Blanket Sizes: An Ultimate Buying Guides 2022

You may cover your mattress with items other than comforters or throw coverings. However, the blanket sizes can range from bath towels to large ones.

Most people buy a covering based on their mattress size, while you may want to know specific dimensions for each type. 

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blanket sizes

Standard Blanket Sizes

Before getting into the details, let’s take a look at the following blanket size chart first:

Type of blanketSizes (inches)Sizes (cm)
King108 x 90-100274 x 229-254
Queen90 x 90-100 229 x 229-254 
Double85 x 90 216 x 229 
Twin65 x 90 165 x 229 
Afghan50 x 65 127 x 165 
Throw50 x 60 127 x 152 
Crib45 x 60 114 x 152 
Receiving40 x 40 102 x 102 
Lapghan36 x 48 91 x 122 
Stroller22-30 x 30-36 51-76 x 76-91 
Premie18 x 24 46 x 61 
Cradle14 x 30 36 x 76 
Baby14 x 16 36 x 41 
Lovey12 x 12 30 x 30 

Blanket Sizes For Mattresses

Here is a general guide when choosing a common type of coverings:

  • King: 108 x 90-100 (inches)
  • Queen: 90 x 90-100 (inches)
  • Twin: 66 x 90 (inches)
  • Double: 80 x 90 (inches)

Remember that the mattress’s thickness will affect the dimensions of the quilts.

For a king-sized bed:

A 108 x 88-inch covering is the proper size for a mattress 10 inches in diameter.

A 120 x 88-inch covering is the proper size for a 14-inch-thick mattress.

A 130 x 110-inch covering is the proper size for a 22-inch-thick mattress. 

King bed

For a queen-sized bed:

A 90 x 88-inch covering is suitable for a 10-inch-thick mattress. 

A 108 x 88-inch covering is suitable for a 14-inch-thick mattress. 

A 120 x 88-inch covering is suitable for a 22-inch-thick mattress. 

For a twin bed:

A 60 x 88-inch covering is suitable for a 10-inch-thick mattress. 

A 90 x 88-inch covering is suitable for a 14-inch-thick mattress.

For a double bed:

It is among the most typical blanket sizes that can be seen in all homes. For full or double beds, use double coverings.

This oversized quilt will make the most excellent comforter after a hard day at work. The covering for a double bed is 85 x 90 inches in size.

Twin beds

Blanket Sizes For Babies

Here are the most common baby quilt and their sizes:


A crib blanket will be the ideal temporary solution when your children are in their cribs.

Its dimensions are 45 x 60 inches, making it useful for infants who prefer to play on the ground.

You should not fear germs infecting your little ones even if they spit, swaddle, or drool.


You may be showered with coverings as a pregnant mom. Receiving blankets makes your baby feel comfortable and at ease.

A receiving quilt is made of flimsy material and is 40 x 40 inches in size. It is soft and maybe a covering for tummy time, burp cloth, or swaddling.


The stroller covering size is 22–30 x 30–36 inches.

When your kid is in his stroller and perhaps a child seat, you may cover him with this relatively long and soft quilt.

It is convenient for going on a simple garden stroll or touring.


The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’s (NICU) preemie blanket is explicitly made for preterm infants.

Made of incredibly soft yarn, it is 18 x 24 inches in size and gives infants the extra-cozy feeling of being in the mother’s womb.

Most medical units opt for using this covering.


You recently welcomed your small child home and are doing whatever you can to make him happy.

It’s a cozy cradle blanket with cartoon illustrations that will allow your child to play and sleep comfortably.

These cradle quilts come in various colors and measure 14 x 30 inches. Your infant will undoubtedly like them!


You may notice small, cuddly baby coverings when shopping at a mall. They provide the infant with crucial warmth and assistance.

They are adorable, colorful items that serve as security blankets for infants. These coverings are typically crocheted and measure 14 x 16 inches.


Have you ever seen kids cuddling with a cute crocheted toy adorned with a bunny head or anything similar? It’s a lovey blanket.

These coverings act as security blankets. Your child feels secure with this comforter at their side.

Lovey or security coverings that measure 12 x 12 inches are excellent for infants and young children.

According to the AAP, you should allow your kids aged one year or older to sleep under lovey quilts.

If you want to learn more about lovey baby covering, you can watch this video:

Lovey baby covering

Decorative Throw Blanket Sizes

Besides throw blankets, you can use other types for decor purposes. Let’s all of them and their size:


A throw blanket, which measures 50 x 60 inches, is the perfect finishing touch for your sofa.

Choose a contrasting color for your throw to give your space that extra splash of color.

While watching a movie on a couch, you may use it as a covering. However, this 50 x 60 blanket is not ideal for sleeping. 


The Afghan blanket is the most vital piece of interior design you can add to any room.

This intriguing cheap pills covering is always in style. The name of the Afghan quilt comes from the country of Afghanistan.

The dimensions of an Afghan covering are 50 x 65 inches. Use it on your couch or to bring some color to the bedroom—either way, it works perfectly.


Lapghan coverings are available in striking patterns, including ombre, cake yarn, block-stitch, and patriotic crochet.

They measure 36 x 48 inches. They provide excellent warmth on chilly evenings and cover your knees and shins.

Throw blankets

In A Nutshell

With our guides on blanket sizes, we promise you can get a blanket suitable for your bed, your baby’s crib, or your coach. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment below. We’re glad to reply to all. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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