Checkered Throw Blanket: The Best Decor Ideas 2022

Checkered throw blanket is heartfelt and affordable option to refresh your home’s decor for the upcoming winter. 

However, few homeowners know how to take advantage of its beauty to spruce up their living space.

With these recommendations from Geembi, you can get a stylish room with this item. Let’s read on!

How To Decorate A Checkered Throw Blanket?

Even if you may have picked the cloth to spruce up your sitting room, you may be clueless about how to decorate it because you are a newbie decorator.

Don’t get yourself stressed out! The following are some of the most creative styling tips to consider. Scroll down to discover in detail with Geembi Blanket Collection.

Drape The Sofa With The Throw Blanket

These blankets are the most traditional but most popular method to spruce up any living room couch or sofa. 

Drape The Sofa
Drape The Sofa

You may have noticed this decor in a home furnishing store or a well-known person’s domicile. You may select one of three styling options, such as:

  • Drape it on the sofa’s arm: Wrap a throw over the couch or sofa arm by folding it in half.
  • Face your floor: Take your blanket and put it on your sofa, which causes the item’s half to fall to the ground.
  • Diagonally: Spread it out to resemble a slope across your couch. 

Start by spreading the item diagonally from the left shoulder across the entire sofa, leaving the other side on the right-hand side of your sofa seat.

Place It In A Basket

Throw blankets with a checkered pattern to make your living space more stylish and straightforward to draw visitors’ attention.

To place this item in a basket, you may match them with whatever furniture you desire, such as side tables and floor cushions.

You may also discover more brand-new patterns and styles by doing this. Additionally, if there are many blankets, you may layer them on top of one another.

Keep the vibrantly folded blankets in the baskets, or pull the edges of the item from the basket and set them in one corner.

Throw It On A Chair Arm

Additionally, single couch chairs are positioned in the sitting area to offer extra places to relax. People typically decorate them with little square pillows.

However, the style has changed recently, and you must accessorize the sofa with a checkered throw blanket.

Just drape your blankets or tussles over the couch chair armrests for a soothing look.

Use It To Decorate The Central Tabletop

A central table is one of the furnishings needed for any living room. You may add this throw to the table to improve its aesthetic.

There are two methods to place this decor item:

  • Following a symmetry line: You must drape the blanket on your table straight down.
  • Diagonally: Lay the throw over the table in a diagonal pattern, then arrange the little ornaments above it.

All you have to do is drape the blanket on your table diagonally.

Use It For The Dining Room Table

Some individuals use their living rooms as dining rooms to conserve space.

Use It For The Dining Room
Use It For The Dining Room Table

That’s why you can spread this throw over the dining room table. By adding this item, you may make it appear inviting.

Place It On The Edge Of The Table’s Corner

It would be best to grab a checkered throw blanket and set one edge on a stool or a corner accent table.

Guides on making the handmade checkered throw
Guides on making the handmade checkered throw

Allow the throw’s opposite edge to drop to the floor. Utilize the item that is the same length as a center table.

Additionally, cover your decor piece with heavy decorative items to prevent it from dropping.

How To Make A Checkered Throw Blanket? 

You can get a checkered throw blanket from a bedding or furniture store. Besides, making a handmade one is also a great experience. 

If you want to make it yourself to give this item to your beloved, here are some tips to follow: 


  • Checkered fabric
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Iron 

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1:

Cut your cloth to 48 x 60 inches.

You’ll have a blanket that is precisely the proper dimensions for you and your child to enjoy a film on the sofa while curled up under it.

Step 2:

After cutting your cloth, set the iron at medium temperature.

Fold the fabric piece over by approximately 1/2 inch down one side.

After thorough ironing, fold the cloth and iron it again.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to use a sewing machine!

The other side of this fabric should be folded and ironed once more before sewn down in a straight line.

After sewing the first 2 opposite sides, you must continue ironing the final 2 sides.

Step 4:

You must trim a small triangle of cloth approximately one inch high from every corner before ironing by making a small 45º cutting on all 4 edges.

It aids in reducing bulk and facilitates the passage of the sewing machine across all these layers of cloth.

Step 5:

Now you need to use iron.

As you iron the blanket’s last two sides, fold a little portion of every side’s fabric over 1/2 inches, iron it thoroughly, and finally fold it 1/2 inches again.

The remaining two sides need to be sewn once everything has been ironed. That’s all done!

Now you can use this handmade checkered blanket as a heartfelt gift or decor item. It’s up to you!


How Many Checkered Throw Blankets Should You Have? 

It all relies on your preferences and sense of style.

Having many items might be ideal if you want to keep changing your blankets more frequently.

In addition, consider the design, color scheme, the sitting room, and other essential pieces of furniture.

How Often Do You Wash Your Checkered Throw Blanket?

Washing times for this piece

It’s best to clean this cloth once a month. Because washing it once a week might ruin its appearance and softness, you should avoid doing so.

Nevertheless, if you do almost everything on your item, such as drinking, eating, or painting, it’s best to wash it after every 2 weeks.

In A Nutshell

Nothing is better than a checkered throw blanket when selecting a decor item to spruce up your living space. 

It is suitable for almost decorative styles, whether minimalist or luxury. With our tips, you will find the best way to use this cloth piece to beautify your room. 

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post at Geembi!

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