Best Letter Blanket Ideas To Try And Some Useful Tips

Are you looking for a gift with a personal touch? A letter blanket will be one of the best choices. Let the blanket speak your heart if you are too shy to express your love to your beloved one!

We have gathered some ideas for letter blankets and some ways to get one. Let’s join us at to discover.

Ideas For A Letter Blanket

People don’t send letters to each other these days because of technological development. They often communicate via social media networking.

Letter - Blanket Ideas For A Letter Blanket
A new way of sending your letter

Moreover, they tend to hide their feelings instead of telling them directly.

It’s an excellent idea to give someone you love a letter in a form they can use. And we are talking about the letter blankets.

To family members

Letter blankets for families, especially parents, are the most popular. Although parents should be the ones you confess your love to, it’s not easy to do it.

You can give your parents the blanket as a gift on many occasions, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, your Graduation Day, or their birthdays.

To lovers

Love letters inspire many accessory manufacturers, and blankets are among them. Your letter blanket will warm your lover’s heart and body for sure.

They feel like you are hugging them whenever they cuddle in the cozy fabric.

To friends

It’s time to celebrate your friendship. There are many words to say. If you can’t choose, grab a letter blanket and let it talk on your behalf.

How To Have A Letter Blanket?

You can make a letter blanket yourself. Otherwise, buying it from reliable online retailers will also be a good idea.


Attaching letters or embroidering them on the blanket can both work. We will discuss both methods right here. Please read through and consider which is easier for you.

Attach the letters

A creative ideas for a great letter blanket!

Letter Blanket - How To Have A Letter Blanket
Cut the letters and attach them to the blanket
  • Start by sketching the letters onto the Heat N Bond’s back. Remember to flip them over and let the wrong side face you. To reduce waste, attempt to arrange them as closely as you can.
  • Cut the outer edge of the letters.
  • Iron the letters to your fabric. You can remove the outer fabric by cutting it with fabric scissors.
  • Cut the bonded fabric with spring tension scissors. You won’t have as much difficulty controlling the scissors when you go around the letters since they keep the adhesive off of them.
  • Turn your iron to the rayon setting and arrange the letters.
  • Cover the surface you’re ironing on with thin cotton fabric, and then simply press as you always do.
  • Once everything has cooled, sew a zigzag stitch around the letters.
  • Stitch the back and front together with the right sides facing each other and a turning opening.
  • Top stitch all the way around the edge after you’ve turned it right side out. This step closes the gap and gives the edge a good finish.

Embroider on the blanket

Instead of sticking printed letters on your blanket, you can embroider them. There are stitches to choose from. You can watch this video for more ideas:

There are four rules that hold true regardless of the stitch you use: 

  • Before beginning a new letter, always finish the previous one correctly. This rule only excludes two cases: the stitches must connect the letters, and the stitches are thin while the letters need to stay close. 
  • Identify the stitching first. It won’t be the same as written letters. 
  • Some letters will require two pieces to be stitched together. Turn your fabric over and loop the thread around the current stitches until you can reach the new starting place rather than extending the thread backward. 
  • When you work with a corner, shorten the stitch. 
  • If you are a beginner, do not challenge yourself so much. It would be better to opt for a simple stitching style to try. 
  • Sketch what you want to embroider on the fabric before stitching—the thinner and more precise the drawings, the better the stitches. 
  • The letter font is important. If you intend to stitch many letters, pick a simple and big font.

Order a customized blanket

Customized things are becoming increasingly popular because they allow you to create your own stuff.

Letter Blanket-Order a customized blanket
Choose simple stitches if you are a beginner

Simply search “letter blanket” on Etsy or Amazon. Then, feel free to add your words to the beautiful fabric. 

The sellers will ask you to choose the letter font, color, style, and what you want to print. All you have to do is answer their questions and wait for the gift.

Ordering customized blankets will be a great solution if you are not confident about your arts and crafts skills. It’s also fast. 

However, if possible, make it your own. The receiver can feel your heart even when your blanket isn’t beautiful as you think. 

Why Should You Choose A Letter Blanket?

Settle on a letter blanket for your next gift to your beloved one. You will never go wrong with it because:


You will get a one-of-a-kind gift since this idea enables you to have everything you want to say in a blanket. 

Believe us, none of the letters in the world are the same if the writers want to. Listen to your heart, and your gift will be unique. 


Writing a letter to a person is already meaningful. It will mean much more to the recipients if you print it on the blankets. Then, your important ones can sleep with your loving words.

Letter Blanket - Meaningful
The best gift is the one that you put your heart into

And, you can find your favorite with Geembi custom blanket now!


Letter blankets are practical and meaningful. You may not want anything beyond that for someone you love. 

What do you choose, buying a pre-stitched blanket or making a DIY one? Please share with us your experience. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

See you with the next interesting posts in Geembi! 

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