Blanket Rack: Buying Guides & DIY Ideas 2022

In the winter, blankets are must-have items for warmth and coziness. However, they may be creased and disorganized if improperly kept.

The best solution is to use a blanket rack. It is the ideal decoration for your living space or a thoughtful homemade gift.

Let’s dive into this post from Geembi to learn about this item!

blanket rack
Blanket Rack

Why Should You Get A Blanket Rack?

Many people suppose they don’t need a blanket rack. However, it may be helpful for the following reasons.

If you don’t use your blanket in warmer months, you can hang it on this rack. 

You may hang an additional blanket on the rack during the colder months if you need to keep it close and make it easy to access on a chilly winter night.

When placed in a sitting room, a blanket shelf looks extremely attractive.

This item might also be helpful if you intend to showcase your blankets at craft fairs or quilt festivals.

Moreover, if you’re a quilt maker working on several blankets at once, you may hang your incomplete quilts from the rack.

You can take the rack outside if you need to dry your blanket. Once you’ve washed your quilt, this item can serve as a drying shelf.

Besides, you may put it in your sitting room to keep lap quilts during the chilly winter months.

The purposes of the item

How To Choose A Blanket Rack?

Before you get one, below are some considerations you should think about:


Depending on the materials and fabric used, blankets can become rather heavy, so a fragile rack won’t work.

Make a wise choice since several wooden blanket shelves are poorly constructed and unable to support many quilts.

A quilt’s heaviness can vary based on its size, quality of material, and quilting, but you may expect it to weigh between 4 and 6 pounds.

It’s best to check the weight capacity characteristics before making an online blanket rack purchase.

If you plan to hang quilts and curtains, ensure it provides the strength to do so.

It is particularly true if you’re considering towel racks and using them as blanket racks.

Due to their weight being less than blankets, towel shelves might have lesser maximum weight.

Size and Height

Ensure the width and depth of the rack you plan to purchase will accommodate the area where you will place it.

Moreover, it’s also essential to think about its height. It shouldn’t be short. 

You will need to fold your quilt several times if it is enormous until it hangs appropriately and doesn’t strike the floor.

Due to its size and ability to fill the shelf, you only can fit one blanket on it.


Typically, quilt racks are made of wood or metal. Wooden types are pretty common since they go with most decors.

However, in certain circumstances, metal shelves can be more durable than wooden ones and maybe rather elaborate.

Wooden types:

Although there are several variations of blanket shelves, the wooden floor-standing type is perhaps the most popular.

Typically, they feature 4 feet, and several rods cross over to carry the blankets.

The advantage of this type is that it enables the hanging of many quilts or blankets based on the rod number on the shelf.

Metal types:

Like other types, metal racks also function similarly. They frequently enable more elaborate designs, making them look lovely when displayed.

Additionally, they might occasionally be more durable than wooden ones.

Common Types

Blanket racks come in three primary categories:

  • Freestanding
  • Adjustable
  • Wall-mounted
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Some Blanket Rack Ideas

If you want to make a blanket rack yourself, here are some ideas to try:

Dowel Ladder

A test of your making skills awaits you. An excellent way to start is with this simple wooden dowel. Its basic structure almost constructs itself.

Copper and Wood Ladder

If a simple wood dowel shelf isn’t precisely what you’re looking for, choose something more eye-catching like this idea. 

Swing Arm

Ready to showcase your creative crafting skills? Both experienced, and novice do-it-yourselfers will enjoy working on this project.

Hanging Ladder

Many people appreciate this innovative reworking of the conventional rack. It also boasts a boho style, which is perfect for hippie guys. 

Lucy Leaning

Are you searching for a method to spruce up your foyer? Don’t skip this idea.

In addition to being stylish and practical, this ladder has extra unique features like hangers and a detachable basket.

You can refer to other ideas in this video:

Some ideas for blanket racks

How To Make A DIY Blanket Rack? 

After reading the suggestions above, are you highly eager to make a DIY rack? Below are instructions to create a simple one!

Step 1: 

Using a miter box and hand saw, first cut the 2 by 4 in half.

You’ll have two legs of four feet each, which you may use as the rack legs.

 Sand pieces to get smooth surfaces.

Step 2:

Next, divide the ⅓-inch board into 4 pieces, each with 16 inches of slats for the shelf. Sand all slats to make them smooth.

Step 3:

Place rungs and legs in a ladder-like configuration on a level area.

Measure and indicate where the rungs should be on the 2 by 4 face.

Measure two inches and draw one line over the board width using a square from the ladder top. 

Measure down an additional 2 inches. Make a line. Then, make a mark 8 inches down from that line after measuring.

Continue with this pattern, and there pharmacy should be four 2-inch gaps for the ladder rungs, 8-inch intermissions in the middle, and about 14 inches at the end.

Continue by using the opposing 2 by 4.

Step 4:

Set up and mark the rungs. It is ideal for the top corner to feature a 1/2 inch gap and the rear corner to be flat with the 2 by 4 edge.

Draw a line around the rung’s end. Repeat with the rest of the rungs.

Step 5:

Pre-drill through the two-by-opposite four’s side and inside the marks of a pencil.

Step 6:

Use screws to secure rungs to ladder legs.

Step 7: 

Use sandpaper to smooth off rough surfaces around screws.

Step 8: 

Stain the wood and then finish it. That’s all done!

Ladder racks

Wrapping Up

In general, more than a shelf, a blanket rack comes with many purposes.

You can use it as a decor item to embellish your living room or spruce up your entranceway. 

Hopefully, you can make one with our helpful guides. Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

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