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Surprise Valentines Day Gifts - Things To Get Your Valentine

Many people believe that once a couple has been in love for a long time, the surprise and thrill will fade. So, how can you reignite love and preserve the passion in love? So, make a wise choice with surprise valentines day gifts.

The best surprise for Valentine’s day 

In love, warming your lover’s heart with surprises is a way to spice up your feelings. People often lose their eagerness and anticipation for what happens too often, over and over again, and only eagerly look forward to what they have never received or experienced.

What do I mean? That is innovation! Innovation in the expression of love and gift-giving is the key to creating excitement and expectations from the lover.

For example, if you give him gifts and cards every year on Valentine’s Day, as an annual cliche, the anticipation and joy will not be as much as the first days of love.

Then what to do? Continue reading!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

It is commonly regarded that men are not particularly sensitive, so you are often at ease in the path of love without paying attention to his thoughts. He will be happier and more eager, however, if his girl can express her love through the presents he receives.

Valentine’s Day Surprise Gifts For Husband

Here are unique valentines day ideas you can do for your husband.

  • Something Practical That You’ve Been Saving Up For Together.

Is there anything you haven’t done together since getting married? You can encourage your husband to join you in an activity that you both enjoy but haven’t tried in a long time. It might be a small wedding anniversary party with family or friends, or it could be a romantic picnic with just the two of you.

Experiencing a new, more private, and comfortable location where you may connect to each other will be a delightful surprise for him.

  • Treat them to a meal.

Because we don’t have much time for each other in modern life, shared meals are even more valuable, helping to warm the couple’s love. Even if you are not the main chef at home, cooking for your loved one is always a nice idea. The main thing is not the food’s taste (of course, it must be… edible), but your heart and care. Who can deny this “special invitation”?

Sentimental Gifts For Boyfriend 

  • Write them a love letter.

love letter

Many people will say that it would be too old if people still write letters now. Because, today is the age of computers, phones, and emails, writing letters by hand is like a thing of the past. However, for couples, handwritten letters bring a new feeling with emotional handwritten lines that will be an interesting gift, and make your lover move.

Write about your thoughts about that person, say how much you love that person, and never want to be apart.

As email and texting become more and more convenient, a handwritten letter is far more romantic, thoughtful, and affectionate. If you’re not the type who can say sweet words, writing them to him will make him extremely emotional. If you wear a certain perfume, spray a little on the letter before sending it. Try to secretly put the letter in his lunch box or drawer.

  • A plan for a romantic, surprise getaway

This is a great way to show your partner that you care about their feelings. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, but it should be something they would enjoy doing together.

You may have some ideas for this already, but ask them what they’d like to do most in life.

Surprise Valentines Day Gifts For Her 

Best Surprise Gift For Wife On Valentine’s Day 

  •  A Change Of Scenery.

This seems to be a bit complicated and time-consuming, but it is certainly highly successful. You can actively adjust the décor of your room to add more romance. You could, for example, hang a picture of the two of you, change the bed sheets, set up a table with a bottle of wine, or hang some string lights…

Imagine her strolling in and recognizing the spectacular transformation in your room, and you’ll have a wonderful night! That is an exciting prospect. 

  • A pair of pajamas 

Love pyjama

  • Take A Date-Night Weekend.

picnic valentine's day

Organize an exciting trip for just the two of you, but keep the destination a secret. Hiding the location will make your adventure more colorful and don’t forget to prepare sweet words and romantic dinners along the way. Enjoy a fun weekend, or an “escape” from daily life to warm up your feelings.

Do some research on a place you’ve always wanted to visit. You can read brochures and know the budget for the entire trip. Once all arrangements are made, let her/him know that you can finally take the vacation of your dreams. 

Of course, you should choose a place that she/he also likes.

  • A Day Off From Work For Them.

If she doesn’t have any urgent work, ask her to take a day off from the office. Too much stress at work will also make her unhappy, so ask her to take a break from work for a day, so the two of you can enjoy the day.

Best Things To Get Your Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day 

  • An old photo of the two of you.

This is a great way to bring back some good memories and remind your partner how much you love them. You can find photos of the two of you at any age or from any event in your relationship.

  • A box of chocolates.

Chocolate may seem a bit cliché because it’s a pretty common thing, especially around Valentine’s Day. However, you can still make a box of chocolates personal and special to her by choosing the flavor she likes, decorating, and writing cards yourself. I’m sure she’ll have a lot of fun!

chocolate for valentine's day

On Valentine’s day, you can get your partner something they will love but not expect!

  • Plan a special event.

In your view, what is a special event? To me, that figurative event is “things that have never been done”. Learning new things together is also a way to surprise your other half. Why not sign you and your lover up for an exciting new class?

You could join your partner in a dance class, language class, or a sporting activity that you both enjoy. This will be the most memorable time that the two of you share, it helps you both learn more useful things while braiding the emotional bond between the two of you.

These classes not only equip you and your partner with useful lessons and knowledge, but also help you spend more time together, but in a new way. This is also a way to help couples “love for a long time” to limit boredom and understand each other better.

To make learning new things more meaningful, take the time to thoroughly research the courses to suit your interests and time.

  • Make a video.

making movie on Valetine day

Recording photos and videos during dates are not new to us. However, refresh them by using these “materials” to make a short film with the music and the message you want to send to him. “This love movie” is not only a way to create surprises but also a great means of keeping memories.

Surprise your partner with a short video in which you express your feelings to your lover. You can use common video compositing programs added after the ending of a romantic movie. You imagine when the two of you have just finished enjoying a good movie, your video appears right after that in the surprise of your lover, how interesting it is.

Pay attention to the clever integration of music, you will see how great the power of cinema is.

  • Make A Music Playlist Together.

To make love sweeter and not boring, give attention to your lover by creating a surprise that makes him or her feel like the happiest person in the world. With just a few simple things, you have become a great lover in the eyes of your partner. One of the fun ways to foster love is to give a surprise piece of music.

One of the best, most romantic ways to show affection is to give your lover a love song. There are many ways to donate music such as you can send a request to the radio, getting a phone service, or “performing” yourself if you can.

Make sure your loved one will enjoy this gift. It can become your meaning or a lovely little secret between the two of you.

Choose something that is personal and meaningful to your particular relationship.

  • A throw blanket that’s so cozy, it’s basically like giving them a hug. 

Geembi has some special gift on Valentine’s Collection. They will be the sweet and memorable present for you love, burning love flame for your Valentine’s night.

Valentine Gift Colection

  • A framed photo from a meaningful trip or special occasion with your partner.
  • Their favorite mementos from your first date, like a movie ticket stub or the concert wristband from the show where you met.
  • Something equally romantic in spirit, but not over-the-top lovey-dovey — for example, a book about relationships with handwritten notes in the margins.
  • An adorable potted plant that’ll bring a little nature indoors — and live long after the flowers in their Valentine’s Day bouquet has wilted away.
  • A customized piece of jewelry that feels thoughtful and personal, like this one with Roman numerals listing your wedding date or the anniversary of when you first met.

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To Wrapping Up

Pleasant surprises are the “spices” of love; they keep love appealing and emotional. It is not difficult to surprise your partner with surprise valentines day gifts and make him or her delighted once you have acquired the aforementioned techniques. Best wishes!