The Holiday Theme of Red and White Christmas decoration to Inspire You (+Tips & Tricks) 

Why should you get a red and white Christmas decoration? Red and white are two lovely Christmas colors. The red color reflects Santa’s bright red shirt, while the white color represents the lovely winter snowflakes. The two hues appear to be at extremes, representing a bright and warm Christmas night.

The Meaning Of Red And White On Christmas

Red and white Christmas decoration remains a popular color combination for creating the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

The combination of red and white is an old tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages. They symbolize the contrast between light and dark, life and death, respectively.

The use of the color red in Christmas decoration is an Mid Century Modern look. Christianity has a deep red hue that goes back to the Roman Catholic tradition.

The first mention of using the color red in association with Christmas was found in “A Treatise on Christmastide” published by one of the finest intellectuals at the time, Peregrine de la Rue, who was a Cambridge University scholar and cleric. Later, after the Protestant Reformation, Protestants used to celebrate the birth of Jesus with white candles instead of red ones.

Today it’s common to see both colors in red and white Christmas decoration and gift-giving during this time period. It has come to be thought that children are more excited when they see their gifts under a tree decked with both colors instead of just one or the other.

Aside from the historical traditions, it is clear that the colors red and white are associated with Christmas Eve.

Santa’s outfit is red, and he always appears with dream gifts and delight.

There are many things that are pure white, but only at Christmas do white snowflakes cover the ground, signaling that Santa Claus is on his way.

Red And White Christmas Decoration: Burst With Joy And Holiday Spirit

The combination of red and white Christmas decor will awaken the festive spirit and light up the warm atmosphere in your home. See what we have for your home! Get ready to rock this Christmas!

Christmas Tree Decorations

The tree decorations is unquestionably a must-have item when it comes to Christmas decorating. A Christmas tree is not difficult to find in stores. However, discovering and selecting red white, and silver Christmas tree decorations for your tree is such a thrill and excitement that we have never been bored.

Red and white Christmas Tree Decorations

Red And White Christmas Baubles 

On Christmas Eve, the gorgeous balls with various decorations of all colors and sizes created more bright and colorful lights. The baubles are said to hold Santa Claus’ magic, bringing good luck, and good things, and making Christmas dreams come true.

Candy Cane Christmas Decorations

In the minds of Western children, Christmas is not only associated with Santa Claus or a Christmas tree full of presents. This very special holiday comes to children conspicuously with cute candies – candy canes.

A month before Christmas clearance, every place has prepared a jar of candy canes in the classroom for the children. This candy has the aroma of flour, the fatness of butter, and the slight taste of mint, which is very attractive to eat in the cold air.

Of course on the right holiday, these two red and white lollipops are an indispensable decoration on the green pine tree.

According to legend, once upon a time, to reduce the noise made by children in the church, the owner of the Holy Orchestra decided to order candy for them. This candy is shaped like a stick, to remind the children of the cane of the shepherd who visited Jesus when he was born. Since then, this red and white two-color lollipop has been loved and awaited by children around the world every Christmas.

In 1800, a confectioner in India bent one of his candy canes into the shape of a candy cane, representing the love and sacrifice of Jesus. Circa 1900s, candy cane originally had the same shape and color as it is now with a white candy background and red stripes, and a mint flavor.

Somewhere they explain that the shape of this candy cane is not only like a cane used to decorate the house at Christmas, but also has a symbolic meaning. The candy cane is turned upside down and it will look like the letter “J”, symbolizing Jesus. The white color of the candy cane represents the purity of Jesus. The red line on the candy represents God’s love.

It can be said that, with a long history, candy cane has become a symbol for Christmas, and every time students look at a candy cane, they remember that the big holiday is coming!

Explosion Of Colorful Christmas Decorations

Of course, Christmas is not only red and white, you try to combine red – try to mix them up with other colors. You will have a perfect color combination for the Christmas concept.

Gold Red And White Christmas Decorations

To begin with, the golden color represents the sparkling stars in the Christmas night sky, which brings hope to people during the chilly winter days. This is another color that evokes feelings of warmth and comfort.

Try adding some string lights, or glittery gold glitter ornaments, or a huge star on top of the Christmas tree. See? You’ve got what i mean.

Gold Red And White Christmas Decorations

Black Red And White Christmas Decorations

Black is rarely seen on Christmas Eve since it is thought to bring bad luck to emerge during a beautiful Christmas scene.

However, they are erroneous fears. You can completely include a mysterious black color into your Christmas décor scheme. These can be used as Christmas tree ornaments (put them next to other bright decorations).

Alternatively, you can entirely adorn picture frames, tablecloths, and other black items to create a Christmas ambiance.

Red Silver And White Christmas Decorations

A single hue can give refinement to any concept. Have you considered using silver into your Christmas decorating scheme? With this color combination, you can feel the brilliance, beauty, and shine of your living environment.

Christmas Decoration Ideas In Red And White 

Bringing your favorite Christmas tones into your home is no longer a challenge. Let’s go!

Outdoor Christmas Decor

Not only taking care of the inside, but the outside of your home is also the place to attract passersby, giving them a good feeling about your home.

So don’t overlook the outdoor Christmas decorations: Decorate your garden, decorate your front door, etc. wherever you want it to be the highlight of your home.

Decorations For Kitchen

Isn’t the kitchen where family members will create delectable food for the Christmas party?

As a result, you should do something to complement the warm family gathering around the Christmas table. A little bright light, a few decorations, or simply arranging the space scientifically and cleanly will result in a remarkable change.

Table Decorations

Set up a luxurious dinner table

Whether it’s a Christmas dinner table or a luxurious dinner table, you need to make sure that in front of each guest there will be a full range of dining utensils, as well as they are arranged most conveniently.

First, you spread a towel on the table and then place the salad plate and soup bowl in the middle of the table.

Next, you put the tableware on the table. Then place the bread plate on top. On the right, put the butter knife on the plate.

You put the napkin on the right side of the tableware. On the left-hand side, there is a fork used for salads and a fork for main dishes.

Place the main course knife, salad knife, and soup spoon on the right. Above the knife, you put a drinking glass. As for wine glasses to follow from right to left, for example, white wine for appetizers put the outer glass, then the red wine glass for the next dish.

Drinking glasses of filtered water will be placed directly in front of the knife. To the right of the glass of filtered water, you put the glass to drink wine.

Table decoration for Christmas Eve

The Christmas Eve table will be more formal, with the right color scheme for the party atmosphere.

Spread the tablecloth on the table, here you can use red, green, … to match the Christmas atmosphere.

On the Christmas table, you can arrange more candles, pine cones, napkins, etc. with two main color tones, red and white, helping to increase the solemnity and warmth of the party.

And a beautiful Christmas cake placed in the middle of the dining table will make the Christmas atmosphere more cozy and colorful.

DIY Red And White Christmas Decorations

It can be said that no holiday brings them thousands of DIY decorating ideas like Christmas. DIY projects are the most popular, because it allows them to unleash their creativity, and save a lot of money.

They often create projects such as handmade cards, ornaments, door decorations with stickers,…

In conclusion, red and white Christmas decorations are a great way to show your holiday spirit. Whatever your reason for choosing red and white, we hope you have a Happy Holiday season! Follow Geembi for more holiday tips and tricks.


How to decorate children’s red and white striped Christmas pajamas? 

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