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This Farmhouse Bedding Set Collection Is Unique For Homes

Does your interior design follow the farmhouse flair? If yes, you must be fascinated by the farmhouse bedding set in your bedroom. Needless to say, bedding determines the overall aesthetics of your room because of its significant space occupation!

There are many exemplars of farmhouse bedding on the market today, and they all seem to be similar in designs and materials. At Geembi, nonetheless, we only recommend unique products to cater to the individual tastes of our customers. All of our designs follow certain concepts, from country themes to cottage bases.

Read on for more details.

farmhouse bedding sets

Farmhouse Bedding Set Selection

Country Farmhouse Bedding Sets

There is a difference between country and farmhouse.

Farmhouse decor style brings idyllic beauty from classical colors inspired by wood and simplicity. In recent years, the farmhouse style has undergone a modern revolution that has made it a bit switched. 

Specifically, you can notice in some new interior architecture where people incorporate vibrant colors into the rustic nature of the farmhouse decor. However, this does not make it obsolete but more sought after.

In terms of country style — this concept is based on nostalgic inspiration which is more formed by furnishing types and home construction. First, it has some similarities to the farmhouse style for the focus on natural elements and time of origin.

However, it is still different because it can allow colorful interior decor accessories to enhance the 90s’ taste, which speaks volumes about the country motif. As a result, these bright colors set all country looks apart from the authentic farmhouse flair.

For all those reasons, our country farmhouse bedding sets are made so vibrant in country colors yet still keep the look of farmhouse textures.

Rustic Farmhouse Bedding Sets

People often confuse rustic and farmhouse styles because they are quite similar in the ways they illustrate. Both focus on natural materials, typically wood. However, despite being at the same extreme, these two styles differ in one point that not everyone realizes.

Rustic decor is based on maintaining the most pristine appearance of wood and other natural elements. Meanwhile, the farmhouse focuses on improving the materials so they become more practical versions.

These may have nothing to do with bedding sets, which are made from fabric and not wood. However, when we take a closer look, we know that the colors define whether we are having a rustic farmhouse bedding set or not!

Our rustic farmhouse bedspreads are printed in wooden colors, which are dark brown, beige, or a mix of both hues. 

Vintage Bedding For Farmhouse Decor

The vintage farmhouse style usually embraces the natural elements which construct the rustic theme. So, you can suppose that vintage is about being rustic.

However, authentic vintage farmhouse bedding isn’t just about looking for something old but about feeling nostalgic for the past. 

Our vintage bedding set designs are more about telling your story.

Cottage Bedding

The cottage decor is more flexible since it can be switched between levels.

It blends elements from French vintage, shabby chic, and rustic styles. How much influence each type has in your desired cottage depends on what you want the atmosphere to feel like. 

Would you prefer something traditional or rustic? This is all about creating a homey yet airy space that just feels natural no matter what style it falls under.

As a result, when choosing a cottage farmhouse bedding, there’s no actual rule to follow when choosing a cottage farmhouse bedding. 

But keep in mind the three elements: French vintage, shabby chic, and rusticity.

farmhouse bedding set

Why Are Our Farmhouse Designs Unique?

Ideas generated from the scratch

We know what farmhouse style should look like – yes, we do! But as a bedding brand looking forward to creating uniqueness in common products, we do things differently from scratch.

The main point in our whole production process is about telling your stories. 

Since bedding sets are something to serve your sleep and relaxation, which are valuable, we knew we wanted to create dreams based on images. 

That is how we have generated our ideas for these farmhouse comforters.

Unpopular yet excellent fabric material

All of our quilt bedding sets are made out of Poly-cotton — the fabric material not being so familiar to the bedding niche but having made our brand reputation from day one.

Why do our customers enjoy this material?

    • Durable: Most of our products are purchased as gifts, so their lifespan must be prolonged. We guarantee that our bedding can last a lifetime with a blend of polyester and cotton!
    • Soft and breathable: Poly-cotton allows our products to be used in any season of the year because it gives a soft touch and is breathable. Breathability is most important – that is when you get warm in winter and cool in summer with just one bedding quilt! I
    • Easy to maintain: Cleaning is never a challenge with our products. Many farmhouse bedspreads or comforters on the market do not recommend machine wash, but we do!
    • Resistant to fading and mildew: Colors and textures abound in Geembi’s quilt bedding. Our consumers adore it, so it’s logical that they don’t want it to fade too quickly. With that in mind, we rely on Poly-cotton to maintain the fabric’s color and make it mildew resistant.

Serving your personal taste

Personal taste is crucial when it comes to purchasing a decor accessory. 

If you are looking for something not only to lie on comfortably at night but to show off your farmhouse style — our bedding sets are the way to go!

From Twin to King farmhouse bedding set

Every size you need for a farmhouse bedspread is on the table!

The options we offer are:

    • 60×70 inches for Twin, Full/Double, UK single/UK double, AU single/AU Double
    • 80×90 inches for Queen, UK King, AU Queen
    • 91x 102 inches for King, California King, UK Super King, AU King

Note: Aside from bedspreads, we include TWO pillow covers in every bed set as well. 

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how our farmhouse bedding set designs are different from the popular ones and why our customers love them!

Make your bedding purchase here if you find our works unique and meet your taste! We are offering a BIG SALE at the moment for all sizes — so don’t miss this chance!

Thank you for reading this. Geembi is always happy to serve you!