What Size Rug For Living Room – Best Tips & DIY Guides 2022

What size rug for living room is really a big question, and you may find yourself wondering which size perfectly matches your space. When it comes to furnishing your home, most people go about selecting their living room area rug the wrong way because they start by making decisions that are based solely on the way it looks instead of scale. However, area rug size determines a significant role in impacting how open or cluttered a room feels.

Along with some ideas you can incorporate into your home, there are plenty of tips and guide for you to find out what size rug for living room.
So, Just follow Geembi and dive in, shall we?

Measuring Before Choosing What Size Rug For Living Room

To know what size rug for living room, you should think about the room layout before thinking about it. When looking for a living room rug, consider the size of your space, the size of your furniture, and the various layout options here. Also, comfort and balance of the room are factors to consider.
For starters, measure your current space and place your furniture in the area you wish to lay your living room rug.
TIP: Measure out your desired rug size with painter’s tape to get a sense of how it will feel. This step is easy and makes visualizing and measuring more accurate.

What Size Rug For Living Room Depend On How You Measure Your Space

Consider The Floor Is The 5th Wall

Focus on the layout, thinking about the floor as a 5th wall, will go a long way in helping you narrow in. If you want it to be a focal point and the rug help to set the mood of the living room then you should be thinking of a vibrant, textured, or even a bold patterned rug. While on the other hand, if you want the area rug to visually fall off, then you’ll be considering something that has more subdued colors, textures, or patterns.

Common Rug Sizes:

Deciding what size rug for living room is up to you. The ratio of a rug-to-living room is key. However, since there are a few rug sizes, people focus on those rugs to pick the perfect size. To understand rug sizes, you need to know the different sizes available for living rooms.

3×5 ft Rug

This is the smallest rug size for living rooms. It can fit under a rocking chair and make a room look warmer. Smaller rugs are available, but they’re for bathrooms or kitchens. However, if your living room is small, this rug size is the best ideal.

4×6 ft Rug

This rug ratio is the perfect way to define and distinguish the center of your seating arrangement. To keep this space feeling open yet grounded, float your furniture in the middle. This size rug is small enough to fit the space but big enough to tie your furniture together. Nailing down this “just right” scale grounds all of the pieces and makes the space feel open, and inviting.

5×8 ft Rug

This is the most common rug size for living rooms. You can overlap with your couch or set the rug in front. You can also put all four furniture legs on the rug, but it’s not recommended. Because of this, the layout for an eight-foot rug is ideal.

Colorful rug under green sofa and yellow throw pillow in small living room

8×10 ft Rug

This is another common rug size. It can work for any room that is ten feet wide. The ratio is known as the “Golden Ratio.” 
You can also get 4×6 rugs which are half the size of the 8×10 but have the same ratio. They are good for bedrooms but popular in the center of living rooms.

9×12 ft Rug

You won’t find a larger rug for living rooms in this ratio at most stores. In most living rooms, the rug takes up half of the room in an average-sized living room. But this size works great with large couches or chairs with a table in between.

12×18 ft Rug

For extra-large living rooms, this rug size is ideal. In a previous post, as we have mentioned, the larger the rug, the more expensive it will be. This means that this rug size is much more expensive than any other size.
Tip: The 9×12 rug may work well and come at a fraction of regular prices.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Living Room Rug Size

When shopping for a living room rug, consider the space. Probably the most important thing is thinking about the room as a whole, from the floor where the rug will be all the way to the ceiling.
Here are the three rug sizing tips to follow that is suitable for almost most standard living room:

  • If all the furniture in the room is entirely on the rug, the rug is probably too big.
  • With few exceptions, the rug should be big enough that at least two legs of all other furniture in the room are on the rug.
  • The rug should be large enough that the entire front of the couch is on it.

More Living Room Rug Ideas:

All Feets On The Rug

This is not the most popular style. The reason is that most rugs aren’t big enough for all of the furniture in your living room.
Only in a large living room, you will have to have all of your furniture on the living room rug. Otherwise, the furniture feels like it’s too close to the edge and sometimes feels overwhelming for the space and makes it look awkward.

How To Choose The Right Rug Size For Your Living Room - 5 Formulas  Guaranteed to Work (+ 36 Shoppable Picks) - Emily Henderson

Front Feets On The Rug

This is common because it brings the room together without taking up all of the rug space. The front legs on the rug are exactly what it sounds like. Where all the front legs of the chairs or sofa rest on the living room rug but the back legs sit on another surface.
Most living rooms use this layout. It leaves the living room balanced and gives you space to walk on that cozy rug that you picked out.

11 Area Rug Rules and How to Break Them

No Feet On The Rug

This is common with smaller rugs. The small size of the rug is useful if your coffee table is scooted across the floor often. It will prevent hardwood floors from getting scratched.

There is 3 standard idea for rug decoration, if you want to find out more and more stunning idea to decorate with a rug, check this out!

Well, there you have it, everything you need to know about what size rug for living room.
Remember, these are guidelines, not rules. Take your time to decide and shop around for the best area rugs.
Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

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