matching design on the walls.

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There are countless ideas for rug patterns, such as floral, geometric, abstract, diamonds, and oriental. The best pattern for your house must be the one that fits the floor, furniture, and wall coverings nicely. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any interesting ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with Geembi

Thank you for reading!

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