How Does A Green Throw Blanket Change Your Room?

What will you do with your green throw blanket? How to match it with your sofa? If questions keep wandering in your mind, we can help you deal with them!

This post will discuss tips for choosing the blanket and some ideas for finding each matching sofa. Let’s read on to discover!  

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green throw blanket
green throw blanket

How To Choose A Green Throw Blanket? 

A green throw blanket comes in different color shades, materials, patterns, and sizes. To choose the most suitable one for your interior decoration, you should consider all those factors. 

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Green is the color of renewal and life. However, depending on the shade you choose, your blanket will express a different vibe. For example: 

  • Forest green: A rich, deep hue that reminds you of an Evergreen tree
  • Hunter green: A pale, mellow color that has an autumn vibe
  • Persian gree: A unique shade with a positive connotation and natural feel
  • Sage green: A greenish-gray hue that looks like dried sage leaves 


You can choose synthetic or natural materials for your blanket. This video shows you the differences between the two fibers:

Both synthetic and natural materials are comfortable, durable, and soft. The most common choices include: 


This natural fabric makes a thin, airy throw blanket. It’s an excellent option for hot climates because it is so effectively ventilated and keeps you cool by draining away sweat.

Moreover, cotton is elementary to maintain; all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine, then either machines dry it or let it hang dry.

Cotton is a natural material


Wool is also a natural material but more suitable for cold weather.

Manufacturers use sheep hair to make the blankets, but they may be itchy, and some people are allergic to the fabric. 

Yet, you can choose merino wool, which is hypoallergenic and not irritating.    

Wool can keep you warm by trapping hot air between its strands, but those same gaps also allow for ventilation.


Because of its warmth, sturdiness, and low price, fleece is a widely used synthetic textile. You can quickly wash it in the washing machine. 

The polyester fabric is not very breathable. Moreover, it might also have a lot of static electricity in the cold season.

Yet, it’s still a fantastic choice for a cheap, practical throw blanket.


Knit throw blankets are a fantastic choice to give your room more texture.

You can find them in different materials, but wool, cotton, and acrylic are the favorite ones. 

Throw blankets made of knitted yarn can be fluffy and thick with large stitches. But if you like a delicate touch, choose ones made from fine wool.

A knit blanket has more textures


A plain green blanket is a perfect addition to your farmhouse living room.

However, choose one with patterns to turn the space into an interesting and impressive place. 

There are unlimited models on the market. You can go for simple designs like flowers, geometry, or famous characters. 


You have four size choices when buying a throw blanket: 

  • 36×50 inches
  • 40×60 inches
  • 45×55 inches
  • 45×60 inches

Which Sofa Color Can A Green Throw Blanket Go With? 

You have bought a beautiful throw blanket in your favorite tone and pattern.

However, it’s only half of the success. Your setup will go out of place if the sofa color doesn’t match your blanket.

We recommend these ideas for your decoration. 

Light gray

Don’t worry if you have a little space. The room will become a tranquil haven when you mix green and light gray. 

In any room where there might not be enough natural light, this combination works nicely.

You can ground those bright, breezy hues with a touch of black for added depth.

This combination extends the space

Dark gray

This combo is ideal for neutral decor enthusiasts who wish to add a bit of color.

Dark gray blends well with many other Priligy shop shades of green, but sage green and gray are currently on-trend.

Dark gray is a well-liked sofa color. Thankfully, it complements green and creates a sophisticated appearance.


Black is never behind the time. This color remains the most popular tone for home decoration due to its simplicity, flexibility, and luxury.

Hence, you won’t go wrong when mixing your black sofa with your newly-bought throw blanket.   


The color white symbolizes completion and unity. And when you add hues that promote harmony and serenity, you have the ideal combo.

You own a contemporary white sofa. The key is to choose a soft green throw blanket with patterns you can highlight all around the white background. 

You have a white background to decorate


Natural hues and textures complement green. Since brown is such a natural color, it makes obvious that green would mix well.

Almost any tone of green looks fantastic when paired with brown.

Combining green with a light brown sofa is especially in fashion right now. You can pick a light green for a soft impression or a dark one for a strong touch. 

Ideas For Styling A Green Throw Blanket 

Choosing the right throw blanket for your sofa is an excellent achievement. But if you desire more than that, try the following ideas:

  • Use throw pillows of the same style but in different patterns and hues
  • Add plants in your room for a natural feeling
  • Choose furnishings in earthy hues, like brown, beige, or light pink
  • Decorate the room with wooden items, such as the coffee table or stand lamp
  • Buy a throw blanket with patterns that have the same color as your sofa 


A green throw blanket can’t change the entire look of your living room, but it adds a touch of nature, peace, and unity to the setting. 

We have recommended some ideas for decorating your house with your blanket. Yet, creativity is not limited, so mix whatever you like. 

Thank you for reading!

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