25 Best Coastal Farmhouse Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Energetic

Whether you live close to the coast or even just hope you do, the coastal farmhouse style can bring the essence of seaside life into your home.

Your home should be a retreat of warmth, coziness, and tranquility. This popular design can provide all of those things and more. 

This article will give the best coastal farmhouse decor ideas. Let’s read on and discover how to bring a new look to your home!

What Is A Coastal Farmhouse?

The coastal farmhouse design combines two popular home decor trends: coastal and farmhouse.

The farmhouse concept incorporates classic and modern components, such as metal, wood, and distressing to create a fresh, classic aesthetic in your home.

Unlike the industrial farmhouse decor style we have talked about in the previous post, the coastal design combines aspects of the seashore into your house, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

These two designs work well together to establish a unique, shabby chic, and relaxing feel in any house.

Light aqua, white, spa blue, and neutrals dominate the coastal farmhouse color palette. This theme gets inspiration from the rural South, where palmetto plants and live oaks coexist peacefully. 

25 Coastal Farmhouse Decor Tips To Make A Real Shabby-Chic Retreat At Home

You have tons of choices to transfer a dull room into a lively space. Here are highly recommended options you may want to try. 

1. Wooden furniture for a traditional living room

Wooden pieces of furniture are always the best choice if you want to establish a farmhouse feel. The spacious room with an outside view looks more like a vast highland. 

To add some touches to the beach, you can put a navy couch in the middle. Also, place a blue, brown mat beneath to blend everything in a balanced picture. 

The navy couch is the center of a coastal farmhouse decor living room
The navy couch is the center of a coastal farmhouse decor living room.

2. Warm bedroom with coastal farmhouse style

This idea creates a warm and cozy sense for your bedroom. It uses white and blue as the main color scheme, the most effective approach to setting up a coastal farmhouse room. 

It’s best to employ the pastel tone. Then, you are ready to be immersed in the coziness. 

white and blue cozy bedroom decor
You will have a warm and cozy bedroom using this idea.

3. Images of the beach 

Using pictures is the easiest way to remind you of the beach. When placed in the middle of the living room, it works as an accent that attracts every sea lover. 

You can put some blue items around the room to ensure that everything can go in sync. 

The picture below shows that the homeowner uses blue pillows to match the room’s overall appearance. You can also try this option that way. 

A picture hang on the wall in a coastal room
One picture is enough.

4. Wooden beach clock 

The blue wooden clock helps us recall our memories of our last beach vacation. It would be great if you get such an item for your home setup.

The clock hasn’t to be too big. It already gets others’ attention with its unique design. 

a clock like wooden piece
The clock can remind you of the beach.

5. Coastal farmhouse color scheme

Another excellent color mix for coastal farmhouse style is blue vs. beige

The beige tone represents elegance, simplicity, and rustic charm. On the other hand, blue comes with a sense of tranquility and freedom. 

If these feelings are what you need for your home, try this idea without hesitation.

blue and beige table and chairs
Blue and beige make a perfect couple.

6. Rope lamp chandelier

A rope is suitable for both coastal and farmhouse setup. Once you choose this Rope lamp chandelier for your living room, it can evoke both senses. 

Moreover, this design is unique. Your guests will never forget once they’ve seen them. 

chandelier made of rope and lamps
Chandeliers may come in interesting designs.

7. Shabby chic fireplace

A little touch of shabby chic items will turn every simple thing into a more sophisticated one. 

This white famrhouse mantel can stand out even when you put it on a white background. This case implies that patterns and designs mean a lot to a decor item. 

the fireplace in a white coastal house
This fireplace can warm your chilly winter time.

8. “Welcome” sign for a cozy entryway 

Your entryway will be more welcoming and friendly than ever with a simple addition: a “Welcome” board.

The board looks even more lovely with the blue color of the ocean. Nothing is better than welcoming your guests with this interesting sign.

a coastal welcome sign
Show your hospitality without saying.

9. Simple table set up with a palm frond

Sometimes, a small thing can even evoke a big event and bring back many memories. 

The palm frond is familiar to beach lovers. Once you put it in the corner of your home, the coastal atmosphere will come and remind you that it is time to relax. 

the palm fond
The palm frond is a popular decor item.

10. Palm walls to establish a beachy room

If you can’t access palm fronds easily, let them stick in your walls by painting.

You don’t have to spread the leaves all across your house. One palm wall is enough for a coastal farmhouse look

green palm wall
The wall can make your whole room lively.

11. Casing maritime decoration 

Even your local store will sell the shells or casing marine decorations. Or, if you still keep your coastal souvenir, it’s best to hang them on the window or the door. 

These little things work better than you may expect for beach designs. They are also the most cost-effective options you can go with. 

casing maritime decoration
These items are easily accessible.

12. Seashell decor on a table

If you don’t like the shells’ sound when hung on the door, you can place them on your table. 

There is no need to prepare the luxurious box to keep these things like the illustrative picture below shows. Instead, you can put the shells in a glass bottle or bowl. Just try to enable everyone to look at them. 

Seashell decor on a table
You can put the shells on the table to avoid the unpleasant noise.

13. Elegant furniture for a dining room setup 

Your dining time will be more enjoyable if you set it this way. The dining table, the chair, or the light are simple yet elegant. They can go well with each other. 

As aforementioned, wooden furniture and white color are two of the most effective ways to establish a coastal farmhouse appearance. Many homeowners would love this idea with all the senses it conveys. 

Elegant furniture for a dining room setup 
Simplicity always works.

14. Nautical pillows and blanket 

The bedroom is always the easiest place to decorate because of its size and privacy.

You need to order some white and navy pillows, along with a navy blanket. It will give a maritime atmosphere.

If you can’t imagine how they will match, the picture below will help you.

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nautical bedroom
Nautical pillows are worth trying.

15. Blue accent pillow set for an ocean sense

First, let’s buy a beige sofa and coffee table to show that you are working with the farmhouse style.

Next, move to the coastal concept. You can put some accent pillows on the sofa.

You don’t have to use the same color for all the cushions. Try interesting ideas by using different colors in the same place and see how they work. 

Blue accent pillow set for an ocean sense
Blue pillow sets on the beige background.

16. Modern bathroom with a coastal farmhouse look

This setup idea will change your mind if you think farmhouse bathrooms can boost your creativity. 

Every major item in the picture is light blue to convey the sea atmosphere. You can also add some wooden furniture to your bathroom. Don’t worry about the contrast. They can match better than you may expect.

Modern bathroom with a coastal farmhouse look
There are a lot of things you can do with your bathroom.

17. Cottage decor style for a rustic touch 

This cottage style works with the same color formula for coastal farmhouse setup, which is about mixing blue, brown, and white.

The challenge is how to play with them. If you find it hard, consider the way the homeowner sets their house in the picture below. 

First, you have a brown wooden floor. Then, place a blue chaise-longue on one side of the room. Next, buy some white shelves to display your decorative items. 

And, finally, you will have a perfect living room with a cozy look. 

cottage decor style for a rustic touch 
These ideas give your room a cozy look.

18. DIY table with blue rug 

You can design and construct a table. It must be a unique model that you can’t see anywhere.

Then, place a blue mat beneath. You can go with any shade of blue since it will match the brown tone of the table nicely. 

DIY table with blue rug 
DIY table with blue rug.

19. Simple yet modern coastal decor for bathroom

This idea is another option for decorating your bathroom. It’s best to use blue and white as the main scheme because they look clean. 

You can also put some in-house plants in the bathroom to make the space more roomy and natural. 

Simple yet modern coastal decor for bathroom
Another option for your bathroom.

20. Blue pillow paired with wooden furniture  

We have mentioned wooden furniture multiple times in this article. However, this idea never gets old. It’s an all-time item for big fans of farmhouse setup. 

The cozy space that the wooden bed contributes to will be more pleasant with a blue popup. In this case, you can go for the blue cushions, which both go well with the brown color and match your coastal preference. 

Blue pillow paired with wooden furniture
A blue popup makes your living room an interesting decor idea.

21. Country style for bedroom decor 

You will feel like living in the countryside if you try this idea. The wooden wall and door make things classic. You can’t go wrong with the wood boards if you are a farmhouse-style decor fan.

On the other side, you can add some white chairs to bring a coastal feel to your cozy bedroom. The final effect is the combination of beach and farm with a sense of warmth and freedom. 

Country style for bedroom decor 
You can try this farm-like room.

22. Vintage room with farm furniture 

This vintage look is rare to come by. Yet, once you’ve seen it, it’s hard to forget. 

The rustic charm will show up when you place some painted wooden chairs

Light a candle on the coffee table to make the atmosphere more romantic and warm. Now, it’s time to engage in your favorite book and set aside all the sorrow and stress. 

Vintage room with farm furniture 
It is time to enjoy yourself with this setup.

23. Grey sofa with blue pillows for a coastal farmhouse style 

Grey is also a popular color used to set a farmhouse decor style. The most significant benefit of using this tone is that it can blend well with nearly every color.

After defining your farmhouse style, you can put something more coastal to balance the entire picture. 

In the example below, the homeowner chooses to use blue pillows as the accent in the room. The result is impressive, looking both relaxed and warm. 

Grey sofa with blue pillows for a coastal farmhouse style
Gray match blue so well.

24. Simple molding on a blue paint background 

This option is another worth-trying blue-white combination. Yet, the spotlight of this picture is the molding.

All the moldings for the fireplace, window, and wall are white. https://milfordmd.com/ They look glossy and simple. Yet, this simplicity is beautiful, making the whole picture look natural and elegant. 

The light brown floor works well as a background, and it adds more warmth to the picture. This fireplace is an ideal spot for Christmas night for sure.

Simple molding on a blue paint background
Christmas is not cold anymore.

25. Modern and coastal farmhouse combination 

The last idea will help you create a modern and luxurious atmosphere without ruining the coastal charm. 

The centerpiece of this setup is the navy sofa. The ornamental coconut tree next to it assists you in making your living room more natural. 

The grey background is another feature that brings a sense of luxury to the set. It looks powerful yet not overwhelming other items. 

Modern and coastal farmhouse combination
Coastal farmhouse decor style can be luxurious.


There is no limitation for creativity when it comes to coastal farmhouse decor. You can consult the ideas listed above or try with your own imagination. 

You may spend some time working on your delight. However, the result will be so rewarding. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information from Geembi, please feel free to ask.

Now, it’s time for magic to happen. Let’s scroll up your sleeves and be a real designer to change your home’s appearance! 

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