Chunky Blanket: Everything You Need To Know

A chunky blanket will be an excellent purchase if you don’t know what sort of blanket to buy for the upcoming winter to fight the cold.

It is available online or at bedding stores. If you want to make it yourself, Geembi also has some tips. Let’s dive into this post to learn more!

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Does A Chunky Blanket Keep You Warm? 

Recently, huge knit blankets have become increasingly popular. Is it a worthwhile investment?

The short answer is yes! This type of blanket comes with various advantages, making it sought-after.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should get it for the wintertime:

chunky blanket

Get the ideal cuddling partner.

This quilt also offers the coziness and comfort people look for throughout the cooler months.

In addition to providing warmth, it may also have a heartiness that many other blankets lack.

By varying the fabric and the degree of weaving, you may customize the fit of your quilt.

Despite being simpler to maintain, this blanket provides the same anxiety and stress relief as weighted quilts.

Warm up a dull living space.

You remove extra garments as the weather gets warmer, and your house is simplified and spring-cleaned.

Modern spaces might seem chilly when the cold breeze eventually arrives.

The most fantastic way to reintroduce coziness into your house is with thick coverings, which will also give visitors a warm welcome as they enter from the chilly outside.

Put on your best winter look.

This stylish chunky blanket is more than simply a throw. It is a brand-new chic poncho!

You can mix it with cozy leggings and all-season boots. It’s fantastic for you.

Chunky blanket

How To Make Your Homemade Chunky Blanket?

Chunky blankets may be rather costly depending on the quality of yarn involved.

Spending little money and buying a luxury quilt is impossible. To save money, you can consider making one at home.

You may add unique embellishments and create them in hues you wouldn’t often see if you choose to design your own.

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Here are guides if you want to make a homemade knit chunky blanket:


  • Chunky yarns
  • A needle
  • Thread

Step-by-step Instructions:

Step 1: Make a slip knot first, leaving a tail 6 inches in length. It’s better to go more than 2 inches in the slip knot’s loop.

Use a sheet of carton or a measuring tape to determine the dimensions of the first few lines of loops if you intend to make them smaller or bigger.

Step 2: You will make a chain to serve as the blanket’s first row. 

Hold the knitting yarn by inserting your arm over the loops you just made.

To make the second loop of the same dimension as the first loop, pull it across the first one.

Once you’ve made a second loop, make a third one by pulling the knitting yarn through it.

Step 3: You’ll begin to make knit stitches, a basic stitch that you will repeat to knit the entire quilt manually.

Starting from the left, you can begin the first row now. You will always omit the first loop—the one you have made—when you begin another new row.

Your blanket’s edges will be more neatly completed as a result.

Check the chain you just created and locate the holes inside every loop.

The second hole on the right is where you should insert the knitting yarns from the rear to form a straight loop. 

Measure the dimensions of the loop with your hand.

Step 4: Pull a loop around each hole in the string more often from behind.

Ensure that each loop you make is more than 2 inches in diameter.

Pull the loop around the knot once you’ve returned to it.

Step 5: As you accomplish in the second row, start the third row by moving right and pulling the loop from beneath.

Skip the initial loop whenever you begin another row.

Always complete the omitted loops from the preceding row before ending a row.

Step 6: Keep knitting backward and forward until the chunky quilt reaches the length you want.

Step 7: Put the tail ends of two yarns inside one another to connect a new yarn ball. Use a thread and needle to stitch the pieces together.

Step 8: Cut tail 12 inches long after the quilt reaches the desired length.

Tie off the tip beginning on the opposite side, then pass the tail over the last two holes and knot it. Use thread and needle to secure the tail after weaving it in. 

That’s all done!

Knit a homemade chunky blanket

Is It Easy To Knit A Chunky Blanket?

For beginners, knitting a chunky quilt may be a relatively challenging project. 

Although it doesn’t require several tools and equipment, you may have trouble with knitting patterns. 

Don’t get yourself stressed if you are new to this knitting art. Here are some simple knitting patterns to consider:

  • large stitch
  • colorful corner 
  • ocean waves 
  • continuation 
  • all-these-places 
  • hiber knit chunky
  • fading double moss
  • afternoon nap
  • easy squishy
  • eleventh hour 

If you want to know more complicated knitting patterns, you can watch this video:

Knitting patterns

How To Care For Your Chunky Blanket? 

The type of yarn used to make the quilt determines how to wash it properly. Here are some guides to care for your chunky blanket:

Roving Wool

It’s raw wool that hasn’t been turned into yarn. It has a cotton candy-like appearance and creates incredibly soft, delicate items.

The best option will be dry washing if your blanket is made of roving or extremely delicate wool.

Washable Yarn

If you make a quilt from acrylic or wool that can be washed and dried, you may do it in low-temperature mode or the washing machine’s warm or cold cycle.

If your washer doesn’t come with an agitator, it’s much safer to wash your blanket.

Wool Yarn

Hand washing is the most excellent technique for 100% natural wool.

You may hand-wash 100% wool knit using several strands of yarn that have already been felted in cold water, then lay it flat to dry.

Don’t wring or agitate the wool because they may shred together. 

Maintenance recommendations

In A Nutshell

For many good reasons, it’s worth investing in a chunky blanket in the winter. 

It will keep you warm while adding a touch of heartiness to your dull living space as a decorative item.

If you want to make one, our guides will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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