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Showing all 4 results

Christmas Rugs & Christmas Bedding Liven Up Your House

The holidays are a time to get together with family and friends, and Christmas rugs are the perfect way to extend that cozy feeling throughout your home. But with so many gorgeous options out there, it can be hard to choose!

Use this helpful guide on how to pick Christmas rugs for your house to ensure you get exactly what you want, whether it’s one rug or several.

Why You Need Christmas Rugs?

Red Truck Christmas Rug PN44RN

Rugs are large mats used to decorate floors, protect them and make them warmer. They come in different shapes and sizes, depending on how they are used. At its most basic, a rug is any textile that’s placed on top of another material.

However, because rugs are so useful and make our lives easier, they have evolved into something special. It is an indispensable home item that can completely change how a room looks and feels. Most people use rugs for warmth (wooden floors are notoriously cold), but their most significant benefit is that they help us make better use of space.

Different Types of Christmas Rugs

Whatever your expectation for a rug is this holiday season, our Christmas rugs are sure to meet it and fulfill your family atmosphere.

Area Rugs

Christmas Rug All Hearts Come Home For Christmas

This type of rug is usually large in size to serve its purpose. As their name suggests, these rugs are placed in large areas in the house. They are popular in hallways, guest rooms, playrooms, and dining rooms during holidays. Those are the places where the whole family often gathers together to chat and relax. They might also be the spots where your party guests gather around.

Why these Christmas area rugs are perfect for the Holiday is obvious. It adds festive cheer to your space and somehow can make you feel warm as well. But warmth is not really about the decor. It comes from the moment that all members of a family get together on a huge rug and have fun.

Kitchen Rugs

Christmas Kitchen rug

Kitchen rugs typically come in a smaller size and are a common type of decor for Christmas. They are usually hardy, thick, and heat-resistant, so they can handle being put in front of a space heater or oven. The material also makes them more durable so kids can roughhouse on them without damaging them.

Rugs for the kitchen are especially beneficial because they provide you with more traction as you prepare meals. Additionally, when looking at Christmas rugs for sale online or otherwise, consider how many other people will be sharing a kitchen with you—whether it’s just your family or an entire office of coworkers. Also, ensure there’s enough room between any seams and walls or cabinets, so no one stumbles over it and hurts themselves.

Christmas Bathroom Rugs

Christmas Bathroom Rugs (1)

A bathroom rug may also be referred to as a bathroom mat or runner. It can be placed in front of a toilet, beside a sink and bathtub, or on tiled floors. They are also commonly made of plastic, cotton, and vinyl. They are simple to clean and inexpensive. For these reasons, they’re an excellent choice if you want to add color and warmth to your bathroom floor space on a budget.

What’s good about it? When using a rug for bathroom, water and dirt that falls onto your tiles won’t go into between grout lines but will instead soak up through them (the same way they would when using a kitchen rug). This keeps grout fresh-looking and neat while preventing scratches caused by accumulating dirt over time.

What’s bad about it? The biggest downside to bathroom rugs is that just because they are quick-drying does not mean they are not absorbent. If you use one in front of your toilet, expect some liquid spillage. But do not worry—you can quickly rinse off spills with warm water or wipe them away with non-abrasive cleaners (just not soaps).

Christmas Rugs for Living Room

Snowman Christmas Rug Merry Christmas

Many homeowners fret over selecting rugs for their living rooms because they want everything to be just right. But there is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

In fact, you can choose any rug for your living room, basically as long as its size fits the spot you want it to lay on.

Putting a Christmas rug in your living room is a nice way to say “Welcome to my home” to the guests. Also, if the living room has a stunning set of table and chairs, having a rug under it can be a brilliant idea.

What To Consider When Choosing Holiday-inspired Rugs

Holiday rugs can add a whimsical touch to any room. But these are also very versatile pieces, as they can make an existing rug more festive or work on its own. Because of that, there are a few factors you need to consider when choosing your perfect holiday-inspired rug.

Know Exactly Where To Place Them

The most important thing you should consider is where and how you will place it. Most holiday-themed rugs are designed with one specific function in mind. If that is what you want from yours, matching it up will be easy. If not, try looking for a multipurpose option that works equally well in any space of your home.
When choosing a holiday-inspired rug, remember that you’ll likely want one that will last for several years. Selecting a sturdy material will ensure your investment can be enjoyed in future seasons. Polyester is among our favorites since it is smooth and tends to resist mold, mildew, and other common stains and odors associated with pets or frequent foot traffic.


Generally, 5 x 8 is considered a standard rug size. It is large enough to function well in most rooms but not so large that it becomes an obstacle. That said, if you have a lot of space to cover, choose a bigger one.

If you are trying to stay on a budget and want to save money, 4 x 6 or 3 x 5 sizes are good options as they can cover many square feet with less material (and cost).
Christmas Aesthetics
Make sure how the rug look will bring a definite Christmas vibe to your rooms. Since it is the greatest time of the year, do it full of your passion. Make it a Xmas-exploded statement if that is what you want. Or, if you enjoy some holiday style but do not want something so eye-catching, choose subtle patterns such as florals or abstract works.

What Accessories Go Well With Rugs?

Many people do not want to place their rug on the floor without adding an accent above it.  So here are some ideal accessories that we believe coordinate with your rugs very well:
#1 Coffee Table
A coffee table will accentuate your rug and vice versa. These are two elements that are always used in tandem to boost the amount of inspiration in your room. However, choose the rug’s color carefully to complement and blend with the coffee table. Otherwise, it may end up being a creative disaster.

Christmas Rugs Coffee Table
#2 Chaise Lounge
Whenever there is a chaise lounge in your room, do not forget to add a rug under it. A rug or carpet can prevent your foot from touching the floor and getting while you sit on the lounge. Most importantly, these things together make an epitome of trendy for your home.

Christmas Rugs Coffee Table (1)
#3 Floor Lamps
Floor lamps are accessories that go well with any rug, and the two of them will make a wholesome look in your room corner. If you want a cluster-effect, make sure to add more items such as an ottoman, a study desk, or plants.
#4 Christmas Bedding
Rugs may have nothing to do with bedding, but when it comes to the overall appearance of the bedroom, both will have an impact. You don’t want to spend an entire season looking at a room with an unbalanced palette of colors and textures. Always keep the decorations consistent with one theme, and you’ll see the magic. So, if you’re going to put a Christmas rug in your room, make sure to coordinate it with your Christmas bedding.

Geembi has Christmas bedding sets with every artistic design you could want. We have you covered whether you want the Red Truck design, Santa Claus, or just a Merry Christmas saying. In addition, the set includes one quilt in each size as well as two polycotton quilts at an affordable price for a comfortable night’s sleep. Let’s make the most of the holiday season.


Do’s and Don’ts When Using Rugs

A list of Dos and Don’ts when using rugs will give you enough awareness of how they work. Then, you will know whether it is possible for your home to have a rug and how to maintain it for long-life use.
#1 Extend Your Rugs Under Furniture As Much As Possible

When you place a rug in an area, make sure everything is put on top of the rug. For example, if you want to place your rug under a set of dining table and chairs, it must be large enough for these things. Even if someone pulls those chairs out, they are still on the rug. Or else the whole look will make you feel awkward in front of the guests.

#2 High-traffic Area Should Get Covered

Use your rug for spots where people usually walk. That makes sense because rugs are not made to enhance the way your home interior looks. Make use of their goal to give you a great sense of touch under your foot. Also, please note that a rug covering your high-traffic area should be in a large size so many people can stand on it without putting one foot on and another foot off.

#3 Try To Have The Rug Centered In The Room

Decorating is a creative job; you can position your rugs however you like. Nevertheless, it would be more well-displayed if you had it centered in your room. That means there are equal spaces left on every side of a rug. The goal is to make your rug look like it exists in your room and play a notable role among other furniture. That way gets more critical as you love to show off your rugs.

#4 Know How To Maintain It

Of course, you do not want to spend a budget on something that will just stay with you for only a few months. The key suggestion is to learn how to clean it. Especially when it comes to Christmas rugs, you want to know how to store them properly so you can haul them out next year for use.
#1 Hesitant On Colors and Patterns

Rugs are your chance to add a playful flair to your space without minor efforts. So, do not be afraid to have some colorful and patterned mats and rugs on the floors.

#2 Overlook Big-sized Rugs

It is understandable that people usually glance at big-size ones while shopping for rugs. That is because rugs with larger sizes often come at a higher price. However, make your wise decision. Big-sized rugs might be pretty expensive, but they are incredibly worthwhile in return.

#3 Place Your Most Favorite Rugs At Risk

Regardless of how much you want to show off your best rug in a focal point in your home, think about the danger you may put it into. Even if that rug is easy to clean, it can get torn and fade over time in high-traffic areas. So, be careful! The best way is to put it in your private room where just you and some others are present.
Decorating a space filled with other rooms’ worth of holiday decor is easier said than done when you want those decorations to match still everything else going on around them. Luckily, many affordable rugs can help tie together your décor without making it look tacky.

To make the best of your rugs in the Holiday season and all year round, we hope this rug guide is helpful. And if you are looking for some Christmas rugs to enhance the atmosphere of your areas, choose Geembi! We have all covered for you!