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Hippie Blankets and Throws For Bed Wall Sofa Decor

Shop the coziest hippie blankets for the bed, walls, and sofa decor. These blankets are polycotton-based, vibrant in artistic details, and ON SALE now!

Hippie has had a significant impact on the Western lifestyle in recent years due to the wildness and vintage ambiance of hippy movements since the 1960s. If you’re a true hippy, decorate your room with those hippie blankets and trippy throws.

There are various options our collection brings. But no worries — we’ll break down all types of hippie throw blankets so you’ll know exactly what to pick. Let’s get started!

Recognizing A Hippie Blanket

When you see a colorful blanket inspired by the bohemian vibe, maybe also with some quotes and abstract art — you’ll know it’s a hippie blanket.
“Hippie blanket” is a term used to describe all different types of blankets inspired by the hippie style.

They include the traditional hippie blanket, bohemian blanket (or boho blanket), gypsy blanket, and mandala blanket.

Read on to learn more about each type and see which one we bring to the table. And don’t forget to pick your favorite then!

hippie blankets

Traditional Hippie Blankets

The traditional hippie blankets are simply designed based on the original hippy style. They pique your attention with those rainbow colors and the images of hippie symbols.

In the hippie world, there are several things to remind us of the hippie individuals. They could be the peace sign, a van, sunflowers, or optimistic quotes. All of them speak up for the hippie’s spirits.

bohemian blankets for hippies

Bohemian Blankets

Bohemians refer to those who share an unconventional lifestyle which is easily recognized in adventures or vagabonds. They choose to live a life of literal freedom, the thing that says much about hippie individuals.

It is considered that they usually include people loving and making art. Bohemianism involves every aspect of art, ranging from musical to spiritual pursuits.

Besides, elephants are the emblem of the boho. Wanders would ride on them to travel where they desired.

Whether you are already that cool bohemian or you are interested in becoming one, consider these blankets.

gypsy blankets

Gypsy Blankets

If you are that South Asian person who rarely sticks in one place but travel from one to another, the gypsy blankets are made for you!

“Soul of a Gypsy, heart of a Hippie.”

These hippie throw blankets are making it clear right there and waiting for your confirmation! Yes — you came from Roman, and that’s what roots your soul. But it indeed is the hippie lifestyle that has nourished your heart. After all, a heart becomes so mature for those lessons we have learned on our journeys.

mandala blankets

Mandala Blankets

Hippies frequently fantasize about living a nomadic existence in order to discover their true selves. Some of them associate the Mandala, a geometric symbol representing a dreamer’s search for completeness, self-unity, and the connectedness of nature.

Most hippies are realistic, but nothing can stop them from chasing their spiritual manifestation. With this in mind, our blankets feature Madanla’s art.

A Mandala blanket is expected to show the sacred circle, which can be inspired by a deity of the individual’s belief.

Decorating Your House With Hippie Throw Blankets

In fact, a blanket is not just about its intrinsic function. You can actually use it to beautify every nook and corner of your house. Interestingly enough, hippie blankets will do it just good without a hand of effort.

Here are ways your hippie throw blanket beautifies the house.

Hippie Blankets For Bed

Our bed, without a doubt, requires blankets. Aside from covering them on your body to keep warm at night, you would also want one to spruce up the boring space on the bed.

Look no further than ours if you’re looking for a hippie-inspired blanket to change up the bed top! Our blankets are all made of poly-cotton, the best material for keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Hippie Blankets For Walls

In some house spaces, a wall is also a place that requires decoration. If you’re looking for hippie blankets for your walls, you’ve grasped the meaning of the term “Hippie Decor.”

Many people have done this with their blankets and hung them on the wall. As a result, it has become a focal point in the room. Hang led lights around the room and place a few plant pots underneath them to spark some creativity.

Just hang up your hippy trippy blankets to express who you are, whether in that van or your own home.

Hippie Sofa Throw

Yes. Yes.

If you have a hippie quilt or throws on the sofa, couch, or chair, you own the stage for hippie performers, dazzling!

Hippies love making those conversations and circle gatherings to talk about their thoughts and to inspire others. And guess what — sofas are the conversation starters!

The throw will not just give them exceptional comfort while sitting on the chair but also get them inspired. Being a hippie is all about feeling the moment!

Final Takeaways

In a nutshell, there are four types of hippie blankets that Geembi offers. Each of them can be identified by the art in Hippie cultures. Regardless of which culture you belong to as a hippie — buy a blanket that speaks to you most.

Depending on your blanket needs, use yours to cover the body at night or spruce up your living space. You can get your beloved hippie friends, sisters, or brothers these blankets as wonderful gifts.

If you have any questions about our products and services, please reach out to us via [email protected]. We are always glad to help!

Thank you.