Blanket Basket For Living Rooms & How To Use It For Decoration?

We often put the blanket basket for living rooms to store our stuff. However, since the baskets come in different styles, homeowners also use them for decoration then, they get the best of both worlds. 

If you like this idea, do not hesitate to try one. This guide will help you settle on the best addition to your living room. Let’s check! 

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blanket basket for living rooms
blanket basket for living rooms

How To Choose A Blanket Basket For Living Rooms?  

Choosing a basket is like choosing any accessory. You have to consider different factors before determining which is best. 


You can see wire baskets, wicker baskets, or cloth baskets. Each has particular advantages and disadvantages.

Because of how beautiful and durable they are, wicker baskets are currently popular. However, they can be somewhat costly.

On the other hand, wire baskets are a wonderful option if you’re looking for something inexpensive and simple to maintain. Yet, they can be a little fragile.


The capacity of big blanket baskets for living rooms is higher than that of others. Consider the space you need while choosing the best solution for your house. 


It’s critical to consider the material, much like furniture, fabrics, and other household items.

You have many alternatives, including solid wood, woven seagrass, canvas, metal, and upholstery.

The material has an impact on design, breathability, and endurance. Look for an item that blends in with the remainder of your furniture.

For example, you can try a complementary color or a wooden finish that matches.

Also, consider how frequently you’ll need to use the blankets. Although they might make your house look more orderly, covered baskets can make items harder to access.

Materials affect other factors


Convenience is crucial because many homeowners prioritize life hacks and practical things.

Remember to think about whether each object will make it simpler to carry out a task, achieve a goal, or engage in an activity. 


Durability refers to how sturdy your basket is and how long it can last. It’s necessary to consider this aspect as it will make your investment beneficial. 

If you choose the basket as a gift, it should meet your expectations. The presents made of high-quality components will be more meaningful. 

. Choose a durable product to use it for a long time

How To Style Your Living Room With A Blanket Basket? 

Have you got your favorite blanket basket? If yes, let’s move to the next step: style it. You can try the ideas below.

May you like also:

Use your baskets as drawers.

Instead of using regular drawers, you can utilize baskets if you would like not to arrange them in a row. 

The arrangement maintains a contemporary frame but adds wicker baskets for a more boho look. The final effect looks well-organized but isn’t rigid. 

Turn your baskets into planters.

You will have beautiful ornamental accents by using your baskets as planters. You can mix and combine various basket types to avoid feeling too bored. 

Take advantage of wasted space.

Many homeowners make the mistake of letting the awkward space above their cabinets or atop their refrigerator collect dust.

Why don’t you add storage baskets for items you rarely use? 

We recommend using a wire or fabric basket if your shelf often becomes oily from stove exposure.

Alternatively, get a basket that is both durable enough to store your stuff and stylish enough to not feel out of place.

Hang the baskets.

We call them “baskets,” but we don’t have to use them for storage.

If you want to give your home a global vibe, a gallery wall made of traditional African baskets looks excellent above a bed or in the entryway.

Use comfortable throw blankets.

There is no problem leaving pharmacy your blankets out for people to see—especially when your baskets have brilliant colors and patterns—even though hiding them might give them a sleek impression.

You can easily access your blankets with a large, bowl-shaped basket in a way that doesn’t look overloaded and still appears deliberate.

Choose multi-tier baskets.

Instead of keeping with just one basket, try something more sophisticated. Storage and elegance both benefit significantly from multi-tiered containers.

The beautiful wicker version makes the ideal complement to your kitchen or living room and creates a chic impact.

You can discover more ideas for styling your baskets from this video:

Be creative with your items

Benefits Of A Blanket Basket For The Living Room

Some people don’t like to add a basket to their rooms because it takes up space. However, this item allows you to use your space practically instead of wasting it. 

You won’t go wrong with the blanket basket because it offers many benefits, such as:


Both professionals and do-it-yourselfers can benefit from blanket baskets’ convenience. Their portable shape and small size make storage and transportation simple.


Sometimes you don’t need to use your throw blanket. Keeping it on your sofa makes your space untidy. Luckily, a basket can solve this problem. 

You can also use this item to store other stuff, such as books, pillows, or any accessories that you don’t want at the moment. 


As discussed earlier, those baskets come in multiple styles, materials, sizes, and types. You can consider our tips above to achieve the best look.  

The baskets offer you many benefits

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There aren’t any limitations when using blanket baskets to decorate your living room. Spend time searching for your favorite items and style your space.

Hopefully, you can get what you need from your newly-bought decor baskets. It’s time to experiment with your ideas to bring out their best. 

Please comment below if you need any further information for your purchase or decoration. We will get back to you soon. Thank you for reading!

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