Top 10 Checkered Rug Types You’ll Love in 2022

Modern homeowners are taking their tastes back to the ‘90s with checkered patterns in many home decor, including checkered rugs. Find out why in this post!

Checkered patterns and textures have taken a space in the hearts of most interior designers and gen-Z people over the recent years. It came as no surprise that checkered patterns can add some mind-blowing accent to a room. But is it the only reason why people love it? Absolutely not.

One more reason leading to that widespread interest is the back-to-’90s trend among the younger generation. Come on — we all know that checkered stuff was really all the rage back then!

One of the home decor pieces integrated well with checkered patterns can be rugs. Yes — rugs are basically attention-grabbing regardless of where they are put. So a checkered rug is absolutely stunning! 

Anyway, what types of checkered rugs people have been choosing recently? Also, why are they loved, specifically? Read on!

Checkered Rug Types

#1 Black-and-white Checkerboard Rug

Checkerboard makes the most classic pattern among all. It can come in many different colors, but black and white are preferred. Also, black-and-white makes the overall home decoration easier to control in terms of shades and structure.

#2 Optical Illusion Checkered Rug

Thanks to several posts on the social media site Reddit, these optical illusion checkered rugs became famous last year. They believe the rug is a fun addition to any party. It can be used as a prank on inebriated people.

These optical illusion rugs are frequently round in shape to give the appearance of a hole. However, some people were not serious about it and chose a rectangular one instead, which is outstanding as well!

#3 Pink and Red Large Checkered Jute Rug

Designed by Tate & Darby, this jute rug turns heads with a sweet combination of red and pink. These two colors seem to be going against each other, but they turn out incredible and trendy at the time.

The chequerboard edition would polish off a minimalist’s snug nicely, or jazz up a maximalist’s sitting room even more.”, says Emilie Marie Hill of Stella, Telegraph.

People would love this rug because it really brightens up any room. For homeowners who want to step outside the box to create a fresh new pop of color, this rug must be ideal!

#4 Moroccan Berber Brown and Cream Checkered rug

Berber is a newcomer to the checkered rug market, however, some of its products are truly groundbreaking. One of their famous items is the Brown and Cream checked rug.

With the deep tones of brown and the elegance of cream, Berber has blown a retro breeze into home spaces in a farmhouse, vintage, and rustic way.

However, that doesn’t mean modern rooms can’t accommodate the rug. Some modernist color principles allow minimalism into the game. The brown and cream colors have enough chances to win this race.

#5 Multi-Colored Checkered Modern Area Rug

This is another one for those who want to step outside the box.

When it comes to choosing checkered rugs, most often think of a combination of only two colors. It is a common design, to be honest — and it is beautiful!

However, a checkered rug can do more than just that. Also, home decor is all about being creative! So, don’t hesitate to be wild with this multicolored modern rug!

We are sure it will set your home interior apart from anyone else’.

#6 Tan Brown and Cadmium Green Checkerboard Rug

Green is another hue you can trust on rugs. For open space having plants and windows, the rug will do a great job!

People love this polyester rug because it is made of woven chenille, a long-lasting and fade-resistant fabric. 

The checkered pattern is basic, but those rug’s colors are absolutely eye-popping!

#7 Wavy Checkered Racing Flag, Black and White Rug

No more like a checkerboard due to the movement in its depiction, this rug is inspired by racing flags. 

The rug can pull things together in a room and makes it wild even when there is not much furniture.

Once again, polyester chenille builds the rug. This material is easy to maintain and quite affordable to most people. 

#8 Blue Checkered Rug with Daisy Flowers

Add a cute little pie of rug into your living space with this design if flowers are your thing! 

The rug is made of plush fleece with an anti-slip back, so it is highly recommended that you put it in either the bedroom or the bathroom. 

Many people love this rug for its cuteness and the likelihood to liven up a whole space. But since it comes in only one size, 20×31 inches, there are not many options for different sizes of room. 

#9 Madebyerica 15”x20” Checkered Mat

You’ll know it is time to have a checkered mat in your house when you come across the Madebyerica store. 

It is super soft and smooth, allowing you to have it as a floor mat beneath every door or a seat pad. 

Interestingly enough, this store offers rugs in your desired colors. So, if you love to buy one or several items from the place, write some notes for them!

#10 Crate&Barrel Shinola Woodward Moroccan Shag Checkered Rug

Not all checkered rugs feature full squares. Some people even avoid having checkerboard rugs in their house since it creates dizziness despite how much they are loved. 

This shag rug from Crate&Barrel is the life savior for being so unique and artistic with a smart arrangement of fewer squares. What’s more, the colors are warm enough to balance the overall shade of your room, but you must decide carefully. Not every room style fits the brown and beige colors.

Final Takeaways

Checkered rugs are so popular over the years thanks to their own aesthetic appeal and how they jazz things up in rooms. Choose the one that fits your taste most! Start by thinking of the colors and then how the pattern should go. Also, take materials as a vital factor depending on the need and budget. 

Above are the top 10 checkered rug types for you to choose from. Note that there are many different rug patterns out there. If checkered patterns seem not to work for you, consider other options!

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