Best Ideas For Stitch Blanket Patterns And How To Style Them

Winter makes you cold, but a stitch blanket will warm your body and heart. So why don’t you try it when the freeze comes. 

We will get you covered if you don’t know which model to choose and what to do with it. Let’s follow our post! 

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stitch blanket
1. Stitck Blanket

Ideas For Stitch Blanket 

Stitch blankets come in different patterns, each establishing a particular vibe. We will recommend the most common choices right here. 

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Quilted lattice stitch

The quilted lattice pattern has only slipped, and chain stitch and is a novel crochet version of a traditional knitting stitch.

This crochet stitch is pretty much ideal in blanket crochet patterns. Your fabric will be silky and drape while being lovely, warm, and free of holes. 

If you are a big fan of farmhouse style, do not miss this option. 

Herringbone single crochet stitch 

This stitching style is similar to a single crochet but nicer because it uses a simple crochet stitch. The pattern resembles hooking two single stitches together.

We add this simple option to our list because it makes your blanket look cozy and warm. Believe us; simplicity works well in almost any setting. 

2. Simplicity always works

Almond ridges 

The almond stitch creates a wonderfully elaborate pattern with a four-row crochet pattern that is easier to crochet. You can go with it if you do the half treble and slip stitch. 

The texture is the highlight of this stitching style. You can even notice its texture from afar and feel it too. 

Mayberry stitch

Bobble crochet rows with immense texture have lines of half double stitches. This pattern is cozy and gorgeous, thanks to the bursting textures. 

It’s kind of uncommon to find crochet patterns for blankets that fulfill every requirement like this option. 

They will definitely stand out if you add them to your living room or bedroom.

Corner to corner stitch

A corner-to-corner block, also known as a C2C block, looks gorgeous with three double stitches and chains working up in diagonal rows. 

You will make tiny, interwoven squares that go from corner to corner.

This grid can help you figure out your position within the patterns and will tell whether any thread or color adjustments are necessary.

Alpine stitch

The definition of alpine relates to a high mountain. Use the magnificently patterned alpine stitch to enrich your next crocheted blanket—what a perfect name for this pattern’s distinctive ridges and protracted diagonal lines.

The surface has a firm texture. It makes an opaque textile woven with a tight tension, making it perfect for blankets, cushions, and even bags.

3. Enrich the texture of your blanket with some unique stitches

Box stitch

What if you want to add a little extra flair to your crochet stitches for your duvets? Use the box stitch when crocheting.

Single, double, post and shell stitches can all work in this striking pattern.

The texture looks like the beadwork you often see on a loom. The loom and cross patterns may work for square stitches. 

Granny ripple

The granny pattern is another style used a lot in crochet. It has groups of trebles. You may see it many times on TV shows. 

One of the best things about the good price granny ripple is that it becomes pretty mindless after a few rows. This feature creates a lovely pattern of overlapping valleys and peaks. 

Interweave cable

The stitch, also referred to as the Celtic weave, has the usual interlocking pattern found in Celtic knots and crosses. 

This stitching style is for you if you need challenges. Learning how to do it properly will train you with new skills and push you beyond your comfort zone. 

If this stitching style is hard, this video will simplify it for you: 

Moss stitch

If you want to master moss stitching, do it slowly and steadily. Your work won’t expand quickly if all you use are single and chain stitches.

This traditional crochet pattern, also called linen or granite stitch, provides your crochet item with a woven texture and is a fantastic choice for yarns with a lengthy gradient.

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Ideas For Styling A Stitch Blanket 

You have a beautiful stitch blanket or some materials to make one. But how can you boost its beauty to the max level? The following ideas will help. 

Add numerous sets of pom-poms.

The no-sew blanket can upgrade your old blanket by using a pom-pom finish.

Since one single row may seem boring to some people, adding more rows will enrich the texture. 

Be cautious when cleaning if you use glue in place of a sewing machine. To keep it in good condition, you should hand wash it.

Rainbow blankets

Since you can knit the blanket on your own, why don’t you use different yarn colors? The entire look will be impressive and liven up any corner of your house. 

This idea works great in any setting because it can change the appearance of your setup.

For example, the blanket will become the centerpiece of your decor style is farmhouse or minimalist. Meanwhile, it can blend well in a summer-vibe room. 

4. Try a rainbow fabric for a striking effect

Patch pieces together

Do not throw your old sweaters away when they can make a beautiful throw.

You can sew the pieces together, with each corner holding onto the others with a yarn pom-pom. 

This idea gives a nice touch to your room. However, given its fragility, it could be best suited for adults rather than children or pets.

Fringe the edge of a throw

Fringing the edge is a fairly easy method to finish your blanket without using a sewing machine.

If applied equally, this style will make plaid flannel material feel store-bought.

The outcome will be a comfortable and earthy blanket that is perfect as a present or to add to your room. 


Depending on the pattern, a stitch blanket will establish a different vibe. So feel free to use it to decorate your room, and you won’t go wrong with it. 

If you have more interesting ideas about the blankets, do not hesitate to share them with us. Thank you for reading!

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