Top 16 Farmhouse Classroom Decor Ideas You’ll Love In 2022

Classroom setup plays an important role in the learning environment as it makes the first impression on graders and significantly supports teaching and learning. 

So if you are looking for some decorations that can make your students feel welcome, farmhouse classroom decor will help achieve that goal.

Our blog post with 16 amazing ideas will give you an insight into what a farmhouse classroom looks like and how to turn it right. Let’s get started!

16 Farmhouse Classroom Decor Ideas

There are so many beautiful ideas for farmhouse classroom decor. It’s easy to turn your space into a place where students feel comfortable and want to learn more about the world around them. 

Let’s check out these 16 adorable examples of farmhouse-style classrooms and see which one is your favorite! 

#1. Classroom Library

It seems like nothing is better to help you attract your students’ attention than a farmhouse-style library. Depending on the size of the shelves, you can set up multiple white baskets to store the books and references. 

You should classify books by subjects or genres. A small tip here is to label the name tag of each basket clearly so that your students don’t have to spend time finding what they need.

farmhouse bedroom library
Classroom library

#2. Cozy Seating Area

If the space is big enough, you can pull in a black table and pillows with crochet patterns. Decorating the table with a few books and snake plants is also a good way to fill the emptiness.

Don’t forget to place a cozy rug with neutral colors beneath that area, which will somehow warm up the space in the wintertime while also adding modern farmhouse vibes to the room. 

#3. Library Book Labels With White Shiplap

If you’re a fan of the rustic decor, we bet you’re too familiar with the “shiplap wall”. So, how to bring that image to your classroom in the cheapest way possible? 

You can try some library book labels with the background of white shiplap.

There are multiple options for you to decorate and organize your small library by genre, themes, numbers, colors, book titles, authors, etc. Surely this epitome of “shiplap” will help enhance the charming vibe of your learning space!

Library Book Labels With White Shiplap
Library Book Labels With White Shiplap

#4. Lovely Indoor Tent

Setting up a teepee in white or light color is a good way to add the farmhouse vibe to your class. In this lovely area, your kids can lie down comfortably to take a rest or read books. Don’t forget to add a cozy rug and some colorful pillows to make them feel at home.

lovely indoor tent
Indoor tent

#5. Eucalyptus And Greenery

Every farmhouse classroom surely can not miss this eucalyptus and greenery. Yes, decorating your learning space with eucalyptus is a good way to bring the outdoors in.

You can also think of spider plants, peace lily, golden pothos, snake plants, Chinese evergreen, or heartleaf philodendron since these kinds tend to grow well in low to medium light. Your students will enjoy watering, repotting, and even propagating those lovely indoor plants.

Eucalyptus And Greenery
Eucalyptus And Greenery

#6. Farmhouse Border

A nice border will give your bulletin board a fresh look! Depending on the room’s total design, you can try decorating the board with wood borders, simple black and white borders, or tile borders. 

Rest assured that these classic patterns will add some rustic vibes to your room while also attracting your students at first sight!

Farmhouse Border
Farmhouse Border

#7. Shiplap Bulletin Board Paper

Another way to bring a more farmhouse vibe to your class is to use shiplap paper! Believe us; this fade-resistant paper can make your bulletin boards look polished and rustic. You can combine it with other decors, like labels, paper shapes, or printed names of your students!

Shiplap Bulletin Board Paper
Shiplap Bulletin Board Paper

#8. Binder Covers

It is no wonder that you must spend a lot of binders to manage your classroom effectively. From your bookshelves, monthly agendas, lesson plans to student data, binders are everywhere.

Let’s try editable covers to bring a perfect touch to your classroom. Surely they will ease your mind whenever you open them.

binder covers
Binder Covers

#9. Scrabble Letters

A dynamic classroom absolutely can not lack scrabble letters. Teachers can do numerous things with them, such as writing messages on the walls, making banners, using the alphabet line, ordering the letters to make words, etc. 

Whatever you’re going to do, these scrabble letters surely will be the cutest accents to your farmhouse space! 

scrabble letters
Scrabble Letters

#10. Brick Or Tile Vinyl Adhesives

Applying brick or tile vinyl adhesives is also a good way to give your class a farmhouse accent wall. The project is DIY-friendly, and you can simply peel them off to remove them whenever you want to renew.

If you want to utilize overall uniformity to reflect the uniqueness, you can also cover these adhesives with furniture, bookcases, and drawers.

Brick Or Tile Vinyl Adhesives
Brick Or Tile Vinyl Adhesives

#11. Teacher Toolbox

Pens, highlighters, crayons, erasers, rulers, tape, glue, paper clips, and numerous things are waiting for you to reorganize. We bet you will want something that can support you, like a 4D magic pocket of Doraemon.

So, why don’t you prepare yourself a toolbox like this? It’s a great combination of white and gray colors, rustic wood, eucalyptus leaves, and shiplap – all of which are key elements for a farmhouse space.

teacher toolbox
Teacher Toolbox

#12. Farmhouse Containers

What about using these galvanized buckets to store your stuff? This vintage rustic double bucket can work well by itself or blend with the rest of your decor items!

Not only do they bring a touch of farmhouse charm to your class, but you can also use them to plant some greenery and flowers.

Galvanized Containers
Galvanized Containers

#13. Using Shoe Holders For Mailbox

Teaching is not only teaching, but it also includes sending and collecting papers. A mailbox can teach your students to check their boxes every day while reducing hassle.

If you want to make a difference in your classroom, try some shoe holders to create a mailbox. Don’t forget to mark with the numbers, names, or colors.

This mailbox is also useful if some of your students are absent as they will know what they missed in the last lesson.

Using Shoe Holders For Mailbox
Using Shoe Holders For Mailbox

#14. Farmhouse-themed Calendar Set

Adding a beautiful calendar set will greatly benefit your all-year class activities.

You can take note of all important days of a school year, such as birthdays, holidays, school days, examination days, parent-teacher meetings, etc. 

With the primary color of white, black, and green, this calendar will fit perfectly with the rest of your classroom. 

calendar set
Calendar Set

#15. Celebration Board 

Class awards make every kid feel special, so why don’t you decorate your celebration board at your best? 

Apply some farmhouse borders to the board, and write your class name and meaningful messages. 

Surely your talented students will feel happy whenever they see their names on the board. That’s also a motivation for others to strive their best.

celebration board
Celebration Board

#16. Class Gallery

Each semester brings you and your students’ different experiences, and you would love to keep those beautiful memories, right? Let’s try something special!

Think of an inspiring message you would love to share with your students. Use Cricut Marker to make the letters, then apply them to the wooden board. 

In front of the wall, set up a mint or light-colored table where you will display your class gallery. A vase of flowers adds some accents to this memory corner!

class gallery
Class Gallery

Farmhouse Classroom Tips 

We’ve just shared with you 16 simple yet effective farmhouse decor ideas that you can apply to your classroom. Options are limitless, so you can invent your own unique style.

Whatever you choose, below are some small tips you need to note to make sure everything goes right.

Choose Simple Colors

The colors of your classroom should be simple and rustic! Together with the brown colors of wood materials, focus on white, black, grey, beige, and green – the primary tones of farmhouse decor. theplanetvoice

Don’t Overdo It

You should have a well-planned makeover before starting the work. Depending on the size of the room, think of what you can do with that space.

Do not worry if things don’t go your way because “simplicity” is the key to this rustic style.

Keep Things Versatile

It’s best if you can make the best of everything in your classroom, especially when you don’t have much room and time to achieve all of what you’re expecting.

For example, a bulletin board can be used as a celebration board, or the glass gallery can also be a good place to dispatch outstanding students.

Make Sure It’s Welcoming

Whatever you’re going to do, make sure it makes your students feel welcome and inviting. A small tip for you here is to match your decor style to their age.

While primary students love bright colors and fun shapes, teenagers might enjoy inspirational posters. High school students, on the other hand, tend to focus on a homey and educational environment.

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One of the most important things a teacher can do is create a welcoming, relaxing environment for their students. And surely farmhouse classroom decor can help you achieve that goal.

Hopefully, these 16 creative ideas about how you can transform your own classroom into a farmhouse-inspired space can encourage your creativity and inspire you to do even better.

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