25+ Best Farmhouse Office Decor Ideas For Casual Workplaces

Farmhouse style is a genre of furniture decorating that emphasizes functionality, minimalism, and rustic attractiveness. 

While the style reflects the beauty of rural construction, it also includes modern conveniences, resulting in a pleasant and elegant style.

Many people utilize this concept to design their workplace, and it has shown to be quite effective. During hectic working hours, simplicity might help you increase your productivity and relax.

If you are going to set up your office, the most popular farmhouse office decor ideas below can help. Let’s join us and learn how to decorate your working place! 

25 Farmhouse Office Ideas

There are many setup ideas regarding style, color, and furniture items. While scrolling, remember to look at the illustrative images and imagine how it looks in your room. 

1. All white concept 

The most straightforward rule to making everything in sync is to set them in one relaxed color. 

White is an intelligent choice. Your home office will look sophisticated once you choose a white desk and wall. 

The vase of tulip adds a more natural sense to your room, making it cozier.

a laptop put on a white desk in a white room
White is a safe choice

2. Wooden desk for minimalism

Wood is a top pick for those farmhouse decor fanatics.

This farmhouse desk is simple yet elegant. The black lamp with a unique design makes your setup more interesting. 

You can also decorate your office with some pictures. Like the example in the photo below, the birds accent the wooden setup, helping your space look more lively. 

a wood table in an office room
Wood always works for this concept

3. Feminism setup with pastel tone

Girls, please note this idea because it’s the best option to demonstrate your femininity.

When coupled with a grey chair, the beige farmhouse desk establishes a sense of elegance. The golden lamp blends well in the setting too.

You can put a small vase on your working desk to boost productivity. 

pastel pink farmhouse office decor room with a table and a pink chair
Pastel tone can add a sense of femininity

4. Brown wall and wooden desk 

This option is one of the best farmhouse-style ideas on this list. Brown color always brings a feeling of the countryside. The wall behind is also the same color as the desk, as if they were made for each other.

The atmosphere will become even more rural if you put some in-house plants around. Just a little wind, you will feel like working in the countryside. 

brown wall and wooden desk
Brown colors make the space warmer

5. Wooden board as a desk

You do not need to spend money to buy a sophisticated desk when a simple wooden board can also help you work efficiently. This unique design is sure to catch the eye of anyone who comes across it.

To make the table stand out, you should put it on a white background. The color difference will make the table and white background complement each other and create an interesting office.

wooden board as a desk
This interesting design is worth trying

6. Black chair and table in a brighter tone

A light brown wooden table can go with any design style. The wide tabletop can allow you to put many decorations on it.

The highlight of this idea is the black chair. With its black mattress and dark wood frame, it will stand out in your workspace.

black chair and wooden table in a brighter tone of beige
A wooden table can blend well in any setting

7. Writing farmhouse desk 

This design is the ultimate choice for those who love minimalism. The simplicity helps you focus on your work when you don’t have to worry too much about the things around you.

The surface area of this writing desk is quite large. You can place a lot of things that are necessary for your work, making them always accessible. 

writing farmhouse desk
Minimalists will love this setup

8. Wooden desk and bookshelves on a white wall

If you want more storage space in your office, this idea can work. 

The mounted bookshelf above can hold your documents, folders, books, and even ornamental plants.

The desk has the same color as the bookshelf. This combination blends well on the white wall.

Another advantage of this set is you don’t have to clean it frequently. The dark colors are always good at hiding dirty stains. 

wooden desk and bookshelves on a white wall
You will have more storage space with this option

9. Blue and brown tone

Consider this concept if you want to set up your home office in your bedroom. 

Blue and brown can complement each other. As a result, you will always feel cozy and comfortable when putting them near each other. 

You can try to set the table brown while using a blue chair. Just look at the picture and see how this combo works. 

It’s ideal for adding a blue bed and wooden floor to the set. Remember to use different tones so that each item can shine in its own way.

You may also like our farmhouse bedding sets. Check it out!

light brown and blue tone in a home office bedroom
It is a good idea to pair brown with blue

10. Classic style

Classic and farmhouse can go together and create a beautiful couple. 

The image below reveals how you can mix farmhouse and classic style in the same place. 

Both the desk and chair have a vintage design. The beige color adds a rustic charm to the whole picture. 

Everything will be perfect if you put a lamp in the same tone. Then, you can spend hours working at the desk without getting tired. 

classic home office style
This design looks elegant and classic

11. Lamp as an accent

We have mentioned the lamp a few times in previous ideas. Yet, in this option, the lamp will work as the accent. 

If you have a wooden desk and a brick wall, you can make the best of them by placing a lamp in a farmhouse style, as the picture shows. 

This lamp can boost your productivity and represent rural architecture.

lamp as an accent in a farmhouse home office room
The lamp steals the spotlight

12. In-house plants

If you design your home office in a farmhouse style but can’t afford to buy farmhouse items, put some plants around the room. 

The ultimate rule for any farmhouse setup is the rural charm. Nothing can bring out this sense better than plants. 

It would be perfect for placing your working desk near the window with white curtains hung on. Now, you are ready to be immersed in nature. 

in house plants for home office
Plants are good motivators

13. Vintage look with black and white pictures

This idea is another combination of vintage and farmhouse.

Why is it a farmhouse? You are using a wood board as a desk. You also place in-house plants in your office. 

Why is it vintage? You employ the two most popular vintage colors in this set: black and white. The pictures hung on the wall are clear examples of this decoration style. 

vintage look with black and white picture
You may need that sense of vintage

14. A long desk with flowers as decoration items

One of the best approaches to make your office a “farmhouse” is to place your working desk near the window, where you have access to a nice view. 

The image shows a simple setup with a long wooden table and some flowers. However, imagine you are working there. You will feel peaceful and enjoyable no matter how many deadlines you have to deal with. 

long desk with flowers
Create a calm peaceful scene that reduces work stress and anxiety

15. Simple decor style

If you are not confident about your aesthetic sense, choose this idea. It works on the concept of using what gives the most farmhouse feel.

Don’t worry about making a mess. https://remotepilot101.com Remember that simplicity always works, and the result is often better than you expect.

There are three principles you can follow to pull it off:

  • Use a wooden desk.
  • Work with a white background.
  • Place some flowers on the tabletop. 
a simple scene of a working table tuplips and picture frame
Simplicity is suitable for every kind of space

16. Add more dried flowers

Interestingly, dried flowers look more rustic than the real ones. 

The most significant advantage of using dried plants and flowers is that you don’t have to take care of them. You can leave them there for months. 

If you want everything to go in sync with each other, you can choose a vase that has the same concept as your working desk. If you can’t picture how it works, please check the photo below. 

farmhouse home office table decor with dried flower
Dried flowers are popular decor items

17. Wood furniture for the whole office

You can’t go wrong opting for this greenest furniture choice. Setting everything in a brown tone is an interesting idea. It can work well no matter what color your walls and floor are.

This working desk has many drawers. You can store your essential documents there. 

The tabletop is also large. It can handle a computer, a mouse, a mouse pad, some books, and even some plants if you want. 

wood furniture for the whole office
You can try with multiple wooden pieces of furniture

18. Place a big bookshelf in the office

Your home office will look much more professional if a big bookshelf is there. You now have enough space to keep your books and display ornamental items.

The bookshelf has the same color as the floor, the desk, and the chair. This set is quite expensive, but it’s worth your consideration.  

built in bookshelves in a wooden office
Your working space will look professional with a built-in bookshelves

19. Green popup on a white background

Sometimes, a farmhouse appears to be a straightforward concept to work with. Without the picture, this setting (shown in the photo) looks simple and a little plain. Everything white is a safe choice but sometimes will not leave anyone. 

Yet, things have changed with the painting. It brings a rural feel to your home office and makes the space more appealing. 

green picture on a white office wall
A green popup can change the whole atmosphere

20. A Unique design 

Don’t think that the farmhouse style is also for simplicity and vintage. You can always experiment with unique designs without ruining the whole concept. 

You need to get the point of this idea. You can try some models such as the one in this picture. The desk looks special but doesn’t affect the atmosphere. The tree-trunk form helps it blend well with the gray floor and the black tabletop. 

The lamp is also an impressive image of your farmhouse picture. It looks like the sun shining on the leaf next to it. 

tree trunk as a table leg
You can choose some unique designs

21. White and brown tone

White and brown are the best match to bring out the rustic charm. If you don’t want to use a wood desk, go for the white one. Then, pair it with a dark brown chair. This combination will surely complement each other. 

You can also use a white bookshelf behind your desk to store things. The floor should be light brown or white. Yet, the brown one is easier to clean. 

white and brown farmhouse office decor
white and brown farmhouse office decor

22. Desk with drawers 

The centerpiece of this setup is the desk with drawers. It would help to mix this sophisticated desk with a black executive chair. Then, they don’t contrast. 

This combination works best on a brown background, such as a brick wall and wooden floor. You can also attach a mounted bookshelf over the desk. Then, you can keep your books there. 

Also, don’t forget about the rug to put under the desk or chair. Rugs are important in keeping your room together and adding a pop of color.

farmhouse office desk with drawers
You have two options for storage

23. Floating desk standing out among wooden furniture

Floating desks are becoming more and more popular these days. People love them because of their sleek design and convenience. They also help you save a lot of space. 

Going back to the brown-white combo, you can pair a white desk with a brown wall and wooden floor. It’s preferable to use a white chair to match your desk.

You can make a DIY floating desk. This video will show you how to do it. 

DIY floating desk tutorial performed by DIY PETE

24. Brown furniture on a grey background

The cement wall seems like an unfinished project, but it is an interesting idea for the home office.

If you don’t know how to mix with such a background, everything will become chaotic.

The photo below is a suggestion to solve this case. You need to put a wooden table and a few decorations on it. 

Brown can go well with any shade of grey. So don’t worry about ending up with a mess. 

brown desk and wooden desk decorative accessories on a grey background
Think carefully to choose the right items for mixing with grey

25. Black office set with some green accents

Black represents modernism and luxury. The aesthetic is also reflected in the industrial farmhouse decor. It makes your working space more professional. The glossy desk matches the office chair so well, making you feel like working in a real office. 

The item that makes your room farmhouse is the curtain. The leaf pattern brings out the sense of nature. 

The window allows you to view the scene outside while taking a rest. With all of these elements, you will have hours of productive work. 

black office set with some green options
The curtain shines in this example

Final Words

Setting up an office is not all about aesthetics. You also need to make sure that you can work with focus and efficiency.

If you have found your favorite in this list above, don’t hesitate to go for it. Then, you will be ready to handle all of the challenging tasks. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information from Geembi, please feel free to ask. Thank you for taking the time to read the post! 

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