Sweet & Romantic Valentine Day Table Decorations 

How do you usually spend Valentine’s Day with your lover? Surely many couples will choose to dine or chat together at a dessert table. Then decorating a romantic table is something you should think about, right? Pick up the Valentine day table decorations ideas in this article now.

Valentine Day Table Decorations: Boost your mood

Table decoration is also a job that requires sophistication and taste to bring comfort and emotional uplift, even if it’s just the two of you sitting and having dinner together. You can refer to a few Valentine’s table decor ideas below and set up a romantic space for both of you.

Romantic Valentine’s Day table settings – simple ideas to set the scene at home

Of course, the restaurant’s services will be able to give you the ideal setting for the two of you to go on a date. However, many couples will choose to spend their special day at home because it is more freeing, private, and saves money.

Staying at home will not make Valentine’s Day boring. Try adding some Valentine day table decorations sparkle!

For A Romantic Dinner Table

1. Where to set up the table?

The choice of venue for the party will depend on the preferences of you and your lover. You can set a romantic Valentine’s table in many places such as the kitchen, dining room, front yard, or balcony.

Valentine day table decorations

2. Decorate the space around the party table

Don’t forget the space around the dining table. You can use decorative items for the party to add more romance such as lights, bows, ribbons, etc.

 Decorate the space around the party table

One suggestion is that you can change the tablecloth to create a sweet atmosphere. In addition, decorating with flowers will make the table more lively and increase the feelings of the two parties.

Lighting is also a very important thing, do not use white lights or lights that are too bright. Because that will lose the cozy feeling. Instead, you can use candles or some dim light to make the atmosphere more intimate.

The dinner can also become romantic if you know how to arrange and show it. A meal with red roses, leather tablecloths, and sparkling candles will make everything so sweet. Of course, it is indispensable for the happy photo frames of both of you to be hung around to recall the happy memories of both of you. The above decoration will help your meal to be classic and romantic.

3. Use decorative balloons

Valentine’s table decoration can use more balloons to decorate the room. This is an interesting way to decorate Valentine’s Day if the person is a person who likes cute things, and likes the bustle, this is also the way to create the most suitable atmosphere. Not only does it add romance, but it also brings a cute feeling to the couple, making that person seem to be immersed in another colorful and interesting world.

decorative balloons

For A Livingroom Table

 A Livingroom Table
Wine glasses and roses on the table for Valentines Day

For the living room table, first, consider changing to a new tablecloth. Then, on the left, place a vase of fresh flowers. Prepare some fruit, wine, and snacks you both enjoy, as well as scented candles. To add a decorative touch, sprinkle some rose petals about and add string lights.

Don’t forget to replace your sofa’s cushions and blankets.

And done, both of you will have a great time chatting and watching romantic movies.

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Make An Outside Table Decoration

How to decorate a table for Valentine’s day outside? Check these ideas below to enjoy the day with your sweetheart under the starry night.

Setup A Tea Table Decor 

Tea table does not bring romance or mystery, but it brings relaxation, and comfort and blows the mind. If both of you are too familiar with parties at restaurants, the idea of setting up a tea table, with cakes, tea, or juice is a way to “add honey” to love.

A Tea Table Decor 

Afternoon Tea Ideas

In this article, Geembi will guide you on how to organize an afternoon tea party at home according to the British afternoon tea style standard, you and your lover can both enjoy Valentine’s Day on the tea table and have your relaxing moment.

What are you waiting for, let’s get started!


Never underestimates planning. Even if the idea of an Afternoon Tea party comes to you randomly, detailed planning will help you have a thoughtful and memorable tea party. To make planning easy, you should answer the following questions:

The size of the tea party: big or small, cozy, intimate or formal? What is the theme of the Afternoon Tea party? Do you want your party to have a certain theme or simply an intimate party?

Decide on a theme for the tea party

First, choose for yourself a theme throughout the tea party. Choosing a theme will make it easy to choose from teas, cakes, cups, bowls, and decorations.

If they all share a common theme, it’s easier than ever to choose and organize everything.

For example, if your theme is a spring garden, choose cups and napkins with spring floral patterns in vibrant colors.

Decide on the menu for the tea party

You need to have a ready-made menu of tea and side dishes for your party so that you can find and prepare them most efficiently. British Black Tea is the most suitable product to use in Afternoon Tea parties.

You should prepare loose-leaf teas from reputable brands to ensure quality for the party.

Side dishes can be standard British afternoon tea with scones and sandwiches, but can also be creative with your culinary style.

The food on the tea table often has a combination of savory and sweet dishes. You can refer to some of the cakes that are often selected for the afternoon tea party:

  • Sandwiches are cut into finger lengths, so choose a variety of fillings for a variety of flavors.
  • Butter crackers, sugar cookies, or gingerbread…
  • Scone cake with jam and fresh cream.
  • Adding color from Donuts or Macarons is also a good idea.

Prepare basic supplies for an Afternoon Tea party

A standard British Afternoon Tea party needs “tea tools” – ceramic utensils for drinking tea such as a teapot, a decanter from milk, a bowl of sugar, and a pitcher of hot water (if you like it). diluted tea), and a plate of lemon slices arranged on a wooden or tin tray.

The tea tray and porcelain tea set are placed at the end of the table. On the right put some necessary cups, plates, and teaspoons to suit the number of guests.

To save time, you can buy tea sets from the same supplier for easy selection and increased aesthetics.

Depending on the size of the tea party, you can omit some tools but still have to ensure the following:

  • A tea set with enough cups, saucers, spoons, and forks for everyone
  • Big teapot
  • Tea strainer
  • Milk bottle
  • Linen or decorative tablecloth
  • Set of tiered cake trays or cake plates
  • Decoration for the tea party

Always remember to follow the theme of the party to easily choose decorations for your party. Get ready:

  • A white linen tablecloth is the simplest and easiest option or a patterned towel that embodies the theme of the party.
  • Paper napkins: you can refer to the beautiful ways of folding napkins to increase the aesthetics of the tea table.
  • The pretty decorations on the table create the atmosphere for the party.

In addition, you can take advantage of the decor items in your home space to create more accents for the party. Note the use of many natural materials such as flowers, leaves, and light to create a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Tea Party Table Setting Ideas

#1 Customization of the site: The tea party can be held in the garden, porch, or balcony. Or you can choose a camping or picnic location to open a cozy tea party.

#2 Required cookies & desserts: When enjoying tea, you have to prepare cakes and desserts. You can choose from sweet treats like cookies, cupcakes, croissants, and more

#3 Choose the Tablescape Table Decoration Packs

#4 Afternoon Tea Cake Stands

#5 Afternoon Tea Cake Toppers

#6 Afternoon Bunting and Banners

Update your settings

Holiday or Seasonal Party

No matter how you prepare and decorate your tea table, having a tea table at your holiday or seasonal party is a must! Here are a few tips on how to set up the perfect tea table:

– Choose a variety of teas, both hot and cold, to please your sweetie.

– Set out a selection of snacks that go well with tea, such as biscuits, cakes, and sandwiches.

– Make sure you have a pot of boiling water on hand.

– Don’t forget the milk and sugar!

With these tips, you’ll be sure to have the perfect tea table at your Valentine’s tea party.

Victorian Tea Party

Celebrating Valentine’s Day by throwing a Victorian-themed tea party for your loved ones is a great way for elegant ladies. So, check these tips to build your tea party.

Victorian Tea Party

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

– Decorate your space with Victorian-style decorations, such as lace tablecloths, floral centerpieces, and candles.

– Set out a selection of finger sandwiches, scones, and other light snacks.

– Serve a variety of teas, including black tea, Earl Grey, and green tea.

– Offer a selection of cakes and pastries for dessert.

– Make sure to have plenty of tea cups and saucers on hand, as well as teaspoons and sugar cubes.

– Finally, don’t forget the music! Play some classical tunes or Victorian

Afternoon tea cupcake boxes

The convenient set of afternoon tea cupcake boxes is the perfect way to take your cupcakes on the go. The boxes are also stackable, so you can easily transport a large number of cupcakes at once.

Afternoon tea cupcake boxes
brownie cake set in a box, fresh head-made brownies

Afternoon Tea Macarons

Displays for European class parties, macaron.

Afternoon Tea Macarons
French macarons on the wooden bench and table in cafe style. Tea rose decorations. Tea time.

Without pastries, afternoon tea is incomplete. Afternoon tea cakes should be finger food size for simple handling and not too sweet to overwhelm the taste of a cup of tea. Cakes made from fresh fruits such as oranges, lemons, and mangoes are a refreshing choice for summer days, in addition to scones, which are traditional afternoon tea cakes from England.

Impressive Table Decorating Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Impressive Table Decorating Ideas for Valentine's Day

Choose The Look

Notes when setting up Valentine’s theme party

– For your lover to feel the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day, you should set up and decorate the table with the main color of red or pink.

– Heart-shaped cups and plates can be used to both store food and create accents

– Use flowers, and candles and create beautiful decorations to “make-up” the table more attractive

– Fold napkins in the shape of a heart, and an envelope to match the holiday theme

Sprinkle some crystals

The sparkle for your space will come from decorative items such as string lights, crystal chandeliers, or simply shiny crystal or glass tableware. Choose these so you can add elegance and sparkle to your decorating concept.

Set the table with Pink, White, and Gold

These are the main color tones for Valentine, creating luxury, romance and warmth. You are free to choose a variety of decorations, as long as it revolves around these 3 beautiful colors.

Make a beautiful floral centerpiece

A centerpiece is a beautiful way to add some extra flair to your dinner table, and a floral centerpiece is an especially lovely way to do it. Here’s how to make a beautiful touch with just a few simple steps.

First, choose a vase that you love. You can use a clear glass vase, a mason jar, or even a pretty bowl. Then, fill the vase with water and add your flowers. For a touch of extra elegance, you can add some greenery or branches to the vase.

Next, it’s time to arrange your flowers. You can keep it simple by arranging them in a single layer, or you can get creative and make a more dynamic arrangement. Once you’re happy with the way your flowers look, it’s time to enjoy your beautiful centerpiece!

Fold Your Napkins

To fold a napkin into a heart, start by folding it in half lengthwise. Then, fold the top corners down to meet in the middle, and fold the bottom up to meet in the middle. Once you have a long, thin rectangle, fold it in half again lengthwise and tuck the top corner under the bottom. Finally, give the heart a little squeeze in the middle to make it hold its shape.

Cut some paper hearts

This craft is simple and only requires a few supplies: paper, scissors, and glue. First, cut out some heart shapes from your paper. You can make them all the same size, or mix things up and make some large and small hearts. Then, decorate your hearts however you like. You can add some glitter, or sequins, or even write a special message on them.

Once you’re finished, glue your hearts onto another piece of paper or cardstock to make a card, or even stick them on the wall. Or, you can string them together to make a garland or mobile. Whatever you do, your loved ones are sure to appreciate your homemade project.

Float Roses In Wine Glasses

One of the most elegant ways to display roses is to float them in wine glasses. This simple yet stunning display is perfect for special occasions or everyday elegance. All you need is a few roses, some water, and a few wine glasses.

To start, cut the roses so that the stems are about 4 inches long. Fill the wine glasses with water, adding a little bit of floral food to the water. Then, carefully place the roses in the glasses. You can arrange them however you like – in a single layer or in a more bouquet-like arrangement.

Allow the roses to float in the wine glasses for at least an hour before enjoying them. The water will help keep the roses fresh and hydrated, and the wine glasses will add a touch of sophistication to your décor.

Put candles near the mirrors

There’s something about the flickering flames of candles that just makes a room feel more inviting. And when you put them near mirrors, the effect is even more pronounced. Mirrors reflect the light of the candles and create a warm, inviting ambiance.

So if you’re looking to add a little bit of cozy to your home, try placing some candles near mirrors. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

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We gave you some ways to decorate Valentine’s Day that are both sweet, romantic and extremely effective for your lover that you can refer to. What are you waiting for? Plan for a meaningful Valentine’s Day that is approaching today.

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