Farmhouse Quilts

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Farmhouse Quilts

Do you have a farmhouse-inspired bedroom or home? Looking for some one-of-a-kind farmhouse quilts with artistic details to make a statement in your place? If so, you have come to the right place!

First thing first, recognize that a quilt (of any size) is a decor item that immediately draws someone’s attention as they enter the room! Surely, it can determine the overall aesthetics of a space. Whatever style your room is based on, make sure to select a quilt that speaks to that theme. 

There are a number of different styles and types of farmhouse quilts out there, each one designed to fit your specific space and decorating needs! With that in mind, we want to provide you with some helpful tips on how to decorate your farmhouse room with quilts. Then you’ll know what to get for a worthy farmhouse quilt purchase! Let’s get started!

What Are Farmhouse Quilts?

A farmhouse quilt is a simple, vintage-style quilt that typically consists of many different fabric squares stitched together in a colorful pattern. It is sometimes referred to as a crazy quilt or another country-inspired name like “log cabin blanket”. But regardless of its name, it has been around for quite some time and continues to be popular among home decorators today. 

Folks often use it to accent a bed or hang it on walls as a decorative piece. It can also be placed on furniture like sofas and chairs. Since there are so many different ways to use farmhouse quilts in decorating schemes, we want to share some basic tips and ideas with you today! But first, let’s go through some popular types of quilts so you know what is on the table to make a quick choice!

farmhouse quilts

Different Types of Quilts in Farmhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse Quilt

These are colorful, modern prints that are bright and bold. They look great on their own or paired with some other beautiful farmhouse pillows. Many people choose to hang these quilts on a wall, while others like to throw them over a bed frame.

They are not like the patchwork quilt which requires many fabric blocks stitched together. Instead, modern printed quilts are made of two layers of cloth filled with padding held in place by lines of stitching.

French Farmhouse Quilt

French farmhouse quilts are easily recognizable by their unique designs and patterns. They were originally created for bedding but have since made their way into any number of homes as accent pieces

Primitive Quilts

These have a more traditional style and design that are often found in Amish communities. Although they can be used as blankets, many people prefer using them as window treatments because of their beauty and design.

Country Quilts

Country farmhouse quilts feature lots of colors and geometric patterns that speak to farm life. However, even though the country looks simple at first glance, it is really quite intricate once you really take a closer look. 

Floral Quilts

Floral quilts are another style of patterned one. Instead of being based on simple squares or triangles, these heavily feature hand-stitched flowers in bold colors and designs. People who opt for floral usually pair it with solid-colored furniture pieces to add contrast to complement their room’s decorating scheme.

Vintage Quilts

If you want to bring some authentic charm into your home, vintage quilts are a wonderful choice. These make use of thick fabrics that have been sewn together over generations to create incredible works of art.

a farmhouse quilt hang on a white wall over a chair with white pillows

How To Decorate a Farmhouse Room With Quilts

Here are three ways you can take advantage of farmhouse quilt patterns as striking decorations.

#1 Hang them on a plain white wall

If you are like most people, there is a good chance your walls are painted white. While it might not be as popular as it once was, white paint still adds sophistication and style to any room. If you have particularly impressive quilts (such as those made from expensive silk or wool), hanging one over an existing picture is a great way to draw attention to its beauty without being overly obvious about it. With only one item on display, guests won’t feel overwhelmed by trying to take in too much information at once.

#2 Display them as part of an existing collection

If you want to add interest and personality to a living room or bedroom, displaying a quilt as part of an existing art collection is one way to do it. For example, if you have a large and diverse collection of paintings (such as impressionist works), hanging a quilt on one wall and grouping it with some paintings is a great way to compliment your current setup. 

Also, if you are going for country décor, consider hanging your quilt over some upholstered furniture in another area of your home (this will save space). 

Just remember that whatever strategy you choose should be consistent across all areas. Using similar colors from throughout your house will make your life easier since they’ll already go together.

#3 Use patterned bedding as decoration (but don’t sleep under it)

If you want to add some farmhouse quilt decorating ideas to your bedroom, consider using more than one quilt on your bed. 

For example, lay down a solid-colored coverlet over your existing comforter and then place a multi-colored queen-sized quilt on top of that. The result is a colorful bed that’s super soft and warm. 

If you want something warmer but similar, consider swapping out your comforter for an old single-sized quilt or an even thicker blanket; most people will never know if you do! Just remember not to mix and match patterns on different types of fabric or with different colors.

[Additional Guide] What To Look For in a Regular Quilt


The most common material in traditional quilts is Cotton. It’s durable, soft, and comes in an array of colors and patterns. Today, there are also organic cotton quilts made from sustainable resources like Egyptian-grown long-staple cotton. Other options include pure silk, wool, and blends of bamboo, polyester, or recycled materials.

Today, most manufacturers choose Poly Cotton to make modern quilts. This fabric material is a combination of Polyester and Cotton fibers. As a result, it inherits the benefits of both of these materials, making poly-cotton quilts absorbent, breathable, tough, and difficult to get wrinkle


A quilt that does not fit your bed can’t provide you with much warmth, so choose the size wisely! Below is the quilt size chart table for your referral. Take a look!

quilt size chart table


If you’re looking for a quilt that has both style and substance, a patchwork pattern may be right for you. Quilters will often work together to piece together fabric scraps into distinctive designs. There are also plenty of quilts made from novelty fabrics such as faux fur or velvet, some even feature themes like sports logos or comic book characters. 

While many households don’t use bedspreads anymore, it’s still an attractive option if you live in a cool climate where extra layers can help keep you warm at night. It can also add variety to your decorating scheme because it adds another layer of color and texture to your room when it hangs on your bed frame or drapes over a chair in your living room.


When it comes to thickness, there is really no right or wrong choice. Some people prefer a lighter-weight quilt, while others are happy with a heavy-duty option that can withstand many years of use.

However, it does not mean that you should overlook this factor before making a quilt purchase. Some people were so distracted by the look of a quilt that they forgot they also needed warmth at night in chilly weather. As a result, they had to spend an extra budget to buy another quilt with the thickness that works!

Bottom Line

Farmhouse quilts vary within many different options in the market today. There seem to be plenty of choices for you to grab one that meets your needs. Yet, that can be hard once you are not aware of what to consider before buying these quilts. 

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