Why Are Rugs So Expensive? These 5 Factors Are The Reasons

A perfect carpet plays a vital role in a home’s interior decor, defining the tone of the overall design and transforming it into a warm place.

Even the most affordable items can cost you a few hundred dollars. If you want to buy a decent-quality product, you may have to spend at least $1,000.

Why are rugs so expensive? We’ll get some insight into the factors contributing to the high price of home carpets and some affordable products for tight-budget homeowners.

Why Are Rugs So Expensive?

There are five primary factors that make up a quality rug’s price, including material, manufacturing method, size, durability, and origin of country.

#1 Material

why are rugs so expensive
Cotton carpets often come at high prices.

The material determines nearly everything about a carpet – color retention, shedding, softness, durability, cleanability, etc. https://whitespools.com/

Traditionally, people use 100% natural fibers to make rugs. These fibers are soft materials, like wool, jute, sisal, and cotton, which can cost you a large fortune.

Today, synthetic fibers are more prevalent in rug making since they’re relatively more affordable and have more excellent resistance to stain than natural fabrics.

However, synthetic fibers, such as polyester, viscose, polypropylene, and acrylic, are considerably rougher than natural fabrics and usually less durable.

#2 Manufacturing Method

An Iranian man makes woolen carpets on cotton ropes in a carpet factory
An Iranian man makes woolen carpets on cotton ropes in a carpet factory.

The method used to manufacture a carpet or the production process is also a large factor contributing to its price. It can be entirely machine-made, handmade, or a mix of both methods.

The costlier products often go through a meticulous handmade process, taking days or months to finish. People often call these hand-knotted carpets.

Handmade models contain a large knot count, leading to their unique colors and plush texture. They’re usually more durable than machine-made models and can last for decades if maintained properly.

#3 Size

choosing rugs of different sizes
Larger rugs are mostly more expensive.

Generally, the more sizable the carpet, the more expensive it is. A large carpet requires more time and material to produce.

Larger rugs are better options for almost any room, except smaller spaces. You may think you can save money by choosing a small model, but a small-sized carpet will make a room look more cramped.

Large-sized rugs unify all pieces of furniture and lend the room the feel that it is more spacious than usual. Concerning rug size, it’s better to pay slightly more.

#4 Durability

durable rugs are easy to maintain a last for years
Durable rugs are easy to maintain and last for years.

More robust and durable products come with higher price tags. These rugs are more straightforward to maintain, highly resistant to damage, and can last for years.

If you buy a sturdier and more expensive product, you will not have to buy another to replace it for years.

So, a high-quality rug may be expensive at first, but overall, it offers a better value in the long term of 5-7 years than less durable carpets.

The robust materials are seagrass, jute, sisal, nylon, polypropylene, and wool.

#5 Country of Origin

Many carpets are from overseas, where the most famous carpet styles were born, and oversea-rooted products tend to cost more. Countries reputable for carpet manufacturing are Turkey, Egypt, China, and India.

China takes the lead in hand-hooked and hand-tufted carpets, including outdoor and shag mats. This country is abundant in synthetic fibers and, therefore, gains a remarkable advantage regarding materials.

Likewise, Egypt also manufactures a tidal wave of outdoor and shag rugs but usually applies machine-made methods instead of hand-hooked techniques.

What Types Of Rugs Are Affordable?

jute rug
Jute rug


Jute is a natural fiber and the most affordable among natural wools. This fiber is eco-friendly, so you will feel better about buying jute rugs.

People derive jute from tropical flowering plants. One of the significant reasons jute is affordable is because consumers love its mild, natural color, meaning it does not require a lot of dyes.

So, if you’re seeking an earthy area mat to decorate your living room but don’t have a generous budget for something luxurious, jute will be a perfect pick.

polyester rug
Polyester rug


Do you wonder if you can find affordability and quality in a product? Polyester is what you’re searching for, a popular material in rug making.

Polyester fibers offer extra comfort with wonderful softness and bright colors. 

When first glancing at polyester rugs and feeling them with your feet and hands, you can’t help but think they must be costly.

Polyester is a cost-effective material that gives the comfortable feel and looks of high-quality fibers.

Besides, polyester carpets offer some added benefits, such as resistance to damage caused by mildew, mold, or moths.

olefin rug
Olefin rug


Olefin’s popularity is undeniable in mat making as it has decent quality and is highly cost-effective.

Unlike typical materials, olefin mats are chemically inert, meaning you can clean them with strong chemical solutions without ruining the fibers.

However, if you decide to opt for an inexpensive olefin mat, you should avoid putting it in areas with high traffic to ensure it lasts an extended time.

nylon rug
Nylon rug


This material is shared among carpets, initially used as a cheap alternative to silk. Nylon and silk share the same brightness and softness.

Besides being more cost-effective, nylon is easier to wash and more durable than silk fibers.

Indeed, nylon is one of the sturdiest synthetic fibers in mat production. So, it’s no surprise homeowners are nuts about this material.

If you’re searching for the feel and look of silk, choose nylon as an inexpensive option. This synthetic fiber is worth more than its price.


Finely handmade mats, particularly the antique models, are not just a piece of furniture. They’re a blend of masterful artistry, exclusive materials, and superb meticulousness.

Now that you understand ‘why are rugs so expensive?’. Geembi believes that you will appreciate the dedication and effort put into those artworks and see the worth of your investment in a rug.

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