25+ Unique Farmhouse Laundry Room Decor Ideas

Are you looking for unique and creative farmhouse laundry room decor ideas? If yes, you have landed on the right site!

Let’s make the space where you do those daily washing and cleaning things more interesting and less tedious with a beautiful laundry space with farmhouse style. 

The farmhouse room is elegant and stylish, presenting your personality and character. It also helps embellish the working spaces with elegant style. 

If you are unsure of adorning your washing area, here are 25+ the most unique and creative farmhouse laundry room decor ideas you can find nowhere!
Let’s get started!

Farmhouse Laundry Room Decor Ideas 

Below are the most distinctive ideas for your farmhouse laundry space. Let’s take a closer look!

#1. Decorative Oversized Hampers

If placed correctly, lovely oversized hampers may serve as decoration and organization. Such large hampers will look and work well in a farmhouse laundry area.

Classify the garments by owner, color, or kind with as many as you want. You should make sure they are visible so that all members of your family know where to place their dirty clothes.

Oversized hampers
Oversized hampers

#2. Ladder Shelf

Need to maximize the space of your laundry room? Is your hanging a bit inadequate? The most optimal solution to meet these requirements is a ladder shelf.

Your task will be much easier if you already have a ladder. After that, use anchors and screw hooks to suspend it to the desired location on the ceiling. 

If you can’t make this project yourself, it’s better to get the help of experienced experts. 

Ladder shelf
Ladder shelf

#3. Farmhouse Vintage Sink

When setting up a laundry room, you cannot miss out on a sink. However, if you want to bring a sense of farmhouse into your atmosphere, you should replace a modern sink with an ancient metal one. 

You can still use it as a normal sink while it can bring a vintage look to your washing space. 

Moreover, an extra-large sink is perfect for soaking your kids’ soiled clothing, producing tie-dye shirts, and a variety of other activities that your clothes become involved in.

farmhouse vintage sink placed in a laundry room
Farmhouse vintage sink placed in a laundry room

#4. Wood Board For Lost Socks

Sometimes you lose a few socks. Let’s design a lovely wooden board to gather these single socks together.

It will make it easier to find the other socks while also providing an enjoyable farmhouse mood.

You can completely design this decoration your way with just simple materials, like a small wooden board and a rope. Then, you can decorate whatever you like on the board and hang it on the wall.

Board for lost socks
Board for lost socks

#5. Washer

It is the most equipment in the washing room. You can choose any type of washer you like. It’s better to pay attention to its color so that it can match any other shades of items in the space. numerologist.com  


#6. Dryer

Along with the washer, the dryer is essential in all laundry rooms. Consider the suitable color to bring a rustic vibe to your room. 


#7. Signs

A farmhouse laundry room can’t be beautiful if it lacks some wall art. If you want to cheer up your atmosphere, a cute sign might brighten the mood in your laundry area. 

If you need something inspirational, you can design your sign with some inspiring quotes. Consider hanging it over the vintage sink or any other places you like. 

Sign for washroom
Sign for washroom

#8. Shiplap

The shiplap pattern is a popular choice for farmhouse décor. It is most typically used in the living room, although it may also be utilized in the laundry room.

The horizontal patterns of the shiplap give the area a sense of openness. On the other hand, the white wood coating offers a neutral shade for ornamental designs.

If you want a more consistent look in your farmhouse laundry room, the shiplap method may also be used on the ceilings. To make the place more lively, you should select wood tones for the furnishings and ceiling.

Shiplap for washroom
Shiplap for washroom

#9. Multi-Layer Shelves For Storage

Installing wall shelves is your best choice if you need more storage but want to keep your farmhouse laundry room feeling large.

Aside from the aesthetic openness they give, they also make it simpler to see and reach for the objects you use on a regular basis.

Shelf for storage
Shelf for storage

#10. Wood Cabinet

Cabinets are one of the indispensable pieces in the laundry room. It is the perfect place to organize and store items such as cleaning solutions, laundry equipment, or clothes neat and orderly.

There is a wide range of cabinets for you to choose from. You can install one depending on your demand or laundry space. 

For instance, if your washing is quite small, it’s better to place a cabinet above the dryer or the washer to save the space behind. 

Wood cabinets
Wood cabinets

#11. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a popular choice for completing walls because it conceals flaws and is simple to apply.

If you want to opt for a more modern aesthetic look, it’s wiser to use flowery line print designs complementing the hexagonal flooring tiles. 


#12. Classic Wooden Baskets

Organizing your laundry things with baskets and cubicles is a terrific method to keep the laundry room well-organized and presentable.

To create a uniform design, get a few matching baskets or boxes as storage and set them within the cubicle boxes.

You can consider using rope baskets. They will add contrast to the conventional laundry room and break up the monotony. 

With a suitable combination of natural features, your room exudes a stylish and extremely clean appeal.

Wooden baskets
Wooden baskets

#13. Sliding Barn Doors

Barn doors have a special association with country living. They’re not simply great for giving a farmhouse washing room a rustic feeling. If you are looking for a door to save space, look no further than these items.

These doors are also suitable for families with limited washing facilities. They additionally conserve space by eliminating the need to swing the door to open or shut. 

When your arms hold loads of clothes, barn doors are easy to open with your foot.

barn doors
Barn doors

#14. Farmhouse Shutters

If your washing room already has a window, it’s a great chance to equip it with some farmhouse accessories like shutters. 

They will help add some privacy but influence as much as rustic, paltry chic works. 

A huge extra plus is that they will chase the hottest moment of the summer day away from your washing room. It allows the wind to come and go usually so it must also be perfect for the coastal farmhouse decor style.


#15. Jars

Another really adorable method to organize your laundry essentials is in jars. You can use them to enhance the retro appearance of your room. And you can put it on the wood shelf as decorative pieces for your space. 


#16. Rugs

Rugs in the laundry room may provide a pop of color to your rustic decor. They can also provide additional comfort in areas where you may be required to stand for long amounts of time.

laundry rugs
Laundry rugs

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#17. Black And White Flooring

The bold black and white tiled flooring adds a contemporary touch to the white styling. They’re also a mix of classic and contemporary styles.

If you are really into retro style, you can substitute these items with brick floors to add a more rustic vibe.

Black and white floor
Black and white floor

#18. Farmhouse Laundry Table 

The laundry room table, typically designed for this space, has a significant impact and is quite adaptable. 

Let’s make it a suitable height for you so that folding loads of clothes doesn’t hurt your back.

You can make this item yourself by utilizing old pallets and placing them on the cubby unit over the washer. 

Laundry table
Laundry table

#19. Hanging Shelves

On rainy days, you can’t hang your clothes outside. What should you do in these bad cases? Installing indoor hanging shelves in the washing room is a great idea. 

You can easily fold these installations back to the wall when you do not need them, which helps to maintain the floor area free and open.

Hanging shelf
Hanging shelf

#20. Wooden Chalkboard Wall

Thanks to this vintage chalkboard wall, you can create a relaxing place for your modern washroom. Use this little chalkboard wall to scribble down any goods that require specific washing instructions or simply to tell your family humorous jokes.

A tally sheet could help you keep track of who washes the most loads. This comfortable and adorable laundry nook will make you feel a cozy atmosphere, whatever the circumstance may be.


#21. Wire Light

To brighten the area, you may utilize the chicken wire light. To brighten up the space, paint the walls with a coat of pastel paint, perhaps yellow or green.

Apart from wire light, you can use lanterns to create a more vintage look for your farmhouse room. You can put your ancient lanterns on exposed shelves.

Wire light
Wire light

#22. Marble Countertop

If your room is not enough to contain an ironing table, a marble countertop can be another good alternative. You can put it right above the washer and the dryer to save space. 

It should be large enough to prepare clothes before and after washing. You can utilize a marble sheet from your previous project or purchase a new one to make it. It’s quite affordable. 

Marble countertop
Marble countertop

#23. Plant Pots 

It’s great to have a window in the washroom, and you can make use of light from it to grow some plants. These plant pots will bring a sense of greeny vibe and freshness to your space.

Plant pots
Plant pots

#24. Wreath Of Flowers

Every area requires a greenery touch, and the laundry room is not an exception. You can consider some common choices like magnolia or boxwood wreath. These artificial wreaths are huge hits, and they are incredibly stunning!

flower wreaths
Flower wreaths

#25. Countertop

The countertop will suit rooms with a washing machine with a front door opening. By installing these items, you can save a lot of space while still having room to store other objects.

countertop for washer
Countertop for washer

#26. Wooden Cart

Is there anything to fill the gap between the washer and the dryer? The best solution is a wooden shelf-shaped cart. 

With the help of this cart, you can both use it as a decorative item and store things like washing detergent or laundry tools for a neat and clean space.


#27. Pegboard Wall

The laundry room may quickly devolve into a disorganized dumping ground. Hang a pegboard on a blank wall to keep all of your cleaning products and odd objects organized.

Pegboard wall
Pegboard wall

#28. Storage Bins And Buckets

These storage laundry bins and buckets would be ideal for dirty clothes. They could also double as a charming storage container for the additional clutter accumulating in the laundry room. 

Moreover, you can use them cleverly and cutely to cover exposed laundry cleanser containers! You should select metal items to bring the vintage vibe of 1950’s rooms. 

Metal buckets and Bins
Metal buckets and Bins

#29. Dryer Sheet Dispenser

To create a new dryer sheet dispenser, you can utilize a tissue box. A tissue box lid makes the ideal dispenser for these dryer sheets. 

Despite an easy and quick DIY project, it has a stylish appearance, making it an excellent complement to any shelf in your washing room.

dryer sheet dispenser
Dryer sheet dispenser

#30. Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

The last recommendation in this list is the wall-mounted drying racks. They are extremely helpful in saving space, especially in a small room. 

It would be best to consider mounting these devices in locations that are easy to dry your clothes. Besides the main function, they can also act as embellishments. So, choose the ones with artistic designs.

drying rack
Drying rack

If you are unsure how to mount these racks, you can discover more via this video:

How To Mix Contemporary Bathrooms With Farmhouse Decor?

Farmhouse decor has always been one of the hottest trends, even though it’s been around for some time. If you are also following this style to redecorate your contemporary bathroom, here are some helpful tips.

  • Keep all things simple and natural: The essence of this style is rustic but chic, so you should leave everything items in your bathroom look natural. For instance, use a wooden sink to create a rustic vibe and a marble bathtub for contemporary flair.
  • Use contrasting colors: Instead of a monochromatic white sink, boldly replace it with contrasting colors like white and black.
  • Focus on brown tones: One color that gives the farmhouse vibe is brown tones. You can combine the earthy tones of the objects with the white shade of the tiles.
  • Focus on the bathtub: Placing the bath near a huge window is a good idea. It allows you to take the most romantic and peaceful showers on starry evenings while still making use of the sun’s warm rays throughout the day.
  • Use more mirrors: One of the breath-taking elements of the farmhouse style is the large size mirrors. To create a rustic effect, combine it with a wooden frame.

In A Nutshell

That’s all about the most amazing farmhouse laundry room decor ideas. This style has appeared for a long time, but it has never been outdated. 

If you want to own a laundry room with a classic style, then the above suggestions are completely useful for you. Hopefully, this article from Geembi will be helpful for your project. 

Thanks for reading!

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