Rug Sizes For Living Room? Free Tips & Guides 2022

Choosing the right rug sizes for living room will make your living room cozy, inviting, and aesthetically beautiful. The ideal rug size may act as a strong basis for the design of your living room. It may significantly change how your living space feels and looks overall. If it is too little or too big, an area rug can make your space feel claustrophobic or unwelcoming. Without the appropriate proportions, an area rug can make your room feel cramped or uninviting.
This post will assist you in picking the right rug sizes for living room, no matter what floorplan you have. Follow these rules for room size and arrangement to get the best results with your living room interior design.

An Cozy Living Room Decor With Rug

In previous post, we have explored some standard rugs size for living room and we all know that the design of the area will determine the precise rug measurement you need for your living room. The wrong rug sizes for living room can disrupt an otherwise cohesive interior and design into slightly skewed angles in a living space. Make sure to get the one that complements your living areas rather than one that is only attractive.

Different Area Rug Sizes For Living Room to Beautify Your Space

Given that you and your family will likely spend the most of your free time in the living room, you must carefully select the typical rug sizes for the living room. To create a fantastic conversational place in your house, the living room rug should be comparable to the seating area. On one or both sides, your floor covering should be at least 18 to 24 inches wider than your couch. To provide visual interest and make a room appear larger, choose some bulky furniture, such as a sectional, or furniture that cannot be placed against a wall or graphic rugs.

A fantastic conversational place in the living room

Note: 3′ x 5′, 4′ x 6′, 5′ x 8′, 6′ x 9′, 7.5′ x 9.5′, 8′ x 10′, 9′ x 12′, 10′ x 13′, and 12′ x 15′ are the typical rectangular rug sizes. There is a lot of suitable options available whether you want to decorate an interior or outdoor environment.

Steps Up Ideas Picking Right Rug Sizes For Living Room:

Start with room size measuring

Choose a rug based on the size of your room. Start by determining the measurements of your space with a measuring tape. The standard recommendation is to leave a minimum of 12 inches between the edge of the rug and the walls. As a result, your rug’s length and breadth should be two feet less than the equivalent measurements of your space.

If the rug is placed in the centre of the room, the proportions suggested above will maintain a 12-inch border around all four sides of the rug. The three most popular rug sizes for living rooms are 5′ x 8′, 8′ x 10′, and 9′ x 12′. And these measurements can be used for area rugs that are rectangular or oval.
Generally speaking, bigger is preferable, especially if your living room is big. A sizable rug might give the illusion that the living room is even bigger if you have lots of floor space to work with.

Several suitable possibilities rug sizes for living room

Although there are other border sizes available, a 12-inch border is a good rule of thumb. For instance, leaving 18 or 24 inches between the margins of the rug and the walls might occasionally be advantageous in smaller areas. The rug’s measurements and the room’s dimensions are so off by three or four feet, respectively.

Leaving more space between the rug’s edges and the walls will help your living room look bigger. This gives the appearance of extra floor space and works well in tiny settings. For instance, a bigger rug would clutter the space, thus most entryways utilize a tiny rug or doormat instead. Small living spaces have the same limitations.

Tip: If a huge rug is out of your price range, consider An 18 or 24 inch border. In either case, your rug may assist safeguard heavily used areas while still showcasing your lovely floors.

Open living space with rug

Consider The Room Layout Before Picking Rug Sizes For Living Room

The arrangement of your space should be taken into consideration once you have measured your living room and determined several potential rug sizes. If you select a sizable area rug, the entire seating area may have it stretch up to 12 inches past your furniture. Smaller rugs could simply have the coffee table and front legs of your couch and accent chairs on the edge.

Tip: Check out this living room decoration ideas if you’re unclear of what you want to do with your living space.

Boho space created by small rug with a coffee table

Mind your size and placement before picking

It’s time to test your ideal rug size and location once you have them in mind. Don’t neglect this step because it can help you save time and money. Take a roll of painter’s tape and mark the area of the floor where you intend to install the rug with your selected rug size.

Place your furniture in the area marked by the rug’s outline on the floor. Use moving boxes to fill in these outlines to get a better picture of how each item of furniture will fit in the room. Take a stroll around the space, sit on the furniture, and feel it out. Don’t hesitate to start afresh with a new rug outline that fits better if you feel the existing one is too tiny or big.

Perfect furnitures position

Bring vitality to your living room

Although size’s important, but it isn’t everything. You must also take durability, color, and design into consideration if you want the ideal rug. You may get started with the advices below:

  • Think about durability: Choose a rug that is easy to maintain. Think about things like animals, kids, messes, and lifestyle. For example, a wool rug may be a great choice for a room with mild usage and little moisture exposure. A synthetic rug can be a better choice for a busy household with children and dogs.
  • Think about color: Your area rug’s color scheme should complement the color scheme of your living room. When starting from scratch, you may choose an elaborate rug and base the color scheme of the space on it. If you’re enhancing a room that has already been decorated, pick an area rug that incorporates one or more of the hues from your present color scheme.
  • Think about layering and style: Your area rug’s patterns and motifs may bring flair to your living space. For instance, an abstract or contemporary area rug might modernize the appearance of a conventional home. Additionally, by experimenting with texture as you stack your rugs, you may increase visual appeal. A textural contrast is produced, for instance, by putting a big jute rug below a smaller wool rug.

That’s all. Before settling on the ideal rug for your living room or any other part of your house, consider these suggestions. Even while there may appear to be a lot to think about, your efforts will be more than rewarded after you locate the ideal area rug for your living room.

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